The Best Hamilton Khaki Field Watches – Analysis and Opinion

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If you are looking for a military-style watchHamilton Khaki Field is certainly for you. Hamilton is a leading brand in the watch industry, as evidenced by the countless positive reviews and opinions received, and is synonymous with quality and efficiency. With the Khaki Field line, the American manufacturer with Swiss production has created a series of men’s watches that combine the efficiency and design of military watches with the versatility of the most popular sports models.

In fact, the Khaki Field models can be used both on the field, thanks to their solidity, and as accessories to embellish your outfit in your free time and at work.

Whether you want to use them for your trips to the mountains, to the beach, or to the office, Hamilton Khaki Field is the right line of wristwatches to suit all needs.

The range is vast and includes models with metal straps such as the elegant Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical or the Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 38mm. Or watches with leather or fabric straps. The colors are also very attractive and fully reflect the military style in the designs of the dials and the straps.

Additionally, you can choose between mechanical and automatic models that have an automatic winding system and an H-10 automatic caliber. The charging reserve reaches 80 hours. Don’t forget the waterproofness that also allows you to use these watches for snorkeling, as they are water-resistant up to 10 bar.

Hamilton Khaki Field watches enjoy a 2-year international warranty and, considering the Swiss Made quality of these products, you can be sure you are making an excellent and safe purchase. As for the price range, for most of the watches in the Khaki Field line, the average price is around 500 dollars. However, the performance of these watches clearly outstrips that of other watches produced by competitors that fall into the same price range.

For this reason, if your budget for the purchase of a watch of this type is around this figure, Hamilton Khaki Field is the right choice, because the quality-price ratio is among the most convenient.

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Best Hamilton Khaki Field Watches List

In this list, we have selected the best Hamilton Khaki Field watches that best represent the entire line and have the highest opinions and reviews, focusing on a price range that touches or exceeds 500 dollars. As you can see, these are diverse models that satisfy different style and utility needs. We are sure that among these you will surely find the model that is right for you, so we would like to describe them in an in-depth but concise way in order to offer you a complete overview.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

Hamilton khaki field mechanical

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The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm, model H69439131 is the evolution of the watch that was originally used by soldiers. This model with a steel bracelet has a sporty style, but at the same time is versatile, thanks to the black dial with white Arabic indexes that gives it a certain elegance. Sturdy, reliable and high-performing, this wristwatch is powered by a manually wound movement, thanks to the H-50 caliber.

The price of this model is close to 500 dollars, a more than fair figure for a watch with these technical characteristics. The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical is the right model if you want a versatile watch, suitable for all occasions.

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 38mm

Hamilton khaki field auto 38mm

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The Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 38mm model H70455133 is the quintessential men’s analog watch, at least in this price range and style. Reliable, resistant, and high-performing, it boasts a compact and functional design.

A true military-inspired jewel that, in addition to the bold look, boasts a technical apparatus with a three-hand H-10 movement that guarantees a movement recharge with a reserve of more than 80 hours. With a price tag of just over 500 dollars, this model is the pure expression of the classic American pilot’s wristwatch, with clean surfaces and spiral motifs.

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto

Hamilton khaki field auto

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The Hamilton Khaki Field Auto H70455533 model is a round watch with a stainless steel case and leather strap. The black sapphire dial gives a distinct elegance to this men’s watch, thanks to the white Arabic indexes and the date window at 3 o’clock.

The leather strap is characterized by tone-on-tone stitching that adds an attractive and sporty look, while the closure is with a buckle, which guarantees strength and safety. The winding is automatic with H-10 movement and a guaranteed reserve of up to 80 hours. This model is water-resistant up to 10 bar and is optimal for those looking for a diver’s watch.

Hamilton Khaki Field Murph

Hamilton khaki field murph

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The Hamilton Khaki Field Murph model H70605731 is famous for being the watch worn by Murph, lead character in the film Interstellar.

So, in addition to being a watch that contains all the features of the Hamilton Khaki Field models, it can also be considered an heirloom for lovers of this film.

The Khaki Field Murph is one of the most expensive models on this list. In fact, it exceeds 700 dollars, but its elegant and precious workmanship justifies the price. An eye-catching detail of this leather-strap wristwatch is the word “Eureka” in Morse code lacquered on the second hand, making it even more valuable to fans of the film.

Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm Military

Hamilton khaki field 38mm military

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The Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm model H69449961 is the ultimate expression of military style. It features a dark dial with clear numerals and triangular markers with Super-LumiNova® and a rugged NATO fabric strap. This watch is a faithful reproduction of the famous 1960s watch that made history in Hamilton’s military tradition.

The new model is even more captivating and precious, thanks to the exclusive case with its ‘Terra’ color PVD treatment that is a distinctive feature of the Hamilton brand. This watch falls within the $ 500 price range and is perfect if you are looking for a wristwatch that faithfully captures the military style.

Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic

Hamilton khaki field automatic

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The Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic watch model H64455133 is one of the most popular – just look at the positive reviews on Amazon.

After all, it could not be otherwise: this watch with stainless steel case and strap stands out for its sober style and strength. In fact, it enjoys special protections designed to ensure the safety of the crown. The charge is boosted up to 80 hours, and this is a feature far exceeding the average model of any other brands in this price range.

The movement system is the H-40, which means this is a model to be taken into consideration, given its excellent price.

Hamilton Khaki Field King

Hamilton khaki field king

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With identification code H64465733, the Hamilton Khaki Field King watch has a captivating total black look. The leather strap, as well as the dial and the case, are black – in particular, the case is characterized by a PVD coating that gives a homogeneous and elegant style to this model.

Great for any outfit, and like all the watches of the Khaki Field line it can be safely used in the field, for sport, and is suitable for leisure time and also for work. In fact, despite its elegance, it retains the strength and sturdiness that are a Hamilton trademark.

Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz

Hamilton khaki field quartz

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The Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz is a watch with a typical and unmistakable style, a style on which the manufacturer has based the entire line. In fact, this model has all the features of a classic military watch.

The strap and the stainless steel case and the dial with well-defined contrasts are characteristic and captivating traits that make this robust watch very popular as an accessory for the most diverse range of male outfits. Swiss efficiency makes this model one of the best performing for its price range.

Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium

Hamilton khaki field titanium

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Beautiful, youthful, and sporty, the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium model H70665533 is a model with typically military colors. Lightweight and functional, it has an excellent three-hand movement.

The charge lasts more than 80 hours, and obviously, we are talking about an automatic watch that also has an excellent water resistance of 10 bar (100 m). But the distinctive feature of this gem is the titanium case which explains the price, which is double the average on our list – in fact, the reference price is around 900 dollars.

However, we could not fail to include it in this article as it is very representative of the Khaki Field line.

Hamilton Khaki Field 42mm

Hamilton khaki field 42mm

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As in the previous case, we cannot fail to introduce you to the Hamilton Khaki Field 42mm with reference H70545550 which in some ways will remind you of the watch mentioned just above.

Let’s start by saying that in this case, the price drops a little and it is possible to save about 100 dollars compared to the model in the previous paragraph. However, even with this model, we have a titanium case with a round shape, but in a silver color and not black. The dark dial is covered with an excellent anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The winding is automatic and the reserve is 80 hours.

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chrono

Hamilton khaki field auto chrono

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H71626735 is the reference by which the legendary Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chrono is identified. Although our article has focused more on models with an average price of 500 dollars, speaking of the Khaki Field line, we cannot fail to mention this model with a chronograph function that has a cost of around 1,400 dollars.

It is a watch that stands out from all the previous ones for its modern style that immediately makes you want to go on an adventure. Water-resistant to 10 bar, the Khaki Field Auto Chrono is powered by an amazing and super-precise automatic caliber H-21. As if that were not enough, it features a black PVD-coated stainless steel case that comes together in a captivating total style, all-black with the strap and the dial.

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 40mm

Hamilton khaki field auto 40mm

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The Hamilton Khaki Field Auto (H70595163) with a case diameter of 40mm is a model characterized by the silver-colored stainless steel case that frames a black dial with silver minute and second hands, Arabic numerals, and date window. The strap is also stainless steel and overall, this watch has a very understated and adaptable style.

Its main feature is its excellent performance, which certainly lives up to those with high expectations. The H-10 automatic movement is therefore a guarantee of reliability and performance. If you love this type of watch, it can definitely be a good choice in the Khaki Field range.

Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date

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As its name suggests, the Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date, model H70505133, boasts a characteristic date window that in addition to indicating the day of the month, also tells you if it is Saturday, Sunday, or one of the other days of the week.

It also boasts functions not taken for granted, and which are not easily found in other models. The overall style is the classic one of this line: a stainless steel strap and case and black dial. This is excellent as a watch for field work, but also as an accessory to embellish your look.

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm

Hamilton khaki field auto 42mm

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Like the previous model, the Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm model H70535131 also has the characteristic date window with the day of the week, which in this case is joined to the day of the month and is located on the right side of the dial.

Stainless steel is the material that makes up the case and strap. The movement is an excellent H-30 and the power reserve is the classic 80 hours, which characterizes the entire Khaki Field line of the Hamilton collection. Overall, it is a sober model in appearance, and functional and robust like all Hamilton models.

Hamilton Khaki Field Chrono

Hamilton khaki field chrono

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In order not to miss anything, the time has come to talk about another jewel of the line, perhaps the spearhead of the Hamilton Khaki Field Chrono models – we are of course talking about the Khaki Pilot Pioneer Auto Chrono. It differs from the other military models of which we have talked about so far as it falls into the pilot category, so it is a model that recalls those typical of the military – in particular, the Air Force.

With a price of around 1,700 dollars, this splendid watchmaking jewel has a marked 70s vibe, but its style should not deceive you – in fact, it is the pinnacle of modern technology. A perfect combination of past and present. The movement of this chronograph is powered by a prestigious H-31, with a power reserve of up to 60 hours.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 50mm

Hamilton khaki field mechanical 50mm

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If you are a fan of limited editions, you cannot miss the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 50mm model H69809730. A captivating watch with a round case – which is all black, like the strap and the dial. The color of the hands and numbers certainly creates a contrast that is of great visual impact and makes it particularly captivating.

However, despite its beauty, this model is as robust as it is high-performing, thanks to a hand-wound H-50 caliber and a power reserve of around 80 hours. Considering the limited production, if you have around 1,000 dollars to invest, this is the model for you.


Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Black

Hamilton khaki field mechanical black

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The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Black model H69409930 is highly rated on Amazon and enjoys great reviews. This success is perhaps due to its very versatile and discreet style, which does not boast the strong military connotations that characterize most of the models in this line. In fact, as the manufacturer itself reports, this watch has “a discreet approach to military style.”

The NATO strap is sturdy and comfortable, the indexes are triangular with antique radio-colored Super-LumiNova®, and the predominant color is black. The price is low – it comes in at around 500 dollars.


Hamilton Khaki Field Scuba

Hamilton khaki field scuba diver

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In the previous paragraphs, we talked about a watch model that recalls the aeronautical style. Now it’s time to talk about a model that is inspired by the naval style.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Scuba is a watch that stands out for its high precision. As mentioned, it recalls the naval style, but is suitable on the high seas as well as in the office, thanks to the color combinations that make it versatile, elegant, and dynamic. Obviously, it has a high impermeability compared to the other models – in fact, it is 10 bar.

Final Considerations

In this article, we have presented you the best watches of the Hamilton Khaki Field line, which is linked to the military style in all its forms. However, as you have noticed, despite the style and precision of these watches, the various models are perfectly suited to the most varied range of uses and looks.

The average price is 500 dollars, but some models we have told you about even reach triple the average figure, and despite our desire to describe Hamilton Khaki Field watches belonging to this price range, we could not fail to mention models such as the Khaki Pilot Pioneer Auto Chrono and the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium.

After analyzing the most representative models of the range, we can say that Hamilton is always a guarantee in the world of watches, and the mastery of this manufacturer is manifested smoothly in the Khaki line in all its forms. We cannot fail to notice the style of these watches that nod at the past, but are perfectly contemporary, modern, and in some ways also futuristic.

The technical element is indisputable. It is almost superfluous to add words to something that already speaks for itself. The precision and performance of Hamilton watches are more unique than the rare features in many other watches that fall within this price range. So in a nutshell, with Hamilton the quality-price ratio is really above average. Just think of the materials used that are robust and protect against daily use. The mechanics are exclusive and reliable. Most models have a power reserve of up to 80 hours or more, and hardly any other watches of the same value offer such a long reserve time, which is especially important for those who use these watches in the field.

Despite the generally low price, Hamilton Khaki Field watches are precious tools, synonymous with elegance, style, and reliability.

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