The 26 Best Luxury Watch Brands

by luxwatch

When we talk about luxury watches, we’re refer to a market that never ceases to be a great success. This, without a doubt, also derives from the large number of luxury watch brands on the market, which – thanks to years of experience and continuous improvements – are able to offer users cutting-edge products that respond, in full, to customer needs.

Indeed, thinking about the kind of products luxury watches are, they represent real accessories that – precisely because of their characteristics – must be combined with the style and clothing of the wearer.
It is not by chance that the best watch brands strive to develop models that are perfectly in line with the trends of the moment and that lend themselves, in full, to the desire of the wearer.
Thanks to these devices, numerous new manufacturers have specialized in producing these fantastic accessories over the years, approaching those that have always been considered the best luxury watch brands.

How to evaluate a good model

Nevertheless, the most common doubt among lovers of these products is how to evaluate a good model.
Indeed, the parameters for determining whether or not a product is suitable for your needs are many, and are all to be taken into consideration.
First of all there is, of course, an assessment based on the brand. Indeed, as aforementioned, the best luxury watch brands are committed – every day – to bring to market the most performing and aesthetically pleasing models.

Other important assessments, however, are based on the origin and nationality of these models.
Indeed, they vary a lot from one another and can be subject to the different preferences of the person. There are those who prefer, for example, luxury Italian or Swiss timepieces , as the differences are particularly evident among the various styles.

Last but not least, price also plays a very important role. Indeed, each individual evaluates their purchase based on what the cost of the product is , and its economic possibilities.
Precisely for this reason, there are those who can easily evaluate expensive watch brands and those who, on the contrary, prefer to opt for cheaper products.

The best 25 luxury watches brands

In any case, beyond any possible parameter and evaluation, there are some brands that – more than others – represent a guarantee of quality and efficiency.
In this regard, we have prepared a ranking of the most famous luxury watch brands, containing the 25 best manufacturers in the world.


Rolex watches brand

Rolex is perhaps one of the most famous luxury watch brands in the world, as well as being one of the most reliable and quality-assured.
The wide range of models offered is designed to be perfectly adaptable to a classic and ambitious style, which can only benefit if accompanied by these splendid wrist chronographs.

Among the different models, we must point out the Rolex Day-Date , made of very precious platinum or 18-karat gold. Its absolutely impeccable design pays attention to even the smallest details.
This model is indicated, in an especial way, for strong personalities – those with a desire to be noticed at every opportunity – given that it is impossible to ignore.



IWC luxury watches

IWC is a candidate as one of the top luxury watch brands thanks to the incredible features of its products.
Indeed, it models exude a classic style that leaves nothing to chance, and an easily-recognizable beauty that has always been synonymous with great class and charm.

One of the top models is, without a doubt, the Moon Phase 36 of the new Da Vinci collection. This fantastic wristwatch, is in fact made in 18-karat red gold, with a precious bronze-colored alligator leather strap.
The case is round and includes small details, such as the motif inspired by celestial bodies – which can only confirm what is said about this model.



Expensive Breitling watches

One of the best brands is Breitling, one of the landmark companies for sports watches.
Indeed, the style adopted by its models is much less classic than other brands. On the contrary, it offers much more advanced solutions suited for lovers of physical activity and extreme sports.

Among the best-selling models, the Sky Racer is undoubtedly the most loved, courtesy of its incredible technical characteristics combined with a very dynamic and youthful style.
It is designed to be as enterprising as possible, featuring a truly admirable and careful attention to detail .



Panerai watches

Panerai has for years been synonymous with quality and efficiency when it comes to famous watch brands.Indeed, its models are made in a classic and harmonious style that has always distinguished this famous brand.
Wrist chronographs are a real specialty of the house; these products are always in step with the times, leaving nothing to be desired.

Among the most interesting models, we cannot fail to mention the Luminor Base in particular, made entirely of satin-finish steel with scratch-resistant glass in the purest sapphire.
The dial is black with Arabic numerals and luminous hour markers , making for an impeccable style that is recognizable in all circumstances.



Zenith luxury watches

With Zenith , luxury and class come together in a perfect union that is fully expressed in every model presented.
Indeed, thanks to a sumptuous but never boring style, these wristwatches fully represent the personality of those who have nothing to ask for. They absolutely demonstrate their certain charm in a predominant and established way .

Among the best of these watches, particular attention must be paid, without a doubt, to the El Primero model : Chronomaster , marked by truly exceptional attention to detail and a design that adapts to any specific kind of style.
Recommended for both important occasions and everyday life.


Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe watches

Patek Philippe ranks in the Olympus of the best luxury watch brands as well, with models that display very specific characteristics.
Specifically, they adhere to a classic and well-kept style, often accompanied by strong colors that guarantee a certain impression in all circumstances.

In particular, we would highlight the 5316P-001 of the Grandi Complicazioni collection, one of the most representative of the company.
It is, in fact, made of 18-karat yellow gold with a black, squared alligator leather strap that undoubtedly provides an extra touch.
The glass is made in pure scratch-resistant sapphire, as is the case back.


Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet luxury watches

Audemars Piguet is one of the most iconic and representative brands for luxury watches of a certain caliber and thickness.
Just the same, the company deals with both men’s and women’s watches, although the latter represent a real strength of the brand. They are characterized by a sweet and delicate style that adapts perfectly to the wearer’s very soul and feminine characteristics.

Among the best women’s models, therefore, we would note the Royal Oak , made in 18-karat yellow gold and with an incredibly meticulous attention to detail.
The style, as mentioned, is very delicate; indeed, the small, round case fits perfectly with the design of this fantastic model.


Vacheron Constantin

vacheron constantin


When it comes to the watchmaking sector, Vacheron Constantin is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and admired brands. Founded in 1755, it was handed down through the original family for a long time, up until its acquisition by Richemont in 1996. It is one of the oldest producers of watches to date.

These watch models are intended mainly for elegant and refined gentlemen, but with models that are also interesting for the fairer sex, its price ranges sit on the medium-high part of the spectrum.

Among its countless collections we can distinguish: Patrimony models, with an oval case and classic style; Traditionnelle , which follows the tradition of the brand through the most sophisticated complications; Harmony , with an oval dial but a semi-square case; Malte , with the most complicated mechanisms, boasting harmonious and linear forms; Quai de I’Ile watches,which can be customized according to customer needs; and other collections such as Overseas and its more modern, sporty style, or Historiques , whose watches are reinterpretations of models of the past.

Vacheron Constantin models represent today’s most complicated watch designs. Maintaining a strong tradition since its inception has made it very popular with collectors.



Omega watches

Omega is undoubtedly one of the best luxury watch brands, with a history and level of experience that leaves the brand nothing to envy in other manufacturers.
Indeed, the company has about 160 years of history, and over time succeeded in establishing itself in this sector as one of the most convincing and avant-garde brands.
The strength of this brand lies not only in the exceptional quality of its products, but also in the revaluation and use of new materials.

From alloys, to the most precious gold, and even to ceramics, its materials are used in an exceptional and impeccable way, resulting in the realization of models always appreciated by millions of consumers all over the world.

Among the flagship models of this company we would point out, without a doubt, the Omega Co-Axial Moonwatch , made of gray ceramic on a black leather strap. This unforgettable watch manages to combine a classic style with more sporty and avant-garde sensibilities in a perfect union.



Hublot watches

Hublot is also one of the top luxury watch brands, offering a variety of very, very large models.
The class and quality of these watches is absolutely remarkable, and makes it possible to opt for products that fully reflect one’s style and personality.
Specifically, the choice of materials and the care taken in the realization of its products allowed Hubolt to establish itself as one of the most concrete, important, and significant companies of the modern day.

Furthermore, the company can count on highly respected partnerships like the one it has with Ferrari, which has resulted in one of the brand’s most important collections: the Big Bang Unico Ferrari .
In particular, the model to be mentioned is, without a doubt, the Ferrari Unico King Gold , an absolutely superlative product with a very decisive style, which highlights all its qualities in an explosion of design and attention to detail.


Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer watches

Tag Heuer is a candidate by right, among the most well-known luxury watch brands of all, as well as one of the best.
Indeed, a very classic style and an incredible care and attention to every detail are seen in every collection it offers.
Tag Heuer products are of a superfine and delicate quality, designed and manufactured to be suitable for any type of user.

Among the most convincing aspects of this company are the hundreds of collaborations and partnerships that it has undertaken over the years. Indeed, numerous athletes, actors, models, and pilots have sponsored these products over the years, making them among the most loved by connoisseurs.

Among the many models on offer, we would highlight Heritage , directly from the Monaco collection , which holds two world records as the first waterproof timepiece with a square case and as the first automatic chronograph. Definitely an excellent product for the “finest palates.”



Cartier watch brand

For years, one of the points of reference for the best luxury watch brands, Cartier is still one of the most interesting solutions on the market.
The precious pieces that characterize the collections of this renowned company are perfectly suited to both male and female style, featuring absolutely inimitable taste and beauty.

It is no coincidence that Cartier is a veritable forerunner of wrist timepieces, as well as being one of the first to introduce the rectangular dial.
Among the myriad models available, it is impossible not to mention the Tank Solo , a symbolic product of the company.
To go into detail, this chronograph is made with a classic style, characterized by a light strap and Roman numeration which give it that extra touch that makes it ideal for any occasion.



Jaeger-Lecoultre watches

With Jaeger-LeCoultre , you reach the peak of beauty and attention to detail. Indeed, its models are uniquely refined, with an almost maniacal realization and accurate in every detail.
The classic style of these timepieces, combined with their exceptional quality, has made Jaeger-LeColture one of the best luxury watch brands ever.

The variety of models is quite vast, allowing you to select some particularly pleasant and high-performance ones. Among these, one of the best is, without a doubt, the harmoniously designed Reverso Classic, characterized by a very large dial, the presence of small gems, and a smaller dial for the seconds.


Lange & Sohne

A Lange & Sohne watches

When speaking of the best brands of luxury chronographs , how could we not name A. Lange & Sohne ? Indeed, the company purports itself as one of the absolute best choices thanks to the passion and commitment evident in all its accomplishments.
The techniques applied in the development of every single watch are absolutely unique and guarantee, for years, models that fully reflect the trends and style of those who don’t like to miss out on anything.
Lange & Sohne is the author of numerous collections and cutting-edge models, including the GRAND LINE 1 .
This beautiful wristlet chronograph presents a wonderfully simple and classic style, with a round dial and a harmonious composition.
The attention to detail – such as the choice to indicate the date at the top, and the creation of two small internal dials – leaves absolutely nothing to be desired and is a guarantee of an absolutely valid and quality product .


Piaget watches

Piaget is a Swiss brand of luxury watches and also of jewelry dating back to 1874. It is a brand that excels both for men and women – in fact, the models which are surrounded by diamonds, precious stones, or gold are famous.

The brand is also the producer of its own watch movements. This makes it in all respects one of the most famous Swiss brands. Among the most appreciated movements are those in the ultra-thin models, and those with extra features such as a perpetual calendar or tourbillon.

There are several collections to choose from. The most popular are Altiplano, Limelight Gala (with spiral shapes), Polo, Possession, Black Tie, Emperador, and finally the high-end High Jewelry models.



Tudor watches

Tudor is, without any doubt, one of the best Swiss luxury watch brands.
Indeed, the products are designed and manufactured for true lovers of precision and impeccable style – which only this company can guarantee, and for years at that.
All the models have absolutely avant-garde features, made with the best materials and with a unique care and passion.

Among the most interesting models there are, undoubtedly, stands one of the latest releases: the Tudor Heritage Black Bay .
Indeed, this timepiece has a waterproof and extremely resistant structure made of yellow gold and steel.
Furthermore, the model is equipped with an additional fabric strap , allowing you to always be able to match it perfectly to your style.



Longines watches

Longines is another well-known company specializing in the production of luxury watches.
In fact, it has been operating in the sector since 1832 , when the first artisan laboratory was founded in Saint-Imier.
Its products are impeccably made and offer enthusiasts a wide range of solutions that are excellently adapted to the style and preferences of the individual.
In particular, the brand’s classic, sporting, and leisure models are available in numerous variants.

Among the different models, the most appreciated are, without a doubt, those among the men’s collection: The Longines Master Collection . They are made with precious, scratch-resistant sapphire glass and with the use of yellow or pink gold.
Considering the incredible performances that this type of wristwatch presents, the prices are quite interesting.



Sinn watches

Another very interesting luxury watch brand, Sinn specializes in the production of cutting-edge products suitable for all possible needs.
Indeed, the wrist chronograph models it offers are really interesting and have unique characteristics for their kind .
Sinn specifically proposes solutions suitable for both men and women, providing a really wide variety and choice.

Among the best models, we opted for the wonderful 103 St , a product that appears to be very simple but that – in reality – presents an absolutely meticulous attention to detail.
The case is made of very resistant stainless steel, while the scratch-resistant pure sapphire glass adds an absolutely essential touch.
An excellent choice from all points of view, with an absolutely attractive price in spite of the many services offered.



Chopard watches

Chopard presents itself as one of the most interesting solutions in terms of prestige chronographs .
The models are particularly cared for, and are made to be appreciated by a vast public of all ages and nationalities.
The strength of this company lies in the creation of female models in particular, as evidenced by a collaboration with the singer Rihanna .

Among the most interesting models, we find those of the Happy Diamonds Icons collection . Made in 18-karat pink gold, they are designed to be absolutely delicate and very aesthetically pleasing.
The color choices are quite interesting, with the optimal use of a wonderful rosé stone that is perfectly suited to the interior design of the product.
Among the best and most recommended solutions.



Blancpain luxury watches

Another interesting choice, Blancpain is, without a doubt, among the best brands of luxury watches. The design and style adopted by its models are absolutely unique and inimitable , with a charm worthy of high-class products.
The solutions it offers are the result of dedication and passion for this sector that have been ongoing for many years now.

Among the most popular models, we point out the Fifty Fathoms, the result of a reevaluation of one of its historical pieces from 1950 .
In particular, this underwater chronograph is characterized by a very solid structure and an attention to detail which – despite having been revisited in a modern key – contributes to this model’s old-timey charm.


Franck Muller

Franck Muller watches


Expert hands and great passion have allowed Franck Muller to become one of the emblems in the prestigious watch sector, and absolutely one of its reference points.
Indeed, the avant-garde products and classic style of its collections gave birth to a series of precious and unforgettable models.

Among the men’s models, we cannot fail to mention the 1350 T QP of the Long Island collection in particular, made by masters of the watchmaking art.
To go into detail, the rectangular dial is characterized by a very particular arrangement of the numbers which results in a very different and imaginative outcome.
The style combines classic and modern sensibilities in a wonderful combination of simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and completely revolutionary elements.


Glashutte Original

Glashutte Original watches

The history of Glashutte Original began more than 170 years ago with the foundation of its first factory. After some time, the company came to be known as a luxury watch brand – among the best known in the world. It offers a variety of models of the highest quality.
There are really a lot of solutions made available to enthusiasts, ones that fully respond to the needs and demands of the market.

Among the brand’s leading and most well-known products, we recall the Senator Cosmopolite in particular, made entirely in white gold and absolutely waterproof.
The Roman numbers give it that extra touch, allowing us to identify this model as a product with a decidedly classic style, with soft harmonious lines and a truly exceptional attention to detail.


Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross expensive watch

Unlike many other luxury watch brands, Bell & Ross aims to offer products that are much more sporty and functional than others.
The quality of the models , in any case, is absolutely exceptional, with incredible attention to all the functions and details that fans are so fond of.

Among the brand’s most interesting models, we point out the BR-03 92 Horograph , made of micro-blasted steel, with skeletal metal hands filled with Superluminova.
The style is much more attractive and sporty than other models, yet maintains that absolute beauty that has always characterized models of this company.
It is also interesting to note the price factor . Compared to similar products in the same category, this model is much cheaper and more convenient.


Girard Perregaux

girard perregaux luxury watch

The fine and delicate style of Girard Perregaux products is absolutely unmistakable and, since 1791 , has fascinated and attracted thousands of enthusiasts.
The models are mostly female-oriented, although there are also many solutions for men as well.
In any case, the class of this company’s luxury watches coalesces into a point of reference that cannot be ignored for anything.

Among the best collections, we find Cat’s Eye , and point out the Tourbillon With Gold Bridge model in particular. This model presents a decidedly refined style, suitable only for strong personalities.
The curves, the style, the design, and the composition are perfectly suited to the feminine soul, lending this product and unforgettable charm.
Strongly recommended to all women looking for a real jewel.


Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix watches

Maurice Lacroix models come in a decidedly different style than more “traditional” models.
Indeed, this luxury watch brand offers decidedly revolutionary solutions both in terms of style and design choices.
The various men’s and women’s collections also offer a wide range of products that really suit all needs and preferences.

Among the best models, we point out the Masterpiece Gravity , a perfect practical representation of what has been said so far.
The design’s lack of order and incredible unpredictability imbue this model with a completely original style that promises to adapt itself fully to the different facets of the human soul.



Chronoswiss luxury watches

Chronoswiss is perhaps one of the best known Swiss luxury watch brands. Much of this fame is due, without a doubt, to the incredible quality of its products and the attention to detail that has always characterized this company.
The style is predominantly classic, exhibiting a predilection for men’s models that are precise and reliable in every occasion.

Among the brand’s leading products and the most chosen by lovers of luxury chronographs, we find the CH-8423 of the Sirius collection , characterized by the very large date and a small dial measuring the seconds located separately.
The style is absolutely classic, recalling timeless models that never lose their charm and beauty.
Ideal for any event, especially for receptions or important occasions.


The importance of choosing the right model

As we have seen, there are numerous luxury watch brands , which have distinguished themselves over the years for their quality and ever-exceptional products.
Precisely for this reason, there is a wide variety of models on the market which respond, in one way or another, to precise consumer needs.

Indeed, every single person identifies themselves in a precise model, as they find in it a perfect representation of their characteristics, style, and character.
Furthermore, the circumstances in which a certain luxury watch is worn also play an important role in making the right choice.
Indeed, each product adapts to different occasions, allowing lovers of class and good taste to be able to vary between options and choose the perfect accessory for every circumstance.

The wristwatch represents, in this sense, one of the most characteristic elements that – for men and women both – can really make the difference in terms of style and charm.

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