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Omega is one of the leading Swiss watch brands in the world. It is a subsidiary of Swatch Group, the largest watch company in the world. The first Omega products were offered in 1848 (though the actual Omega brand was born later), and the company quickly conquered a large part of the market.
Omega watches have been used by a large number of renowned companies and associations, such as the Royal Flying Corps of Britain, NASA (for lunar missions), and the Olympics (as official timekeepers). But that’s not all: Omega watches were also featured in several James Bond films, and worn by the titular protagonist. In this article, we will learn about Omega luxury watches, see the ranking of the best models, peruse the catalog of the best models, observe price trends, hear the opinions on various models, but above all provide information on the purchase of new and second-hand watches. Curious? Let’s begin.


Omega models are the pinnacle of luxury watches. Precision, reliability, versatility, and beautiful design are just some of the reasons why Omega watches have collaborated with names like NASA and the world’s favorite secret agent, James Bond . Innovation is at the heart of Omega. Thanks to its specialist expertise, Omega has helped shape and revolutionize the watch industry by building its reputation as one of the largest luxury watchmaking brands in the modern world. All this is also reflected in the price of the timepieces of the various collections, which clearly varies according to characteristics such as the materials used, the sophistication of the complications, and the number of models available on the market. The question then arises: “But how much does an Omega watch cost? ” The cheapest models, such as the Omega Seamaster 300, are around $ 1,500; the most expensive models have prices ranging from $ 60,000 upwards, including limited editions such as the Omega De Ville Tourbillon Co-Axial or the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Liquidmetal.


For over 160 years, Omega has gone further than any other competitor, and with time became one of the most famous watch brands in the world. This Swiss company has achieved many great successes; certainly the most remarkable of all is the fact that it was the first – and only, for now – watch on the Moon, in 1969. Omega was not just the first to climb so high in the sky, but it was also the first watch to descend into the depths of the sea, in 1932. All this has led the company to create a very extensive and varied catalog of watches.

Omega is, therefore, a brand that covers every possible field and situation imaginable. Let’s see, in detail, what Omega offers in its catalog:


omega constellation watches
Among the collections celebrating the brand’s anniversary (it celebrate its 65th birthday in 2017) we find Omega Constellation . It is a collection much appreciated by Omega fans, both for its vintage and its modern models, which are made for both men and women.
The Constellation collection was founded in 1952, and initially featured “pie-pan” dials. More recent models were instead developed using quartz movements for the first time; they are relatively thin, have integrated bracelets, and use four claws on the bezel to fix the crystal.

omega globemaster

Omega Globemaster

In this collection we find a model that intrigues: the Globemaster . This watch, according to Omega, contains the most technologically-advanced movement ever. The design is inspired by the first models of the Constellation collection, with a “pie-pan” dial and a fluted bezel. Every single Globemaster timepiece is certified through independent tests – a revolutionary method in the watch industry, to be sure. This unique timepiece is also available in the Globemaster Annual Calendar variant, which comes with an integrated annual calendar.

In the men’s collection, we find the 38 or 35mm Constellation Co-Axial models, available in different colors and materials. Another model is the Constellation Day / Date , available in a two-color edition with stainless steel in 18K yellow or red gold or regular stainless steel. In this model, the day of the week is indicated at 12 o’clock, and the date is placed at 6 o’clock. The Omega Constellation Sedna , a limited edition model of the collection, is the first watch made of Sedna 18K gold.
Among the latest models of women ‘s watches from the Constellation collection, we find the Co-Axial in diameters 35mm, 31mm, or 27mm. These are available in a wide variety of colors and materials: from leather to rubber to steel, from red gold to yellow gold to combinations of gold and steel. Omega has also created a Luxury Edition, in which the dials have a precious supernova structure that spreads from the star symbol of Omega.



omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster collection , as the name implies, is aimed primarily at clientele interested in watches suitable for water sports and marine depths. Let’s analyze the different models available in this collection. Ready? Let’s take the dive:

  • omega seamaster 300 watchThe Seamaster 300 , launched in 1957, is the spearhead of this collection. The latest Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial is inspired by the original model, but includes the most innovative technologies and materials, such as Liquidmetal ™, Ceragold ™ 18K and Sedna ™ 18K gold. There is also a limited edition: the Seamaster 300 60th Anniversary, obviously created for the 60th anniversary of this model;
  • omega planet ocean 600 diver watchThe Planet Ocean is a refined and creative watch, with models also available for women. The GMT Goodplanet variants are quite interesting, realized in collaboration with the Good Planet Foundation to raise awareness of the importance of the oceans – hence its blue tone. It comes with Ceragold ™, an unprecedented technology in which an 18K gold layer is deposited on a zirconia-based ceramic bezel. There is also a limited “Michael Phelps” edition, dedicated to the legendary Olympic swimmer;
  • omega aqua terra 150 mThe Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M , made for both men and women, is for lovers of clean, simple, and balanced models. All boast a Master Chronometer movement, made following a criteria of simplicity and comfort. The Aqua Terra> 15,000 Gauss is one of the models that confirms Omega’s high-level role in the watch industry. Indeed, this watch includes the first real anti-magnetic mechanical movement;
  • Seamaster Diver 300MThe Seamaster Diver 300M models are made for divers, as the name implies,m though as sports models, they are just as reliable on the surface. The slogan of this collection is: “These stainless steel models are suitable for any dress – or wetsuit.” The models are waterproof up to 30 bar, which corresponds to a depth of 300 meters;
  • luxury watch Seamster Ploprof 1200MThe Seamster Ploprof 1200M , born in 1970, is a model designed to withstand extreme pressures for professional divers who go to great depths. It is one of the most waterproof and resistant watches that exists on the market – reaching up to 1,200 meters! This timepiece has an automatic helium release valve for decompression, an extremely useful mechanism for professionals at high depths;
  • omega Seamaster BullheadThe Seamaster Bullhead is one of the rarest and most recognizable chronographs ever made, available with a 24- or 12-hour scale. The new models recall the original, dating back to 1969, but include the most innovative technology. As in the original, a date window is present at 3 o’clock;
  • luxury watch Seamaster RailmasterThe Seamaster Railmaster , one of the most famous Omega watches, returns with fury . Its updated design still recalls the 1957 model, with a Master Chronometer movement and considerable resistance to magnetic fields.





omega speedmaster moonwatch

The Omega Speedmaster was one of the watch models tested by NASA for space flight, and was the only one to pass with full marks; thus it became the first watch – and the only, for now – to be worn on the moon. Let’s check out the best models to buy in this collection:

  • luxury watch omega speedmaster smoonwatch apollo 17The Moonwatch , which features the largest number of models, combines perfection with a pioneering spirit. In addition to the limited edition Apollo 17 models (made in homage to Commander Gene Cernan to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the space flight), we find another model worthy of note: the “Dark Side of the Moon” Moonwatch, made from a single block of black zirconium oxide ceramic that recalls the mystery and charm of space, and features one of the first Omega movements to include a chronograph function;
  • omega speedmaster 57The Speedmaster ’57 , with its essential and discreet aesthetics, always maintains a connection to the first model, dating back to 1957. The straight handles and bracelets are a reminder of the past, while the dials represent modernity with two counters instead of traditional three;
  • expensive speedmaster watch Mark IIThe Mark II , a timepiece with an aerodynamic case whose hands are covered with Super-Luminova, and whose extendable stainless steel bracelet allows the watch to be adjusted in five differnt positions;
  • omega speedmaster racing watchThe Racing , which, as the name suggests, is related to automobiles. We find the Master Chronometer model, with the famous nominal movement that ensures surprising precision. There is also the Racing 40MM, with a dial that recalls the paintings of Italian cars; it has a tachymetric scale on the bezel – not on the dial – which makes it a model most desired by motor professionals;
  • omega Speedmaster 38The Speedmaster 38 , which comes in a very wide variety of colors, including the “Cappuccino” in stainless steel and Sedna 18K gold, with a two-tone dial and brown leather strap. All models have oval counters and a date window positioned at 6 o’clock;
  • luxury watch omega Solar Impulse HB-SIAThe Solar Impulse HB-SIA pays tribute to the Solar Impulse project, whose goal is to travel around the world with a solar-powered plane. This watch took inspiration from the materials of the Solar Impulse prototype, and the results are a titanium case, a black carbon fiber dial, and a central hand that makes a complete turn in 24 hours – indicating the time in another timezone;
  • omega X-33 RegattaThe X-33 Regatta is a limited edition that pays tribute to the New Zealand Team for its victory in the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda. With its red, blue, and white colors, it has a titanium case that can withstand even the strongest stresses – always possible in a boat – and includes a chronograph function;
  • omega SkyWalker X-33 fine wristwatchesThe SkyWalker X-33 , whose multi-functional quartz movement, chronograph function, and solid titanium case make it one of the most functional watches in the world, suitable both for flight enthusiasts taking to earth’s atmosphere and for scuba divers in the ocean depths;
  • omega Spacemaster Z-33The Spacemaster Z-33 has an absolutely original and recognizable design. It is LED backlit, and is able to adapt automatically to the brightness of the environment, allowing an optimal reading in all circumstances.





omega DeVille Tresor

The Omega De Ville collection was born around 1960, originally as part of the Seamaster collection. Only in 1967 did this collection become independent and begin to develop its telling characteristics. Today, the De Ville collection – like other Omega collection – is quite vast, with numerous models and series within it. Let’s see what they are:

  • deville Ladymatic women's watchThe Ladymatic , which takes its name from one of the first automatic watches made specifically for women , launched in 1955 and is still in vogue today. The various models have glossy lunettes or snow-set diamonds;
  • elegant omega watch De Ville Hour VisionThe De Ville Hour Vision , which contains the Master Chronometer movement, ensuring precision and performance at the highest levels. The models are available in various colors – silver, brown, bronze, or blue – and materials – stainless steel or 18K gold;
  • elegant omega watch De Ville TrésorThe De Ville Trésor , whose name was inspired by the legendary 30mm caliber guarded inside. The latest model produced presents one of the most advanced movements of the brand. All models have a black or brown leather strap that gives a classic touch;
  • luxury classic watch omega De Ville Prestige.jpgThe De Ville Prestige has different variations for both men and women, and is appreciated for its simple and classic design. Their peculiarity is the quadrant divided in two, which recalls the first models of Omega watches and which gives a retro touch to the collection. Within this collection, we also find three limited edition models: the Prestige Orbis, inspired by a collaboration with Orbis and depicting the brand’s bears; the Prestige Butterfly, which, as the name implies, presents a butterfly motif; and the Prestige Dewdrop, refined and sensual ;
  • omega de ville Co-Axial man womanThe Co-Axial is dedicated to a male audience. The models contain the renowned mechanical movement Co-Axial. It’s a classic style wristwatch that every man should possess;
  • special watches omega De Ville TourbillonThe De Ville Tourbillon , an apotheosis of the art of watchmaking with a movement that defies gravity, as the cage makes a complete turn in exactly one minute. This watch is handmade by a select group of watchmakers and, thanks to its innovative concept and surprising design, has become legendary.




omega specialites Olympics


As its name clearly implies, this collection presents special editions – mostly unique reinterpretations of iconic watches and older models from the past. Created in limited series, the timepieces of the Omega Specialties collection have become objects of great value for true watch enthusiasts. Let’s see in detail how this collection is structured:

  • omega collection Olympic Games Collection pyeongchang 2018The Olympic Games Collection is inspired by the Omega watch’s function as official timekeeper at the Olympics, a role held for 80 years. The latest model is the 2018 Pyeongchang, made for the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. The transparent sapphire crystal case back bears the official logo of the PeongChang 2018 Olympic Games, and the limited edition number is engraved on the side of the case;
  • sports watch omega Olympic Official TimekeeperThe Olympic Official Timekeeper Collection, the most famous Omega Specialties collection, contains extraordinary sports watches that celebrate Omega’s first official timekeeper appearance at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932. A classic look, leather strap, and special case back with Olympic engraving and limited edition number all characterize the models in this collection;
  • omega Olympic Pocket Watch specials collectionThe Olympic Pocket Watch is a very original collection that brings a much-loved watch back to life: the pocket chronograph. Available in three models: red, yellow, or white gold, each bearing the official logo of the Olympic Games on the back;
  • limited edition Omega Trilogy specialties 1957The Omega Trilogy 1957 Collection presents the limited edition Seamaster 300, Railmaster and Speedmaster models. This collection wants to pay tribute to the 60th anniversary of these models. Each of them is made with a polished and brushed stainless steel case, with a “tropical” black dial displaying vintage Super-Luminova hour markers;
  • omega specialities Museum CollectionThe Omega Museum Collection exclusively offers reproductions of exceptional watches created at least fifty years ago. Traditional design is fused with the most advanced technologies, making it a museum collection indeed.




We don’t believe that lovers of watches have an Omega watch in their private collection, whether it is one of the renowned Specialties or a model from one of the other collections. Omega offers models for men and women within each collection, each of which addresses a different personality. So go in search of your favorite model to buy and wear on your wrist! Here are the best shops where you can buy an original Omega watch in total safety, avoiding fakes or replicas:

  1. Amazon


Clearly, a high-quality watch with a renowned brand behind it has its price. Omega is undoubtedly one of the most well-known – and recognized, given that its watches are the only ones to be described as recognizable from a distance – brands, which is why it is aimed at a high-end audience. A solution implemented by many to make these precious timepieces more affordable is the second-hand purchase. If you know where to look – for example, at watch auctions (in this article we talked about it in detail) – you can indeed find interesting offers. We advise you to always buy in extreme safety, from authorized retailers who are in good standing and can provide an original guarantee, in order to limit the risk of encountering fakes and imitations.


The forerunner of Omega, La Generale Watch Co., was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1848 by Louis Brandt, who produced key charging pocket watches from pieces supplied by local artisans. In 1894, his two sons, Louis-Paul and César, developed a revolutionary system of internal production control that allowed the interchangeability of the components.

The watches developed with these techniques were marketed under the Omega brand of La Generale Watch Co. In 1903, the success of the Omega brand led La Generale Watch Co. to launch it as an official company, and that was how Omega Watch Co. was officially founded.
The group continued to grow, multiplying, absorbing, and creating fifty companies, including Lanco and Lemania, producer of the most famous Omega chronograph movements.
In the 1970s, the group had become the leading Swiss watch manufacturer, and the third in the world at large. At the time, the competition for the title “King of Swiss Watches” was fought between Omega and Rolex. Omega watches tended to be more revolutionary and more professional, while Rolex watches were more “evolutionary” and famous for their mechanical parts and their brand.
In the 1970s, the situation changed. It was then that Japanese watchmakers such as Seiko and Citizen achieved dominance thanks to their pioneering quartz movements. In response, Omega tried to compete with Japanese quartz movements manufactured in Switzerland.
Weakened by the severe monetary crisis and recession from 1975 to 1980, the group was taken over by private investors in 1985 and was named SMH, Société de Microélectronique et d’Horlogerie, becoming one of the best watch manufacturers in the world over the next ten years. In 1998, it became the Swatch Group, which now produces Omega and other brands such as Blancpain , Swatch, and Breguet .


Omega has been everywhere: deep in the sea, high in the sky, up to the Moon, on the edge of the world, at the first Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, even on the big screen, on the wrist of the most loved secret agent of all time: 007. The vastness of its history is also linked to its collections, with models for men and women, made in the most disparate materials and in the most varied colors, and with designs that are always different and attractive. As aforementioned, Omega watches are the only ones to be described as recognizable from a distance, and so we will say: Omega watches were the only ones to have written part of the story.

What do you think? Which model do you like or would like to buy? Let us know in the comments below.

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