Elegant Watches – Here Are the 33 Best Models You Can Buy

by luxwatch

The best elegant watches are more than just accessories to show off on your wrist. These accessories become part of your outfit and for this reason, they must be chosen with the utmost attention, if you want to have a suave and sophisticated image. In this list, we will show what the best elegant watches on the market are.

Elegant men’s watches, affordable luxury watches, high-class digital models and many more will be considered.

Some features that distinguish elegant models from others on the market are a round black / gray dial, a stainless steel case, numbers defined in fascinating styles and a strap with attention paid to every detail. 

Remember that for each description, a link will be attached that will take you to a safe and secure e-commerce page, where you can buy the model that has caught your attention in a few clicks, and receive it after a few days directly in your home. 


Ranking of the Best Elegant Watches

So here are the best high-class watches currently available on the market. The list is not in order of importance, so you can choose the model that best suits your style, from the cheapest to the most expensive. So let’s see the best elegant watches…


Elegant Men’s Watches

elegant men's watches

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Among the most elegant men’s watches, this model made by the Orient brand is certainly one of the best. The Orient Bambino watch is made of soft leather and absolutely beautiful to look at, while the round dial is very large and attractive. 

On the gray and white dial there are numbers and hands that stand out thanks to their gold tone. The numbers are in Roman style, incredibly refined, while at 3 o’clock there is a date window capable of indicating the exact date of the month. 

The Orient watch works thanks to an ORIENT 22 jewels F6724 automatic movement and can also be used in water up to a depth of 3 bar.


Cheap Elegant Watches

cheap elegant watches

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Cheap elegant watches are often easy to find in the market and still manage to have some special features. One of these is this fabulous Casio watch, with a stainless steel case and strap, capable of withstanding shocks of any kind.

The dial is round and blue in color, while the hands and indexes are silver and have inserts that make them glow in the dark. The Casio is particularly suitable for informal occasions, but it can always be used, even in water up to a maximum depth of 5 bar. 

The cost of this fine timepiece is really low, making it an opportunity that a true collector should seize. 


Elegant Digital Watches

elegant digital watches

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High-class digital watches are special models because they manage to combine technological elements with other classical elements. The Casio in question is a perfect example of this, since it combines a durable stainless steel strap with a clear and elegant LCD screen. 

The screen can be clearly displayed at any time, thanks to a button on the side of the case that illuminates it completely. Being a digital timepiece, this model allows you to take advantage of various functions such as alarm, stopwatch and calendar. 

If you evaluate the quality / price ratio, this elegant wristwatch of the Japanese brand is a must for those who want to buy an amazing accessory at an economical cost.


Elegant Women’s Watches

elegant women's watches

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A woman who wants to take care of her image as much as possible cannot give up the opportunity for a timepiece that is elegant from every point of view. Among the many elegant women’s watches available, this Daniel Wellington stands out for its refinement and attention to detail. 

The dial is round, and it does not have many decorative elements apart from a lovely crown at 3 o’clock and a gold-colored bezel. This shade is also recalled by the indices on the dial and the almost stylized hands. 

The case has a diameter of 36 millimeters, the strap has a width of 18 millimeters, while the weight of this watch is just 36 grams. This women’s watch does not weigh on the wrist and can be worn for a long time without discomfort of any kind.


Elegant Sporty Man’s Watch

elegant sporty man watch

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An elegant sports watch that is exceptional in many ways is the Tommy Hilfiger with reference 1791118. This watch is exceptionally fine, thanks to numerous elements such as the blue bezel that creates a wonderful contrast with the gold-colored case. 

The watch also has 3 sub-dials, with one in particular that acts as a date window with days of the week, while at 3 o’clock there is a handy crown that is used to control the setup of the hands. 

In addition to being water-resistant up to 3 bar, this timepiece offers complete protection even against rain. This classy men’s sports watch has a decidedly advantageous price when considering to the quality offered. 


Cheap Elegant Men’s Watches

cheap elegant men's watches

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The best cheap elegant men’s watches are not always easy to find, but an expert eye will immediately recognize a model that belongs to this category, such as the Festina with reference F6806 / 1.

What manages to take your breath away with this watch is the round and silver dial with the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12 displayed in refined and shiny characters. The strap of the watch is in black leather, a soft and resistant material at the same time, while the closure is regulated by a practical buckle. 

The model is very thin and does not cause discomfort on the wrist as its weight is just 30 grams.


Elegant Men’s Leather Watch

elegant men's leather watch

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This model made by the Orient brand is a refined men’s watch with a durable and soft leather strap. The watch works thanks to a practically perfect Orient 22-jewel F6724 automatic movement, and is always precise. 

Thanks to its elegant style, this timepiece is particularly suitable for formal occasions and evening outings. Also of note is the black dial of this Orient model, decorated with silver indexes and hands, with the wonderful Orient logo at the top at 12 o’clock. 

The case is made of stainless steel, capable of withstanding shocks or violent impacts. Protection is also guaranteed by a scratch-resistant mineral glass covering the round dial.


Elegant Steel Man’s Watch

elegant steel man watch

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A tasteful steel men’s watch is a must for those who want to have a dignified and fashionable look, suitable for both formal occasions and informal situations. This Festina watch responds perfectly to that description, being able to count on aesthetic characteristics capable of rendering one speechless. 

The case and strap are silver in color, while the dial is in a fantastic cobalt blue tone, which in turn contains white hands and indices. Admiring this accessory you can be entranced, as harmony reigns supreme in the Festina model. 

To secure one of the best elegant watches on the market, you don’t need to go crazy from an economic point of view, since its price is just over 70 dollars.


Elegant Seiko

Elegant Seiko

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The Seiko 5 is absolutely elegant and classy, thanks to its neat style and being well defined in every detail. The case and strap are in stainless steel which is resistant to damage of any kind, and the bracelet has a handy clasp closure. 

The face of the watch is round and not oversized, while its color is blue, with silver indexes that glow in the dark. It is nice to see the date window at 3 o’clock, which indicates both date and day of the week. 

This elegant watch works thanks to an automatic movement and does not need batteries or other systems to carry out its duty, you just need to wear it on your wrist and show it off with character.


Elegant Automatic Watches

elegant automatic watches

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The Marlin Automatic made by the Timex brand is an absolutely elegant and refined automatic men’s watch. The two colors that permeate the entire accessory are black and gold, two shades that mix and contrast with each other. 

In fact, the strap of this timepiece is black, very comfortable and soft when in contact with the skin. The case, the indexes and the hands are all golden elements. The round dial is also black and has a small date window at 3 o’clock. 

Those who want one of the best elegant automatic watches don’t have to spend a very high amount, since the price of this Timex is around 200 dollars.


Elegant Citizen

elegant Citizen


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This Elegant Citizen is a must for those who want to make a good impression at formal and professional meetings. In particular, this men’s wristwatch goes perfectly with elegant suits or even tuxedos, thanks to its comfortable blue strap. 

Furthermore, the case size is 40 millimeters and its weight is very minimal. You will be able to wear the watch without discomfort or skin irritation. The timepiece is very beautiful to look at thanks to the round blue dial, with white hands and an attractive date window at 6 o’clock. 

The cost of this watch is slightly over 200 dollars, but this is a figure worth spending for such a high-quality model.


Elegant Men’s Wristwatch

Elegant Men's Wristwatch



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The elegant Junkers men’s wristwatch is a marvel for the eyes, an elegant and attractive model. Thanks to its design which is completely covered in a black tone, this watch goes perfectly with total black outfits. 

The case of this timepiece is made of stainless steel, a material that is able to withstand shocks and any violent impacts over time. The black leather strap is very soft and is adjusted in a simple way thanks to a practical buckle.

The dial of this watch is round, with a totally black background and silver elements such as hands and indexes that create a fabulous visual contrast.


Elegant Girls’ Watches

elegant girl watches

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Among the elegant girls’ watches, this model launched on the market by the Cluse brand is a real jewel. Its design is silver and meticulous in its detail, with elements that highlight the refinement of the model. 

This girls’ wristwatch has a very resistant stainless steel strap, which protects the model from damage of various kinds. The protection of this girls’ watch is also guaranteed by the scratch-resistant mineral glass. 

Among the different characteristics that this watch possesses, it is necessary to mention:

  • Case diameter of 29 millimeters
  • Water resistance up to 3 bar deep
  • Total weight of about 50 grams

These peculiarities make the Cluse model one of the best elegant watches for young women.


Elegant Modern Men’s Watch

elegant modern man watch

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The Rotary model with reference GB90173 / 01 is an elegant modern men’s watch, sensational both from a design point of view and for the technical characteristics it possesses. Its style is refined but not overly classic, meaning that you can match this timepiece even when you wear sweaters or pull-overs in informal situations. 

The Rotary wristwatch has an incredibly resistant crystal glass that protects the white dial in an excellent way. The dial shows the numbers in Roman characters while at 3 o’clock there is a date window showing the date and day of the week. 

In addition, this watch can be used almost anywhere, even while at the sea or in the pool, since it can withstand up to 5 bar underwater.


Seiko 5 Elegant

Seiko 5 elegant

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The Seiko 5 Elegant is a wonderful model that can be worn both on informal occasions and while relaxing in your free time. The strap and case are silver-gray and are made of stainless steel. 

The strap in particular is very practical to adjust, thanks to an optimal folding clasp. The movement of the watch is automatic, very precise and able to also show the date and day of the week, thanks to a date shown at 3 o’clock. 

The case diameter measures 37 millimeters while the weight of this Seiko watch reaches approximately 90 grams.


Black Elegant Men’s Watch

black elegant men's watch

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The Hamilton black men’s watch is the ideal model if you want to have an accessory on your wrist to match a classic suit of a black jacket and white shirt. 

The dial is round, with silver-colored indexes and hands that can even glow in the dark. At the same time, the refinement of this product is highlighted by the Arabic numerals on the dial, which have a particular and original style. 

The distinguishing features of the Hamilton elegant watch worth mentioning are: 

  • Black crocodile leather strap
  • Water resistance up to 5 bar
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Dater

This watch is a top of the range model, and you must have it in your collection if you are a fan of watches.


Longines Elegant Collection

Longines elegant collection

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The Longines Conquest with reference L3.776.4.58.6 belongs to the Longines Elegant Collection and is without a doubt one of the best elegant watches on the market. 

This watch has a classic design, with a silver-colored strap and case that create a fabulous contrast to the black dial. At 3 o’clock, there is both a refined date window and a practical crown that allows you to adjust the setup of the silver hands. 

The Longines Conquest is certainly a luxury, high-end model, but those who want to show off an elegant image should do everything to get it, thanks to its excellent quality / price ratio.


Elegant Watches for Boys

elegant watches for boys

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Among the elegant watches for boys and young men, this model, launched on the market by the well-known brand Maserati is truly amazing. This timepiece has a youthful style that fits perfectly with shirts and sweaters of all kinds.

The dial of the watch is skeletonized and it is possible to admire all the mechanisms and rubies inside it. Then, at 12 o’clock, the Maserati logo stands out, incredibly majestic and decorated with a fantastic silver tone. 

The case is made of stainless steel and this boys’ watch can be worn almost anywhere, since its resistance is exceptional. Protection is also guaranteed in water up to a maximum of 10 bar deep.


Blue Elegant Watch

blue elegant watch

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A blue watch par excellence is this model launched on the market by the Tissot brand. The blue color is particularly evident in the round dial, and is a true marvel for the eyes. Thanks to this element, the watch can be combined with various clothing items such as cardigans or sweaters, but also sports clothing. 

The watch case is made of titanium, an incredibly resistant material, which will allow you not to worry about any damage to the structure. Protection is also guaranteed by a solid and robust mineral glass. 

The cost of this Tissot watch slightly exceeds 300 dollars, but if you evaluate the quality / price ratio, it is really advantageous to buy this accessory.


Luxury Elegant Men’s Watches

Luxury Elegant Men's Watches


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Among the many luxury men’s watches, one of the best is certainly the model made by the Maurice Lacroix brand. This watch is completely black, with a comfortable and durable leather strap. 

It is incredibly beautiful to look at the distinctive date on this watch, where at 3 is the day of the month. The silver bezel covering the round dial is also very beautiful. 

Among the other features to mention are: 

  • Case diameter 40 mm
  • Case thickness 10 mm
  • Strap width 20 mm
  • Leather strap

By evaluating the different aspects of the watch, this watch is suitable for both enthusiasts and newcomers to the watch market.


Elegant Rolex

Elegant Rolex

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An elegant Rolex is always a high-class model that matches perfectly when wearing high-fashion suits, with jackets and shirts made by international brands. This model, Cellini Time, has white gold inserts that make it a real sight for the eyes.

The strap of the watch is made of black leather, which is wonderful from any point of view, while the dial is round and white with indexes and double silver bezel. 

The movement of this special Rolex is automatic, incredibly precise and recharges in total autonomy, thanks to the movement of the wrist. The watch also has a fabulous screw-down winding crown, and is flared and decorated with the magnificent Rolex symbol.


Casio Elegant Watch

Casio Elegant Watch


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An elegant Casio watch is an excellent choice for all those who want to take care of their look to the fullest and want to combine their clothing with an elegant accessory. In particular, this watch, called the Casio Edifice, is also ideal for sports situations. 

Its design is studied in detail, with a case and strap that are made of stainless steel, a material that is very difficult to damage. At the same time, the round blue dial is protected by a very resistant mineral glass. 

The hands and indexes on the dial are equipped with fluorescent inserts that glow in the dark. In addition, this Casio watch of exceptional taste is capable of withstanding underwater up to a maximum of 10 bar of depth thus making it a diver type watch.


Elegant Omega

Elegant omega

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Omega watches are often distinct, and able to fascinate anyone. The Constellation Globemaster is a perfect example of this, thanks to some of its phenomenal characteristics. 

What strikes you from the first moment is its completely blue style, with strap and dial bathed in this shade. Other elements such as the case, bezel, crown, indexes and hands are gray in color and this creates an amazing visual contrast. 

Among the other characteristics to consider, it is necessary to mention:

  • Case diameter 39 mm
  • Water resistance up to 10 bar
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Date at 6 o’clock
  • Stopwatch
  • Transparent caseback
  • Automatic movement

Buying this model is almost an obligation for those who want to update their collection of refined and luxury watches!


Cheap Elegant Watches

cheap elegant watches

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Those who want to buy elegant watches at a low price must really take a look at this model launched on the market by the Festina brand. This watch is suitable for those who choose a classic outfit, perhaps wearing dark-toned jackets, thanks to its calfskin strap that recalls those shades.

The case is in stainless steel and has a diameter of 44 millimeters, while the dial is black and is decorated with white numbers and indices. The movement of this watch is quartz and this model can also be used in water up to 5 bar deep. 

Buying this classy timepiece is no challenge from an economic point of view, as its price is close to 50 dollars.


Elegant Armani Men’s Watches

Armani men's elegant watches

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Elegant Armani men’s watches are a must for those who want to give a touch of class to their appearance and want others to be impressed. Indeed, the model in question is a sight for one’s eyes, especially for its round gray dial. 

The elegance of this watch is also enhanced by the Roman-style numerals, defined in every detail with the utmost care. Not to mention the refinement of the silver stainless steel strap that adjusts easily, thanks to a practical distribution clasp. 

Among the elements that make this one of the best elegant watches to look at, there is also a crown at 3 o’clock, decorated with the magnificent Emporio Armani logo, which is used to adjust the setup of the watch’s hands.


Elegant Watches Around 100 Dollars

elegant watches around 100 dollars

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The Orient Watch with reference RA-AB0033S19B343003 is one of the best elegant watches over 100 dollars produced by the Japanese brand. What is striking about this model is its white dial, with gold-colored indexes and hands. 

Also to be appreciated is a date window at 3 o’clock, decorated with a small gilt frame, capable of showing both the weekday and the precise date. As for the strap, it is made of stainless steel and its width is 19 millimeters. 

This men’s watch can be worn on a variety of occasions, both in formal and informal circumstances, and given its price it is really a bargain to buy.


Elegant Watches 200 Dollars

Elegant Watches 200 Dollars


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The Fossil model is one of the best elegant watches for around 200 dollars, without a doubt. It is a fine timepiece that has special features, which make it refined but at the same time modern and eye-catching. 

For example, the face of the watch is characterized by a small sub-dial decorated with copper-colored hands and the Fossil logo. The watch is unisex and is designed equally for men and women. 

This watch also has the special feature of chronograph, while regarding the strap, it is black in color and does not create problems on the wrist even after long periods of time. 


Elegant Watches Around 1000 Dollars

elegant watches around 1000 dollars

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The Tissot Gentleman is one of the best watches for around 1000 dollars and is considered elegant for several reasons. The case is in stainless steel and completely silver in color, while the blue dial manages to create a wonderful visual contrast. 

In addition, the round dial is protected by a sturdy sapphire crystal, capable of resisting scratches and damage of various kinds in an excellent way. 

Among the other characteristics of this watch are: 

  • Crown at 3 o’clock
  • Circular watch case
  • Automatic mechanism
  • Watch weight 164 grams
  • Case diameter 40 mm

The Tissot is an elegant accessory that should not be missing in the collection of anyone who has a true passion for refined watches. 


Elegant Watches Offer

elegant watches offer

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Elegant watches on offer are often the best to buy and this Festina model perfectly represents that concept. First of all, the watch has an extremely precise quartz movement, able to always indicate the correct time. 

On the round black dial there is an elegant date window at 3 o’clock, capable of indicating both the date and the day of the week. At 3 o’clock on the side of the watch case there is also a practical crown that can be used to adjust the setup of the silver hands. 

Thanks to its classic colors, this fine Festina watch can be combined with elegant suits that include jackets, shirts or even black or gray ties. 


Sector Elegant Watches

Sector elegant watches

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Among the best Sector elegant watches,  the No Limits watch with reference R3273676001 stands out for some features that can leave anyone speechless. The bezel of the watch is completely gilded, made with a distinctive style, and compliments the refinement on the stainless steel strap. 

The round blue dial has gold-colored indices and numerals while at 12 o’clock the Sector logo stands majestically, and is very beautiful to see. This watch can also be worn in water up to a depth of 5 bar. 

Buying this model is very convenient, since its price is just over 100 dollars. 


Maserati Elegant Watches

Maserati elegant watches

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Compared to other tasteful models on the market, Maserati elegant watches are distinguished by their refinement. This model in particular has a classic design for an elegant watch, which is mainly based on the black dial decorated with gray indexes and hands. 

The case of this watch is made of stainless steel and is capable of withstanding various impacts. At the same time, the strap is made of steel and has a very easy-to-adjust secure folding clasp. 

The other features to highlight are: 

  • Case diameter 44 mm
  • Time and date functions
  • Case thickness 11.40 mm
  • Quartz movement

Maserati is synonymous with elegance and this model represents further confirmation of this.


Elegant Bulova

Elegant Bulova

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This high-class Bulova watch is a fabulous model that anyone with a collection of elegant accessories should definitely purchase. The strap is in brown leather, comfortable to wear and practical to adjust, thanks to the buckle closure. 

In addition, the round dial is slightly skeletonized and it is a real sight to admire the rubies and mechanisms present inside these Bulova watches. The case has a diameter of 41 millimeters and is made of durable stainless steel. 

The cost of this watch is just over 250 dollars and if you evaluate the quality / price ratio of this model then you will realize that it is a real bargain to buy it.


Elegant Tissot

Elegant Tissot

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The Tissot T-Classic is an elegant model capable of taking your breath away. This watch has a completely black design, with strap and case dipped in the same color. For this reason, it is possible to combine this watch with elegant clothes such as black and white suits or even tuxedos. 

Among the different characteristics to consider, the Tissot Elegant has characteristics such as: 

  • Stainless steel case
  • Sapphire glass
  • Crown at 3 o’clock
  • Date at 6 o’clock
  • Automatic mechanism

The refinement of this watch is also given by the fact that on the dial there are no numbers but only stylized indexes in silver color.


Final remarks

We hope you now have an idea of the best elegant watches on the market. If you want to buy one, you can use the link indicated and in a few seconds you will be redirected to the best site to buy watches online, able to offer exceptional benefits. 

If, on the other hand, you are still undecided on which elegant watch to buy, you don’t need to worry at all. You can contact us and request our assistance right here on our website. We are happy to help you and we can offer you our advice so that you can get the fine timepiece you have always dreamed of!

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