Best Women’s Watches – Ranking 30 Models to Buy Now

by luxwatch

Since their inception, women’s watches have not simply been timepieces, but real jewels used to express styles that match different looks and occasions of the day.

It is essential to know how to analyze and choose the best female watches currently available for purchase on the online market.

Brand names are certainly the foremost aspect that is analyzed when choosing the best model . There are many brands on the market and many watches to choose from: classic, sporty, or elegant models, and digital watches – more commonly known as smartwatches – which are currently very popular.

Prices is another fundamental aspect in choosing the best watches for women. A lot depends on the materials with which they are made: gold, steel, or plastic cases, and leather or metal straps. Based on the materials, we can therefore choose between cheap watches or expensive and fine watches , ideal to wear during important occasions.

The amount of options to choose from nowadays is so vast that choosing the right model among the ones available is very difficult if you do not have the right skills. Analyzing the best models for price , offer, and those among the best sellers can be good starting points.

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To help simplify the search for those who do not want to browse all the catalogs of the various brands, we decided to create a special classification featuring the best models of different categories. There are many models on offer that we wanted to mention, including luxury and classy watches for the most demanding women.

All the models we are going to list represent the best watch brands currently on the market, according to the opinions of experts in the sector. So, choosing one of the proposed models would surely be a good choice.

We’ll analyze the costs and features that distinguish each model. Are you ready? LET’S BEGIN!

Cheap Women’s Watch – Casio LTP-1302PD-7A1VEF

cheap women's watch - Casio LTP-1302PD-7A1VEF


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One of the cheapest models, yet simultaneously one of the best ladies’ watches considering the value you get from the price, its classic style, silver-colored stainless steel strap, and 30mm white dial make it suitable for every type of wrist or look. It is also available with a black dial for a more elegant look.

Ladies’ Watch on Offer – Cluse La Bohème Mesh CL18116



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This model’s youthful and minimalist style stands out thanks to its round dial and steel mesh strap. This style is particularly in vogue nowadays thanks to the possibility of strap customization. You can choose from many different colors such as rose gold, silver, yellow gold, and black. This watch is also an ideal gift thanks to the attractive price currently on offer .

Elegant Ladies’ Watch – Festina Mademoiselle F16719 / 2

Elegant women's watches - Festina Mademoiselle F16719-2

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A particularly suitable model for important occasions such as gala dinners or social events, this model stands out for its brilliance – courtesy of the crystal stones set on the bezel and in the black dial, which creates a clearly visible contrast even at considerable distances.

The diameter of the case is 36mm, but the thickness is only 10mm, which makes it easily wearable and combinable with other wrist accessories such as bracelets.

The Roman numerals are arranged on the dial in a clearly visible manner, making it very simple to read the dial, and furthermore making it functional in any environment.

Women’s Watch with Leather Strap – Fossil ES4099

Woman watch with leather strap - Fossil ES4099


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An ideal watch for those who want a model with a linear design and great wrist comfort – courtesy of its red leather strap with buckle closure. It’s a model ideal for everyday use.

The dial as well as the strap are red, perfectly matching the color of the indexes made in pink gold. In addition to the time, the dial also displays the date of the month through a window positioned just above 6 o’clock.

Its weight and dimensions are among the lowest in the industry. Indeed, at just 32 grams and with a thickness of 8mm, with time, you may forget that you have it on your wrist.

Brand Women’s Watch – Gucci Two Tone YA126409

Brand Women's Watch - Gucci Two Tone YA126409


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This Maison Gucci model follows the style that has always characterized the brand. An ideal choice for those who wish to have a high-class wristwatch with a famous brand that anyone can recognize.

Entirely made of stainless steel, among its features we find a scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal for optimal visibility even in very bright environments, a 33mm case diameter, and a Swiss movement – signaling the high quality of the components that compose it.

Ideal for those who follow fashion trends, and for those who make personal style their strong point.

Women’s Digital Watch – Michael Kors Casual MKT5004

Women's digital watch - Michael Kors casual MKT5004


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A smartwatch for those who want to keep up with the times, this model combines the classic design that has always characterized clocks with today’s technology. This creates – in a single accessory – a wrist tool that allows you to view not only the time, but other information related to the smart world.

The clock is equipped with an Android operating system, which grants you multiple features at your fingertips in addition to the ability to keep track of the time. Indeed, this smartwatch allows you to synchronize messages and emails from your smartphone, or even keep track of your physical activity through the Fitness Tracker tool.

Among its other interesting features, it includes synchronization with Apple smartphones, social media updates, Google search with voice command, strap interchangeability, water resistance, and many others.

Breil Women’s Watch – Choice Casual EW0301

Breil women's watches - Choice casual EW0301


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A model with an elegant style and an unmistakable brand name, particularly inspired by the feminine world, it is just as suited to a young girl as it is to an adult woman.

Its small blue dial gives it a sober and linear feel, making is usable in any circumstance and with any look. Among its most important features, we can see the date at 3 o’clock, the dial with sticks and hands, and the silver-colored strap made of stainless steel.

Its low cost makes it one of the best models in terms of price quality, an absolutely great choice to be purchased and added to your collection.

Women’s Fitness Sports Watch – Fitbit Charge 2 B073V29L7Z

Women's sports watch - Fitbit Charge 2 B073V29L7Z


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An ideal watch for those who practice sports or for those who want to keep track of their health, and very comfortable to boot. Among its many functions, it includes a heart rate monitor, a counter for calories burned, a step counter, distance tracker, active minutes tracker, hourly activity tracker, and a sleep quality monitor.

In addition to the functions which measure your bodily activity status, this watch also signals and alerts you for calls, texts, and events marked on your calendar.

The very innovative and youthful design is much due to the customization. It is possible to choose between different variations, from the 6 available colors of the strap (including blue, black, plum, aqua green, lavender, and light black) to selecting the strap size that best fits your wrist.

Recommended for those who practice fitness and are particularly attentive to their personal health.

Gold Women’s Watch – Micheal Kors – Darci MK3406

Gold woman watch - Micheal Kors - Darci MK3406


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A watch with a particularly sophisticated design, the luminescent ocean blue dial, gold-finished bracelet and case, and bezel studded with polished crystals all together make this model showy enough to be considered one of the best ladies’ watches to buy, according to the opinions of many.

The diameter of the case is decently sized at 39mm, but thanks to the model’s thinness, the watch becomes very comfortable to wear and suitable for everyday use as well. It is recommended to combine it with elegant and fashionable clothing.

A gift box is provided with every purchase, making it ideal to be given as a gift for important events.

Women’s Black Watch – Daniel Wellington DW00100223

Women's black watch - Daniel Wellington DW00100223


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This is currently a very popular model, much appreciated in the fashion and style scenes. The black color of the strap – made of crocodile leather – matches that of the round, thinly-shaped dial, whose thickness comes in at 28mm.

It is particularly suitable for everyday use and with any dress or accessory worn – even for important occasions, thanks to the gold-colored hands and indexes that grant this model an elegant style.

Measuring in at 50 grams, its weight is among the lowest in the industry. The strap, which comes with a buckle closure, allows it to adapt to any wrist. Among its special features we must also note the water resistance.

White Women’s Watch – Swarvoski Graceful Lady 5295386

White Women’s Watch – Swarvoski Graceful Lady 5295386


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When we come across a Swarovski jewel or watch, the first thing we notice are the diamonds that distinguish them and the light they manage to emanate – so expect no less with this watch that they offer. The bezel is completely surrounded by 56 Swarovski crystals that brighten the whole case. The genuine white leather strap conforms to the rest of the watch, creating a model of absolute beauty.

It’s the ideal choice for those who want to be noticed, thanks to the size of the dial – a respectable 37mm – and the unique rose gold-plated steel case, which creates an excellent contrast with all the white.

If you are looking for a more classically alternative white watch without diamonds, you can find it by using the following link: Daniel Wellington DW0010024

Women’s Classy Watches – Omega PRESTIGE CO-AXIAL 424.



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If you are looking for a luxury or classy watch, this Omega Deville is definitely what you are looking for. The blue dial is very reminiscent of a starry night sky with its diamond-marked indexes. It uses Roman numerals to signal 6, 9, and 12 o’clock, all enclosed by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The mesh strap and the case are made of silver-colored stainless steel that perfectly matches the color of the dial. Among its main features, we must mention the calendar positioned at 3 o’clock and the Co-Axial 2500 automatic mechanical movement, which follows the tradition of Swiss watchmakers.

Ideal for important events or for those who want to be noticed in high-class environments.

Ladies’ Bracelet Watch – MAMONA L3877GT

Ladies bracelet watch - MAMONA L3877GT


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A model for those seeking not just a watch but a real jewel to wear. Indeed, this wristwatch is accompanied by 2 bracelets: one with mother-of-pearl inlays and a crystal, the other with an ivory enamel insert, each made entirely of stainless steel to guarantee their quality over time.

The dial is white, leaning towards a light gray shade, but you can also request it in other colors (you can find the appropriate links at the bottom). The strap, case, and bracelets are all made of stainless steel with white inserts.

Among its other features, we note water resistance, a scratch-resistant glass, and the crystals at inlaid at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock.

Particularly suitable for those who want to combine wrist jewelry and wristwatches of the same style, all in a single product.

Black color variant

Luxury Ladies’ Watches – Hamilton Mother-of-Pearl H24211852

Luxury ladies watches - Hamilton mother of pearl H24211852


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This luxury watch model is distinguished from all others by its unique and striking triangular shape. Even the color is not the most common; indeed, the color that has been used for this timepiece is mother-of-pearl.

The white strap is made of calf leather, which matches perfectly with the dial. Characterized by various details, the dial features indexes marked with crystals, as well as silver hands, making the dial very luminous.

Thanks to a particularly elegant style combined with a great level of comfort, it can be worn for any occasion, making it one of the best watches for women, and an ideal gift for women as well.

Women’s Fashion Watch – Daniel Wellington DW00100161

Women's fashion watches - Daniel Wellington DW00100161

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A watch particularly suitable for those who follow fashion trends, this model is indeed currently very much in vogue, sought after by young and trendy girls especially.

The dial is black, and round in shape – perfectly matched with the gold-colored mesh strap. The indexes are marked with notches, reached at in perpetuity by two hands that respectively count the hours and minutes. The brand crest is also clearly visible under 12 o’clock. This model also implements one of the most common features to women’s watches: thinness, measuring in at only 6mm.

Thanks to its elegant yet classic style, it can be easily combined with any item of clothing or accessory.

Women’s Stainless Steel Watch – Breil Classic Elegance EW0239

Women's stainless steel watches - Breil Classic Elegance EW0239


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A particularly elegant model made entirely of steel as far as both the case and the strap are concerned, it stands out for its lilac sun dial, with a knurled bezel very similar to the fine models of Rolex.

With a diameter of 32mm, the small dial makes this watch combinable with any additional accessory without detracting from personal comfort. The hands are luminescent, which makes for simple reading even in dark environments.

Among its various features, we point out the presence of a date window at 3 o’clock, which allows you to keep track of the day of the month in addition to the time of day.

Thanks to its very competitive price, all these features make it one of the best ladies’ watches in terms of the quality you get in relation to the cost. Absolutely recommended for those who want to spend little but at the same time want to wear a watch of excellent quality.

Ladies’ Large Watch – Marc Jacobs MBM1283

Ladies large watches - Marc Jacobs MBM1283


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A watch with significant dimensions, this model is clearly visible in any situation, and excellent for those who love watches with a large case.

It is particularly distinguished by the contrast between the white leather strap and the round, rose gold-colored dial. The dial has an original style, with the indexes to indicate the hours of the day split between regular notches and the letters M, A, R, C at 12 to 3 o’clock, all made in rose gold.

Despite the marked size, the weight is really contained, making it very comfortable for daily use. The brand of absolute elegance makes this watch ideal for women who like to wear stylish accessories that differ from the crowd.

Small Women’s Watch – Mondaine A658.30323.11SBP

Small woman watch - Mondaine A660.30314.11SBC


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A clock with a very simple design but that follows trends in the feminine world, its small size makes it comfortable to wear, and with its countless customizable straps in different colors, it is possible to change how it looks at any time.

The dial, made of steel, presents an excellent contrast of colors, making it easy to read at first sight despite its small size.

The strap made of leather instead of steel; very thin and customizable, it is suitable to wear with any look or accessory.

It is not among the cheapest models, but the price is justified by the quality of the materials used as well as by the Swiss manufacture that this brand has always been distinguished by.

Rectangular Women’s Watch – Pierre Cardin PC107212F11

Rectangular woman watch - Pierre Cardin PC107212F11


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For those in search of a more original design, surely you cannot fail to consider a watch with a rectangular shape. Indeed, this model stands out and earns an extra touch of class for its particular shape, ideal for those who want to create a fashion rather than follow one.

Upon a glance, one immediately notices the elegance of this watch designed by Maison Pierre Cardin. Its detailed black leather strap, pink gold case, and silver dial (with Roman numerals to indicate the hours) all combine in such a way as to create an accessory with a linear and classic shape.

In addition to the use of Roman numerals, the dial is also distinguished by the presence of a date window positioned at 6 o’clock to indicate the day of the month.

Ideal to wear or to give as a gift, thanks to the gift box included in the purchase.

Vintage Women’s Watch – Smith & Smoorcer Fisherman Vintage Viper Rouge F-1617-VIP-DC-19

vintage woman watches - Smith & Smoorcer Fisherman Vintage Viper Rouge F-1617-VIP-DC-19


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If you are a lover of retro or vintage style, this is probably the watch you should consider purchasing. Indeed, thanks to the particular color of the dial and the snakeskin strap, this model is effectively a watch that recalls the trends of an older millennium, when the characteristics that distinguish it were common features of the best models on the market.

The design is very classic in the way of the most common vintage watches. It features 2 hands to indicate hours and minutes, arranged on the yellow gold dial; the indexes are marked with notches, except for 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock, which are marked by Roman numerals.

The strap is certainly the element that jumps out the most to the naked eye. Indeed, the many variations found in its red color – a common feature in snake skins due to the scales – make this model’s design truly distinctive.

Women’s Colorful Watch – Swatch GS124

Women's colorful watches - Swatch GS124


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A model with particularly vivid colors both in terms of the dial and the strap, it’s ideal to wear with brightly-colored dresses or in very bright and warm environments. The first thing that probably comes to mind when looking at this watch is summer.

Unlike the models we have talked about so far, this model stands out for being made almost entirely of plastic – the ideal material for a light and comfortable watch.

The colors that make up this watch are many, laid out in a layered structure of shades. The strap and dial range from red to orange, purple, yellow, green, and blue,while the indexes and hands are colored white.

Its price is among the lowest, making it one of the top watches to buy.

Women’s Jewelry Watch – Breil B Snake TW1052

women's jewelery watch - Breil B Snake TW1052


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For those who want to wear not just a timepiece but a real jewel, you will probably find the features you are looking for in this model.

Indeed, we are talking about a bracelet watch that matches perfectly with elegant looks and at galas, ideal to wear with evening dresses of various kinds, or with simpler sleeveless dresses.

Its particular snake-shaped style makes it one of the most original timepieces ever – thanks as well to its mother-of-pearl dial surrounded by crystals. The strap, distinguished for its flexibility, can be adapted to any wrist by tightening or loosening it.

Between its design and price, this is an ideal watch to present at important occasions.

Cheap Female Watch – Nine West Floral Rose Goldtone

Cheap Female Watch - Nine West Floral Rose Goldtone


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If you are looking for a really cheap watch you can find the right compromise in this model.

We are talking about a really inexpensive watch – it costs around 30 dollars.

The design is particularly modern, ideal for those with a young soul and who want to wear a non-ordinary women’s watch.

The dial, 38mm in diameter, also makes it very comfortable to wear.

Women’s Large Dial Watch – Fossil – Cecile AM4481

Woman large dial watch - Fossil - Cecile AM4481


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A ladies’ watch with a large dial contained by a stainless steel case and strap, great for those who love well-marked and showy watches.

40mm in diameter, the case is composed of a silver-colored dial and a crowned bezel in stainless steel, featuring polished crystals that give a really bright touch to this model. Pay particular attention also to the style of the indexes, marked with Roman numerals, reached by 3 hands that respectively to signal seconds, minutes, and hours.

Among its other interesting features, we take note of the water resistance, allowing you to wear this watch in any situation.

Ideal for those who want a clearly visible and flashy watch, the purchase also includes a metal box with fossil designs.

Women’s Chronotech Watch – Alterego RW0074

Women's chronotech watch - Alterego RW0074


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If you are a lover of very particular designs, then this watch is the right model to wear. Indeed, this brand stands out for its specially unconventional shapes that distinguish it from all other watchmakers. Though the model pictured above is blue, it is indeed possible buy it in other colors, including red, black, and silver (and you can pair the silver model with either a leather strap or a steel strap).

The dial is heptagonally shaped, with indexes to indicate the hours – except for 6, 9, and 12 o’clock, which are displayed in Arabic numerals. The dial is also accompanied by a date window, to keep track of the day of the month.

As already stated, it is possible to choose the strap in different colors or materials, making it ideal for any style of clothing and occasion.

Its low price also makes it ideal for anyone’s pockets, allowing them to add a really interesting watch to their collection at a reasonable price.

Citizen Women’s Watch – L Eco Drive- EM0420-54D

Citizen Women's Watch - L Eco Drive- EM0420-54D

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Citizen is one of the most important brands in the women’s watch scene, and this model of theirs embodies beauty and quality at the same time. Indeed, the elegance and class of this model are immediately evident. The white Mother-of-Pearl dial matches perfectly with the silver-colored stainless steel strap.

The indexes and hands are also silver in color, making this model one of the most luminous and elegant around.

Among its most interesting features, we take note of the Eco-Drive automatic winding (infinite light charge) and the water resistance, which together make this watch one of the most innovative ever.

Women’s Citizen Watch – Super Titanium EW2210-53L

Women's citizen watch - Super Titanium EW2210-53L

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Another model of the Citizen house, differentiated by the materials with which it is made. Indeed unlike many other models, this one is made of titanium, making it simultaneously resistant and light.

Its blue ocean dial makes this model really elegant, but with its classic design, it is still perfect to wear in any circumstance.

In addition to the second, minute, and hour hands, the dial features a date window at 3 o’clock, all enclosed by a sapphire crystal which – together with the titanium strap – makes this watch practically indestructible.

Citizen also wanted to insert an Eco-Drive automatic winding movement in this model, and so it did.

Ideal for those who want to wear a high-quality watch without spending too much. Indeed, despite the fact that the price is not among the lowest, the features that distinguish it fully justify the cost.

Fashion Watch – Tommy Hilfiger Chrissy 1781517

Fashion watches - Tommy Hilfiger Chrissy 1781517

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A watch made by one of the most important fashion designers on the scene – we’re talking about Tommy Hilfiger, here. Right from the start, we take note of this model’s linearity and symmetry, making it one of the most beautiful watches in circulation.

The particular combination of colors in regard to the case and strap also help to make this timepiece truly original. Indeed, together, the white leather strap and gold-colored case allow it to be distinguished from all other models.

The movement is quartz for a precise measurement of time. Three hands are placed on the silver-colored dial to indicate seconds, minutes, and hours, all enclosed by a sapphire crystal.

Ideal for those who want to combine a watch with trendy clothes.

Expensive Ladies’ Watch – Philip Watch Caribe R8223597501

Expensive ladies watches - Philip Watch Caribe R8223597501

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A particularly expensive women’s watch, courtesy of the manufacturer behind this model. Unlike many of the other models of which we have spoken, this one uses an automatic mechanical movement, as opposed to the more common quartz. This allows it to be classified among the best classy female models.

The case size of 35mm makes it an ideal watch to be combined with any style or fit any wrist. The monochromatic silver color of the dial, case, and strap makes it adaptable to any situation or event.

Made in the home of watches – Switzerland – but with an all-Italian style, this model is one of the best affordable Italian watches.

Rose Gold Women’s Watch – Philip Watch Caribe R8253597520

Rose gold women's watch - Philip Watch Caribe R8253597520


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Another model by Philip Watch that stands out for its particular coloration: rose gold and chromatic brown.

The dial of this model is probably the best in the watchmaking industry in terms of design and beauty. The diamond-marked indexes on sticks make this model really showy and brilliant.

The combination of pink gold hands, a date display set at 3 o’clock, and the brand logo complete the dial, all enclosed by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

At first glance, the features of this model could make you think of its high cost, but in reality, considering the merits of this watch, the price is justified.

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Final Considerations

These are currently the best ladies watches to buy in 2019 . Just click on the buy button set below each image to be redirected to the best sites to buy ladies watches at advantageous costs – and in total safety thanks to free returns.

If you need the help or advice of an expert to determine which is the best watch for your look or style, all you have to do is send us a comment in the comments section below, or through the contact form you can find by clicking on the contact link at the bottom of the page.

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