The Best 200 Dollars Watches You Can Buy

by luxwatch

To buy excellent watches, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money. There are watches at 200 dollars that are very desirable, both in terms of aesthetics and mechanics. Don’t think that spending a few hundred dollars for a watch necessarily means giving up quality – you just need to know how to choose correctly.

Many watch brands market $200 watch models that have very interesting features, despite the low price. So what is the reason for the reduced price? It is a marketing issue. A brand can devote itself exclusively to affordable models that all sell for more or less the same price. Other brands, on the other hand, also divide their collections into price ranges, as do many car manufacturers that produce luxury models, but also small cars within everyone’s reach.

For this reason, when evaluating a wristwatch, you should not focus only on the price – in fact, with a figure of about 200 dollars, you can take home a respectable, reliable, and aesthetically appealing watch. This applies to models for men, women, but also for children, as well as for styles that can range from the most sporty, classic, and diver’s watches, to the most fashionable and elegant models.

We have created this guide to help you in this choice. For this reason, you just have to take some time and take a brief journey into the world of wristwatches at a cost of 200 dollars. We are sure that among these lies the model that is right for you and that will amaze you. Maybe you can also find a suitable watch as a gift for your partner or a family member or friend, and finally solve the problem of what to give them for their next birthday.


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Best Watches List 200 Dollars

In this list, we have enclosed and described the best 200 dollar watches on the market. The range is varied and can certainly satisfy all tastes and needs. There are sporty, classic, military-style, underwater models, and much more. However, the common denominator of all remains the price, which is always around 200 dollars or so. But now let’s get comfortable and start this review of the best 200 dollar watches together.


 Watches Under 200 Dollars – Orient Kamasu

watches under 200 dollars - Orient Kamasu

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The first model on this list does not even reach 200 dollars. We are talking about the Orient Kamasu analog watch, perhaps the best of the watches under 200 dollars. With its classic look, this sporty style watch features a stainless steel case and strap, black dial, and folding clasp. Note the automatic movement typical of Orient watches, which is synonymous with reliability and precision.

This round-shaped model has a calendar with day and date positioned at 3 o’clock, plus it enjoys optimal water resistance, thanks to its resistance to a maximum pressure of 20 bar. All this for only 175 dollars, approximately.

200 Dollar Watches – Seiko 5 Sports

200 dollars watches - Seiko 5 sports

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With its anthracite-colored dial, silver hands, and Lumibrite function, the Seiko 5 sports is one of the most popular 200 dollar watch models on Amazon, in fact, it is excellently reviewed. The silver-colored multi-link bracelet is made of stainless steel, as is the case, which has a diameter of 40 mm.

There is a calendar that indicates the day and date at 3 o’clock on the dial, which overall has a minimal and sporty style. The water resistance of the Seiko 5 Sports stands at 10 bar, which makes it great for swimming, but not for snorkeling. The mechanism is automatic, with mechanical winding.

Men’s Watches Under 200 Dollars – Orient Bambino

men's watches under 200 dollars - Orient Bambino

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We are discussing men’s watches under 200 dollars, or slightly more expensive, but we must not forget the less expensive models as well. Among these, the Orient Bambino model FAC08003A0 stands out. A watch with great features.

The case is round with a black dial and brown leather strap. The hands and indexes are copper-colored, the pressure resistance is 3 bar. The mechanism is automatic and overall, the style is very informal and versatile.

Let’s see other distinctive features of this model:

  • Mineral glass
  • Analog dial
  • Buckle closure
  • Case thickness 12 mm
  • Strap width 22 mm

200 Dollar Men’s Watches – Citizen Diver

200 dollars men's watches - Citizen Diver

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As you can see, the 200 dollar men’s watches are different, but the Citizen Diver fully expresses the characteristics that such an accessory must have, both in terms of design and in terms of functionality. Let’s see the reasons for the success of this model in this price range.

Let’s start by saying that the Citizen Diver exceeds the average price of the watches we are talking about in this guide by a few tens of dollars. However, it has some very interesting features, such as a 40-hour power reserve. Not to mention the 20 bar of water resistance – in fact, it is a diving watch in accordance with DIN ISO6425. The shape of the case is round and the material of which it is made is stainless steel, the same component of which the strap with folding clasp and safety system is made.


Men’s Watches 200–300 Dollars

men's watches 200 300 dollars

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If your budget for men’s watches is 200–300 dollars, and you want a model with markedly sportier features, then you can evaluate the Invicta model 30418 watch. The style of this model is unmistakable, with a 47mm stainless steel case and with blue dial. The strap alternates between a silver and gold color, which is also recalled in different elements of the dial.

The movement is automatic and the resistance to water pressure is 20 bar. Included in the Invicta Pro Diver collection, this model has a cost of about 220 dollars, and a decidedly sporty character – suitable for those who want to express this aspect in their outfit without giving up a touch of elegance.


Watches Around 200 Dollars

watches around 200 dollars

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Speaking of watches around 200 dollars, we cannot fail to mention the Bulova 96C125, a sober model with an elegant metallic blue dial. With a price of around 200 dollars, this wristwatch is characterized by its elegance and technical features.

Built in stainless steel, the Bulova 96C125 has a resistance to water pressure of 3 bar, which makes it great for swimming but not for doing other water sports activities such as diving. After all, its style is more suitable for use as a fashion accessory than as a tool to play sports. Let’s see in detail its technical characteristics.

  • Convex crystal
  • Calendar function: day & date
  • 21cm long, 20mm wide silver stainless steel strap with folding button clasp
  • Case diameter: 39 mm
  • Case height: 10 mm
  • Weight: 135 g
  • The watch is delivered in an original gift box and has a 2-year warranty


Automatic Watches 200 Dollars

automatic watches 200 dollars

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As for the 200 dollar automatic watches, the Timex Marlin Automatic TW2T23100 also deserves a respectable place – a watch with an almost total black style. Perfectly adaptable to any look. The shape of the case and the dial is round, with a size of 40 mm. The three hands, as well as the indexes, are thin and with a minimal style.

All in all, this watch with a black leather strap is very discreet, therefore versatile and adaptable to any occasion. Those who bought it on Amazon reviewed it positively, pointing out its lightness and excellent workmanship.


Automatic Watches Under 200 Dollars – Invicta Pro Diver

automatic watches under 200 dollars - Invicta Pro Diver

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Let’s go back to talking about Invicta watches, with a model that is very popular on Amazon. With a price of around 90 dollars, the Invicta Pro Diver features a black dial with clear elements and a sporty-looking stainless steel strap. There is also a date window at 3 o’clock on the dial, and luminescent material on the indexes and hands.

The resistance to water pressure is 20 bar and the movement is automatic. Seeing the price at which it is proposed, all these features and the strong but sober and versatile style, you can easily understand why it is one of the best-selling models on Amazon.


Watches at 200 Dollars – Festina Automatic

watches at 200 dollars - Festina automatic

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Now let’s move on to a model that differs markedly from those we have described so far. We are talking about the automatic Festina F16975-2, a skeletonized watch that oozes elegance and originality, thanks to the thin lines and the dial, with a play of transparency that reveals the mechanics.

The strap is in blue leather that recalls the dial. The resistance to water pressure is 3 bar, which makes it comfortable even when you want to swim, without having to have to remove the watch. The mechanism is automatic, but let’s see some salient features of this watch in detail.

  • Case diameter 43 mm
  • Innovative design and high functionality
  • Very precise automatic movement
  • Mineral glass
  • The watch has a water resistance of 3 bar


Men’s Watches Max 200 Dollars – Citizen Eco-Drive

men's watches max 200 dollars - citizen Eco-drive

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Let’s go back to the sportier designs, and talk about the Citizen Eco-Drive, a model that makes sportiness an essential element not only in style, but also in functionality. But let’s start from the style, which is expressed in all its beauty in the characteristic black or blue dial, depending on your choice, with very particular style elements and a screwed crown. The strap is made of high-quality rubber, which also in this case can be blue or black.

The Citizen Eco-Drive, with a cost of just around 180 dollars, is a 100% ISO 6425 certified diver’s watch. But what stands out in the functionality of this watch is the duration of the charge, which is 180 days.


Watches From 100 to 200 Dollars

watches from 100 to 200 dollars

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If you are looking for watches from 100 dollars to 200 dollars that do not have the classic stainless steel or leather strap, the Invicta Pro Diver is for you. It is a model with a titanium case and a strap with a retractable clasp. The dial is black and the hands are luminous. Weighing in at 128 grams, this watch has a water resistance of a whopping 20 bar.

It is a model sold for about 130 dollars, very frequently purchased on Amazon, and is known for its versatile look and for its lightness, which, combined with the slim shape, make it particularly comfortable to wear.


Men’s Watches Maximum 200 Dollars

men's watches maximum 200 dollars

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If, on the other hand, you want to aim for elegance, the Tissot T1096103605100 is the model for you. It is a watch with a very fine design, based on the contrast between the black of the leather strap and the dial, with the index and copper-colored hands. The type of mechanism is quartz, while the water resistance is 3 bar.

It is certainly among the most elegant models in our ranking of men’s watches at a maximum of 200 dollars. But let’s not be fooled only by its beauty – this model has very interesting features. Let’s look at them together in detail.

  • Stainless steel case
  • Sapphire glass
  • Case diameter 42 mm
  • Weight 44 grams


200 Dollar Military Watch – Vostok

200 dollars military watch - Vostok

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If you like the military style, but also focus on originality, the Vostok model #350607 would be right for you. For only about 140 dollars, you can take home a watch produced by the official supplier of the Department of Defense of the Soviet Union. A very eye-catching model with a military fabric strap and a stainless steel case with acrylic glass.

Being a military watch also in terms of mechanics, this model does not joke – in fact, it has a self-winding movement with 32 jewels and a resistance to water pressure up to 10 bar. The bezel is bidirectional and the case diameter is 42 mm.


Sports Watches 200 Dollars

sports watches 200 dollars

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Do you like sports watches but are you demanding, regarding colors and shapes? Well, you have to opt for the Seiko 5 Sports. Blue, green, orange, and turquoise are just some of the colors and combinations for this model. In general, the characteristics that these varieties have in common are those listed below.

These are 200 dollars sports watches, all strictly analog and automatic. Resistance on average is around 10 bar. The case is in stainless steel and the strap can be in fabric, stainless steel, or rubber, depending on which Seiko 5 variant you choose.


200 Dollar Women’s Watches

200 dollars women's watches

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But now the time has come to dedicate ourselves to the female world, with a model that stands out for its elegance and femininity. We are talking about the Michael Kors MK4338, with a very fine and elegant stainless steel case and strap. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold colors. The average price is around 110 dollars, except for the gold-colored model which costs a few tens of dollars more.

Among the 200 dollar watches for women, the Michael Kors MK4338 is very popular and well reviewed on Amazon; in fact, the quality-price ratio is one of the most interesting for this price range, but let’s look at the features in detail.

  • Case size: 38mm x 42mm
  • Water resistant: 5 ATM
  • Packaged in the Michael Kors gift box
  • Band width: 18 mm; strap circumference: 175 +/- 5mm


Elegant Watches Under 200 Dollars

elegant watches under 200 dollars

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Speaking of elegance, this time for men and women, we focus on the Orient RA-AC0004S10B, a model with a very fine appearance but suitable to be worn by both sexes. With a price of under 200 dollars, an average of 190 dollars, the watch in question has a beautiful round case with a clear dial, covered with mineral glass. The material of the case and the strap is silver-colored stainless steel.

There is a small calendar that indicates the date on the dial, the mechanism is automatic and the total weight is 128 grams. The model in question can withstand up to a depth of 5 bar.


Men’s Watches Budget 200 Dollars

men's watches budget 200 dollars

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Now let’s talk about a digital model, the legendary Casio G-SHOCK GW-M5610BB-1ER that maintains the classic and unmistakable shape of the analog Casio, but with a super-modern look and innovative features. Available in the following colors: white, black/silver, black/gray, black/black-gray, and black/red. From an aesthetic point of view, this model certainly needs no introduction.

Distributed with thousands of sales on Amazon in all its variations, the Casio G-SHOCK GW-M5610BB-1ER has an average price of around 100 dollars. The functions are many: stopwatch, 1/100 sec – 24 hours; Timer, 1/1 sec – 24 hours; lighting; multifunctional alarm clock; and time signal.

But beware, this watch adjusts the exact time thanks to radio reception. With 5 daily alarms, auto-light from a flick of the wrist, solar-powered charge, and battery level indicator. And 20 bars of water resistance on top of all that to make it the perfect analog men’s watch for its price range.


Beautiful Watches Under 200 Dollars – Mondaine Classic

beautiful watches under 200 dollars - Mondaine Classic

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Let’s go back to the world of analog watches – beautiful and under 200 dollars, of course. Now let’s talk about the Mondaine Classic, a watch with a black leather strap and a classic round case – embellished, however, by a clear dial with elements of a very contemporary style. This is despite the fact that the Mondaine style is a recognizable icon from 1944, when the Swiss Federal Railways first conceived of this look as a station clock, then to present it in 1986 as a wristwatch.

The Swiss brand is synonymous with quality and precision – in fact, in addition to elegance and beauty, this wristwatch also stands out for the excellent technical features that we list below.

  • Sapphire crystal
  • Stainless steel case
  • Strap width 18 mm
  • Weight 37 grams
  • Type of quartz mechanism


Men’s Steel Watches 200 Dollars – Swatch Chronograph

men's steel watches 200 dollars - Swatch Chronograph

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Let’s keep on the classic theme, but in this case with a totally different style from the previous one. Let’s talk first of all about a chronograph and specifically about one of the most iconic men’s steel watches at 200 dollars: the Swatch Chronograph YVS444G. This is a model that inspires elegance and class, with the predominant gray stainless steel of the strap and case that perfectly match the black dial.

As we have said, it is a chronograph and it has both the appearance and the functionality. The Swatch brand is a guarantee in this sense and the price falls perfectly among those we are listing in this guide.


Wristwatches 200 Dollars – Fossil

wristwatches 200 dollars - Fossil

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A place in our ranking of wristwatches at 200 dollars must be assigned to the Fossil CH2885, which is what can be defined as the most classic and versatile of men’s watches, with a price of only 120 dollars. The strap is in brown leather, and with the stainless steel case and the black dial, it is a perfect combination in terms of versatility in matching with clothes.

The case is 44 mm with a characteristic round shape. It is a chronograph and even in this, the appearance does not lie. The performance in terms of resistance to water pressure is 10 bar.


200 Dollars Band Watches – Elegant Watch

200 dollars band watches - elegant watch

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Now let’s talk about another model that stands out for its elegance among the watches at the 200 dollar range. The Roamer 980 812 41 55 09 is what can be defined as the classic elegant watch. With a total black look, and the stainless steel case, this model is offered at a price of around 140 dollars.

As for the technical characteristics, we can say that they are the most classic for an elegant watch in this price range, but let’s see them in detail.

  • Weight 58 grams
  • Type of quartz mechanism
  • Maximum pressure 5 bar
  • Case diameter 40 mm


Women’s Watches Under 200 Dollars – Michael Kors

women's watches under 200 dollars - Michael Kors

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We conclude our overview, in which we have also included women’s watches under 200 dollars, with a women’s model, the elegant Michael Kors. Constructed of rose gold-colored stainless steel, this women’s analog watch has a quartz mechanism, a weight of 100 grams, and a resistance to water pressure which stands at 5 bar.

The glass is mineral, and there is no calendar; however, this elegant model is better suited as an accessory to embellish your outfit for special occasions, rather than as a model for everyday use. The price is around 140 dollars.


Final Opinions

Our overview of the best 200 dollar watches has ended and it must be said that in this price range, the choice is really great. We have seen sporty, elegant, classic, military, and innovative watches. All are beautiful but also with high performance and high quality. The choice, therefore, is more than anything else, dictated by personal taste and by your needs, which can be as diverse as anything.

However, among those mentioned, we are sure there is the model or models that are right for you. Surely there is one or another watch that has caught your attention, and if your budget falls within this price range, you do not need to ignore the appeal, or to stop yourself getting this gift. In any case, whatever model you choose, you can be sure that you are buying a quality object that, despite the low price, will prove to be an excellent ally in everyday life or on special occasions.

Our selection was diverse and we have also talked about some analog watches that can certainly appeal to the youngest, and to those who love technology, but do not wish to wear a smartwatch. After all, the beauty of a watch is irreplaceable, and whether it is analog or digital, you cannot help but enjoy this accessory, which remains a must also in terms of clothing and elegance.

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