The Best Swiss Watches To Buy – A Ranking

by luxwatch

One of the fundamental aspects to consider when deciding to buy a luxury watch is certainly the origin of the brand. The nation that best represents this sector is Switzerland; indeed, Swiss watches represent a large portion of the most famous and important luxury watch brands in the world.

Today, we are going to analyze the list of the best Swiss watches for men on the market based on quality / price. We will analyze both the cheaper and the more expensive and important ones; the components that distinguish their movement as mechanical, automatic, manual, or quartz; materials such as gold, steel, titanium, and ceramic; and complications that indicate moon phases, date, or day of the week.

Particular attention will also be paid to the price, and to the best sites to buy these watches on. Thus we have included – for each wristwatch – links to the best, most reliable sites where it is possible to safely buy the various models, allowing you to receive the one you want at home, with the potential to return it.

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Best Swiss Watch Rank

We have created this special list, with which you will be able to analyze watches for men that, relative to the price, can be excellent purchases. The ranking of Swiss watch brands is not in order of importance, but was carried out intending to analyze various models of various kinds, destined for different areas and situations. So, let’s analyze the first model of our special list:




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This model combines a classic and elegant style with new technologies. Indeed, in spite of its analog dial, inside we can find the most advanced technology of the modern era. The watch has the ability to connect with your smartphone, to keep track of your sleep intervals, and to monitor your walking and running activity – all hidden beneath its sober and classic style.

The leather strap is brown, in tandem with the style of the most common Swiss watches. Together with the rose gold-plated stainless steel case, that makes this model one of the most characteristic when it comes to the world of luxury watches.

The cost is among the best on the market, making it one of the top watches to buy for 2020 and beyond.

Frederique Constant Classics FC-225GT5B6

wrist watch Frederique Constant Geneve Classics 225gt5b6


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Another model from the prestigious Frederique Constant company, its characteristic carbon-colored dial immediately leaps out at first glance, granting this model a touch of masculinity for customers who want to convey an aura of safety.

The 40mm case is made of polished stainless steel, and enclosed by a sapphire crystal.
Among its best-known features, we point out: water resistance up to 5 ATM; the small dial placed at 3 o’clock to signal the day of the week and the month; and the black leather strap, which matches perfectly with the case of this minimalist watch.
With this watch, the parent company – a prestigious brand – intends to grant access to those who do not want to pay a large sum to buy a precious Swiss model. The price reflects that intention, making it accessible to anyone who wants to wear it.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic AI6008-SS002-330-1

Swiss steel watch Maurice Lacroix Aikon


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Maurice Lacroix is certainly one of the most prestigious brands when it comes to luxury watches, and in Swiss-made watches in particular. Indeed, the features that distinguish this brand are not lacking in this model.

Right from the start we take note of its massive body, with a case and strap both made entirely of stainless steel. The dial, with its black Tapisserie style bottom, creates a perfect contrast with the components that surround it.

Equipped with an automatic movement, this model can be compared to similar but much more expensive products by other brands, such as the Royal Oak of Audemars Piguet. Indeed, its cost is really doable, making this model one of the best Swiss watches to add to your collection.

Maurice Lacroix PONTOS DAY DATE PT6358-SS001-430-1

Maurice Lacroix PONTOS DAY DATE automatic Swiss watch


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This Swiss model comes with an automatic movement, and is an ideal wristwatch for those seeking class and bright colors. The light blue dial is reminiscent of the starry sky, after all. And thanks to its chromed indexes, this model is considered one of the most prestigious watches around by experts.

On the dial, a complication is located at 6 o’clock which reports the day of the month, while at 12 o’clock, a further complication works to signal the day of the week.

The model’s compact dimensions make it suitable to wear on any wrist, and for any event thanks to its 11mm thickness and 40mm diameter case. And lastly, the exquisite workmanship of black leather strap completes this model.


One of the most prestigious and historic brands when it comes to Swiss watches, and especially luxury watches, Zenith El Primero chronographs are recognized worldwide for having the best movements in the world. It was this brand that developed the first automatic chronograph.

The model we are showing off today is certainly one of the most famous, with its characteristic dial and skeletal elements that help to visualize the gears inside the case. It is equipped with various complications, including a primary chronograph with an interval of 12 hours, and two other, smaller ones with intervals of 30 minutes. The watch is made of stainless steel as far as the case is concerned, and of alligator leather as far as the strap is concerned. It is composed of 282 elements total. It can also be requested in different materials, such as gold, and with a different colored dial, garnering this Zenith appreciation from all over the world.

Victorinox Maverick 241697

male watch Victorinox Herren-Armbanduhr Maverick


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This model belongs to the Maverick collection of the Swiss house Victorinox, famous for its robust watches that are suitable for any situation. This watch in particular is distinguished by its robustness, thanks to the steel case’s massive 43mm diameter. The strap is made of steel as well.

It contains a Swiss-made quartz movement to keep track of time precisely, as well as the day of the month, located at 6 o’clock. And finally, there is a counting scale to keep track of the seconds on the unidirectional rotating bezel.

The water resistance of up to 100 meters / 328 feet, as well as anti-reflective sapphire crystal with triple anti-scratch coating, make it one of the watches most suited for extreme situations.

Victorinox Maverick Chronograph Black Edition 241786

Victorinox black watch 241786


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A model with a modern, fashionable style, its purely DARK black color makes it one of the most distinguishable watches around. If you are looking for one of the most unique models on the market, this one can do for you.

The case, made of a special black stainless steel alloy, is certainly the most prevalent, intriguing element. Despite the 43mm diameter case, this chronograph is really comfortable thanks to the leather strap, never leaving a marked impression of having worn a wristwatch.

We can find a lot of information on the dial, from the speedometer to the day of the month counter. It has the same scratch-resistant glass and water resistance up to 100 meters / 328 feet as the previous model.

Considering the quality and reliability of this timepiece, we can certainly say that the cost is among the best in its range.

Automatic Watch – TAG HEUER FORMULA 1 WAZ2011.BA0842



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A watch belonging to the famous and renowned brand TAG HEUER . With this model, they wanted to convey a sporting spirit, similar to the sport from which it is inspired: Formula 1, from which it also takes its name.

The case and the strap, made of polished and satin-finished steel, along with the indicators, make the model luminescent, guaranteeing a perfect reading in low light conditions. The automatic movement of this model, as well as its perfectly symmetrical lines, earn it a place among the most prestigious and desired watches. It’s adaptable to any circumstance of your daily routine.

Other particular characteristics that distinguish it are the complication at 3 o’clock, which allows to signal the day of the month, and the sapphire glass enclosing the anthracite dial.

The price is quite competitive by virtue of the characteristics that distinguish this watch. The blazon of the brand is certainly one that every fan should have in their collection.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAY111A.FT6151

Swiss watch rubber strap Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAY111A.FT6151


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If you are looking for a model with innovative features, you should probably take a look at this one. Among its most obvious features, we can see the strap made of rubber, a material that in recent times is increasingly becoming a point of favor when buying a timepiece.

Many brands are, in fact, preparing models with this special type of strap in their collections. It’s as resistant as steel, but much more comfortable when in contact with the wrist.

In addition to its special strap, we can also take note of a powerful water resistance of up to 300 meters / 984 feet making it suitable for diving professionals. With that kind of strength, it is projected among the best professional diving watches.

If you are often in contact with water but want a watch to wear every day under any circumstances, this is definitely the model that you should consider. It’s suitable for any age group, from the youngest to the oldest.

Longines HydroConquest L37404566

Longines L37404566

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When talking about the best Swiss watches, you cannot skip the historic Longines brand, and in particular its HydroConquest model. Packed with really interesting features, it is dedicated to those seeking elegance and usability at the same time.

The circular case perfectly joins with the 3-mesh steel strap. The very characteristic dial features indicators at 6, 9, and 12 in Arabic numerals; uniform circular indexes are used for the rest of the numbers. In addition to second, minute, and hour hands, we also find a window on the dial at 3 o’clock, which signals the day of the month. It’s all enclosed by a curved and anti-reflective glass, which optimizes visibility in any circumstance, no matter the lack of brightness.

Like many watches, this model boasts a characteristic water impermeability, making it usable in any circumstance.

Ideal to be bought and worn in everyday life, it is also available customized with a BLUE dial .

Longines Elegant Collection L49104122

Longines automatic mechanical watch L49104122


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Another Swiss watch by Longines , this one with a much more minimalist and elegant design. It features a black alligator leather strap and a sober white dial. Its thin hands indicate hours, minutes, and seconds, and an additional complication signals the day of the month at 3 o’clock.

Equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement, this model is one of the classiest to be found on the market.

Its linear design and the diameter of the contained case make it suitable for any look, event, or circumstance; it’s equally ideal to wear every day. Without a doubt one, this is of the best Swiss automatic watches when considering price / quality.

Oris Aquis 01 743 7673 4135-07 8 26 01PEB

Swiss luxury watch Oris Aquis Small Second


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An automatic watch of exquisite workmanship with an unmistakably contemporary style. It features an analogue dial and a background whose sea blue color is reminiscent of the seabed. It also has a black rotating bezel, which matches perfectly with the dial, and a silver-colored strap made of stainless steel.

This model, as you can guess from the name, belongs to a collection intended for enthusiasts of marine expeditions. Resistant to depths up to 500 meters / 1640 feet , this model is easily one of the top of its category.

Two additional complications – one to keep track of the seconds and one to keep track of the date – and a reserve charge of 38 hours conclude this magnificent example’s features.

For those in search of an ORIS wristwatch of exquisite workmanship, this model is without a doubt an excellent choice.

Rado Centrix Automatic R30941152

Rado Men's Centrix Swiss Automatic Watch R30941152


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The name Rado has always been a guarantee in terms of quality men’s watches, as evidenced by this Swiss-made model with an automatic movement. The brand’s timepiece designs are distinguished from all others by their different shapes and colors, as in the case of this watch’s strap, made with ceramic and stainless steel inserts.

The indexes are arranged through the same notches, making the dial sober and easy to read, with fluorescent elements for optimal viewing even in darker environments.

Thickness and diameter are in the average range, making it wearable for any wrist. Buying this watch means coming into possession of a model belonging to one of the most famous Swiss brands ever, making it one of the best purchases or gifts possible.

Rado Coupole Classic Automatic R22861115

Rado timepiece in leather R22861115 man


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Another model of the famous brand Rado , but with a more classic and elegant style. Said style is marked by its brown leather strap, perfectly round case, and thin hands that mark hours, minutes, and seconds with uniform indexes arranged on the beige dial.

An automatic mechanical movement of exquisite workmanship has also been prepared for this watch, made by Swiss standards to achieve high quality in the final product.

Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and water impermeability conclude the salient features of this model – which you can purchase at a very low price, making it one of the best cheaper luxury watches you can buy.

Baume Mercier Socks & Clifton 10112

Baume Mercier Socks & Clifton 10112

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A Swiss watch belonging to one of the most prestigious brands in the luxury watch scene – a special classification it earned for its beauty and value, making it one of the most expensive on our list of recommended watches.

The silver-colored dial in contrast with the black crocodile leather strap gives this timepiece an unmistakable style, positioning it among the most striking and requested watches.

Equipped with an automatic movement, it also features the GMT second timezone function, which allows you to keep track of a second timezone in addition to the current one. And there’s a further complication to report: the date window at 3 o’clock.

Recommended for those who want to start wearing an expensive Swiss watch to enter the elite of renowned watch owners.

Raymond Weil Toccata 5588-ST-50001

Raymond Weil 5588-ST-50001 Men's Watch


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This Raymond Weil model specimen is reserved for those who love a large diameter case that leaves the watch in plain sight. Made entirely of stainless steel with a mesh strap, it features a sea blue dial and an oval-shaped case.

Clean lines make it one of the most flexible of its kind, thanks to the perfect arrangement of the elements on the dial; the hands and indexes are the most beautiful found on the market. And courtesy of the blue satin background, good lighting reflects all the brightness of this specimen.

The quartz movement and the very low price (it can be purchased for much less than 1000 dollars) undoubtedly make it one of the most affordable and economical models in the panorama of Swiss watches, ideal for those who want to start wearing a model of high quality and a renowned brand.

Raymond Weil Freelancer Automatic 2770-ST-60021

Raymond Weil Freelancer Automatic 2770-ST-60021

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Another model belonging to the Raymond Weil brand, this one differs from the last for the greater complexity of the components that characterize it. The movement is mechanical with an automatic winding, ideal for those who want to wear watches of a certain class and with the most common characteristic when speaking of Swiss watches.

The dial and strap (with three links) are made of steel. The dial is characterized by 2 different colors, analogue displays that signal both the time and the date, and filiform indexes and hands, allowing a glimpse of the aesthetic qualities of the dial bottom. It is covered with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The width of the strap and the case are in the average range when talking about men’s watches, which make it adaptable to any individual or set of clothing. With a really affordable price for a watch with the qualities just listed, it rightly enters this ranking as one of the best cheap Swiss watches featuring high quality components.

EDOX Chrono Rally S 10229

Economic Swiss Watch EDOX 10229 - 3


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A wristwatch for those looking for a marked and robust model, thanks to the 44mm diameter case and the innumerable indications on the dial, including a chronograph and a date indicator.

Made entirely of steel, it immediately stands out for its ocean blue dial that makes it visible even from afar – ideal for those who want to be noticed. Unlike the diameter, the thickness of the case isn’t high, coming in at a comfortable 13mm.

The price is quite good, costing just over 500 dollars, which is entirely justified when considering the quality with which it was made.

Vintage Watch – Edox Les Bémonts 56001-37R-AIR

classic Swiss watch EDOX 56001 37R


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If you are looking for a vintage style watch, this is probably the right timepiece right for you. A feature that sets it apart is its slim design, which together with an average diameter make it a watch to wear in any circumstance. Over time, its design will never be out of style, making it a great long-term investment.

Like all comparable models, this model stands out for its round shape and very legible dial, which comes without any superfluous elements. The hands and date window are the only elements that mark the silver-colored dial.

The brown leather strap with buckle closure completes this item. Considering the quality with which it was made, it can be purchased at a very attractive price.

Certina DS Podium Chronograph Automatic

certina swiss sports watch


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Elegance and sportiness come together in this chronograph of Swiss brand Certina , making it one of the most innovative watches ever. Created with the aim of making one of the most indestructible models out there, it features systems such as impact resistance, ultra-resistant sapphire glass, a gasket on the crown, a seal on the shaft, and a reinforced case bottom.

Its black leather strap, measuring 20mm in diameter, makes it really comfortable to wear all day long. In addition, thanks to its ETA Swiss-made certified automatic movement, it is also possible to use it as a chronograph – a function present on the dial.

With the quality of the components in mind, the price is comparatively one of the best: little more than 500 dollars. That cost allows it to rightly enter our ranking of the best watches for quality / price.

Certina DS Action Chronograph

diving swiss watch


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A model intended for all lovers of sporting activities –and scuba diving in particular, thanks to its water resistance of up to 300 meters / 984 feet. It features multiple chronograph functions, such as the standard START – STOP, an ADD function (partial times), and a SPLIT function (intermediate times) to accurately measure any intermediate.

Entirely made of steel, it stands out for its sturdiness and for its fully black dial. Its also features a rotating bezel (also in black), covered with a scratch-resistant, ultra-robust sapphire crystal.

Its diameter and thickness are average relative to men’s watches of this series. An ideal purchase for those who want to start doing underwater activities more professionally but also want to be able to wear it in everyday life, which works well due to its standardized design.


Alpina Geneve Alpiner 4 Swiss Chronograph


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The history of Alpina is a long one; it’s a brand distinguished by many innovations over time. Today, it is considered one of the best watch brands for all intents and purposes. The models in its collection are many, but today we want to offer up the ALPINER 4 CHRONOGRAPH – which, for all intents and purposes, can be considered a Swiss army knife because of its innumerable functions and characteristics.

Unlike all the models we’ve already talked about, this chronograph features a compass as well as antimagnetic functions – which allows you to be immune to any external electromagnetic field that can alter the functions of the automatic mechanical movement – antishock capability, and waterproofing.

With a strap and case both made of steel, this model stands out for its consistent diameter of 44mm, which makes it ideal for all lovers of large watches that convey a sense of masculinity.

The price is not on the lower end of the spectrum, but it is absolutely justified by the components and features that characterize this watch. Other brands offer the same features at much higher costs.


Swiss pilot watch Alpina Geneve Startimer Pilot al-525s4s6


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A model for those looking for a more retro-style timepiece, it’s intended not just for aviation enthusiasts (for whom the product was initially conceived), but for people to wear in any circumstance, or in everyday life.

Very compact and very light, it features a dial that is clearly visible at first glance thanks to the nicely-sized numbering. Even at night or low light conditions, the brightness of the indexes help a lot.

Equipped with a high-quality automatic movement, it also has a window at 3 o’clock to indicate the date. And lastly, its leather strap gives it a classic and retro touch that makes the model fairly reminiscent of an aviator watch.

It sells at a rather low price considering the quality with which it was made – and at a lower price than similar models by other brands, such as those offered by IWC with the Pilot collection.

Fortis Aviatis Professional 705.21.11 LF.01

Aviator chronograph Fortis aviatis Aviatore Professional


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This model, offered by Swiss watch manufacturer Fortis, was designed in order to be reminiscent of aviator watches. It’s made with quality materials and the traditional components of luxury watches, such as a mechanical movement with automatic winding.

In addition to the hour, minute, and second hands – which, through well-highlighted indexes, improve readability even in extreme conditions – the black dial shows the date of the month and week at 3 o’clock.

It also features a chronograph function to measure intermediate times through indexes placed on the ends of the dial. And lastly, the black leather strap makes this model very comfortable and adaptable to any wrist.

Fortis Prontois Cockpit One 704.21.18 L.28

Swiss wrist watches Fortis aviatis Cockpit One 704.21.18 L.28


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A model similar to the previous one, but sold at a lower price and with only the most indispensable functions. It’s ideal for those who don’t want to give up on an aviator watch due steep prices.

The dial is very reminiscent of plane dashboard indicators, black and white with distinct indications for immediate reading. The strap differs from the previous one for its brown color, which makes it more flexible for everyday use and with clothing of any kind or style.

Among its features are a round 41mm case made of stainless steel, a scratch-resistant glass dial, an automatic movement, and a reserve charge of up to 38 hours. All these features make it one of the most interesting watches on the market, as does the really convenient price.

MIDO OCEAN STAR CAPTAIN V M026.430.37.051.00

waterproof watch MIDO MEN'S OCEAN STAR CAPTAIN V M026.430.37.051.00


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This model belongs to the Mido brand’s collection, intended for all lovers of the aquatic world. It is distinguished by the gold-colored case and the trendy rubber strap featured in the latest models of many other brands, such as the Daytona collection offered by Rolex.
This combination has made it one of the most requested watches in recent years, becoming an item of real fashion. If you are looking for a model that keeps pace with the times, this is certainly the ideal watch.

Equipped with an automatic movement, its dial is distinguished by its black color and gold-colored indexes and hands. It also has a date window at 3 o’clock in addition to the “automatic” inscription above the index indicating 6 o’clock.

Anti-reflective sapphire crystal and water resistance up to 20 bar conclude the salient features of this interesting model, which can be purchased at a very competitive price.


vintage Swiss watch MIDO m86004214 M8600.4.21.4


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If you consider yourself an elegant person with a style that is influenced by the past, then you should wear this infinitely classy Mido Baroncelli. Its indexes are marked with Roman numerals on a luminous silver-colored dial covered with a sapphire crystal.

Like any classy watch, it’s dimensions are quite small: a case of 38mm and a thickness of only 9mm make it comfortable to wear with any garment and for any eventuality.

Automatic mechanical movement keeps punctual time, effectively making this Swiss model a wristwatch of absolute value based on the price, which is really among the best on the market. You’d be making a real bargain by buying it and wearing it immediately.

Alternatively, you can opt for a more contemporary model by going for a Mido Baroncelli M86003104.


inexpensive Swiss watch Roamer


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A model belonging to Roamer – one of the most long-lived brands in regard to Swiss watches, dating back to 1888. Even today, this brand produces timepieces of absolute quality, earning a place among the best Swiss brands on the market today.

This model’s discounted price attracts immediately. It’s an offer that allows you to buy an absolute quality watch at a very competitive price, making it a real bargain.

It consists of various complications arranged on the dial, from a chronograph up to a complication that indicates the phases of the moon. The strap is made of black leather with a buckle closure, while the stainless steel case is distinguished by its 43 mm diameter, ideal for marking one’s masculinity.


Swiss watch Roamer with date indicator


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Another Swiss made watch for men from the Cartesian manufacture, among its strengths we note detailed indications on the dial, such as a chronograph and a date display at 4 o’clock in addition to the hands to indicate hours, minutes, and seconds.

The red color of the second hand is also characteristic, as most other models opt for a white-silver color. The case and dial are made of steel,which gives this chronograph an extra touch of presence.

The case has a diameter of 44mm, but its thickness of 10mm makes it comfortable when worn. It sells for one of the most competitive prices in the sector relative to the features that characterize it.

Economic Watch – Rotary Tradition GS90196 / 01

Rotary classic swiss made watch


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If you are looking for a timepiece of refined elegance and finesse, this model could be the right purchase, especially because of the really cheap price relative to the features that distinguish it.

The rose gold-plated, stainless steel case and the hands are the most characteristic elements that distinguish this watch. The white dial is covered with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, while the indexes are indicated by Roman numerals, giving a more classic touch.

The Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement allows you to keep track of hours, minutes, seconds, and even the date at 3 o’clock through a rectangular window. Finally, its impermeability to water allows you to keep it on your wrist in any circumstance.

Rotary Cambridge Chronograph GB05253-04

swiss made men's luxury watch


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Another model of the Rotary brand that differs in its sportier form compared to the more classic previous model, it’s ideal to wear for any purpose, event, or need.

Its diameter comes out to 42mm, making the dial clearly visible at first glance. On the black dial, we find a chronograph function in addition to the hands that signal the daily time. Between the 4 and 5 hour marks, there is a window made to display the date.

Ideal for anyone who wants to wear a fine watch but at the same time wants to pay a reasonable price.

Classic Watch – Eterna Vaughan Big Date Automatic

Eterna classic Swiss timepiece


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This model belongs to one of the most long-lived Swiss brands: Eterna. We’re talking about a brand that has always stood out among the panorama of quality timepieces, distinguished by its movements and watches.

Today we will analyze the Vaughan Big Date , a watch with classic lines made with a case of steel and a black strap made of high-quality leather.

The dial has a sober line with uniform indexes marked by notches, silver-colored pointed hands, and lastly, a date display in plain sight at 3 o’clock, all arranged in a uniform way so as to make this model a watch for classy men.

Ideal for those looking for a brand belonging to the niche sector of Swiss-made watches.

Luminox SENTRY 0200 SERIES

Luminox military watch


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A brand that differs from all others because of its target customers, Luminox models are intended for all sports, outdoor, and extreme activity enthusiasts, and are often used by military departments in missions that require high reliability in the execution of all temporal processes.

The other feature that differentiates them from other models is the high night visibility achieved through numerous fluorescent elements, from the hands to the numbers and indexes on the dial.

The case is made with a special compound called CARBONOX, which comes from carbon, making the model lighter and more resistant, indestructible even after strong impacts. The strap is made of rubber with a buckle closure.

It also has a water resistance of up to 100m, making it ideal for experienced divers. The price is – at last – really cheap, at only a few hundred euro. If you are looking for a military watch, this is definitely the one that you should buy.


prestigious Corum luxury watch


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If you are looking for something really rare, original compared to all the other watches, and a truly innovative design, then the timepiece we are going to analyze now may be the best choice.

Made by the prestigious Swiss watchmaker Corum , this model stands out immediately for the unorthodox dial, which provides a second timezone (smaller than the first). It is also possible to report the name of the city of the second time zone on the dial. The extremes of the dial can be changed out to announce whichever locations you want to set, allowing the dial to have a truly innovative style, ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Its movement is mechanical, self-winding like all respected luxury watches. While the case is made of titanium to make it robust and light at the same time, the rubber strap makes it a watch in step with the times, very popular with fans.

EBEL WAVE 1216341

EBEL WAVE 1216341

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Another centennial brand that belongs to the array of Swiss-made watches, this model for men – with sober forms – immediately reveals its characteristic style. Its strap is made of brown calf leather, synonymous with craftsmanship and painstaking work.

The dial, with a silver-colored bottom and bronze-colored indexes, reflects light strongly, making this watch really elegant. Among its other features, we can list its chronograph function and water resistance of up to 50 meters / 164 feet. It’s an ideal watch to wear both daily and for important events.

Eberhard & Co Scafograf GMT Data

Swiss watch Eberhard & Co scafograf GMT 41038.1 CAD


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This luxury watch has a sporty and masculine design thanks to its large case and steel strap – a must for the men’s sector, in which these characteristics are the most commonly sought after.

It has an automatic movement, and among its most important features we point out a triple timezone (to keep track of 3 different times) a bezel made of steel and ceramic, luminescent hands, and water impermeability.

The case back is screwed in, engraved with – in addition to the wording of the Eberhard & Co brand – the earth in a stylized format.

Eberhard & Co CHRONO 4

Eberhard & Co CHRONO 4 limited edition


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A model that closely follows the style that distinguishes the works of the Eberhard & Co brand, with 4 counters aligned on the dial, this is an automatic watch with a screw-down crown for the chronographic function.

The dial is very elaborate and distinctive, at 12 o’clock, we find a date window rather than the number 12.

The rubber strap gives this model a sporty soul, ideal for those who want to wear a watch in step with the times.


Tissot T0636371605700 - Traditional Swiss men's watch


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Tissot is certainly one of the most famous brands in general; we all almost certainly find ourselves in front of a Tissot at least once in our lives. But few know that this company has Swiss origins and roots, making it a brand of absolute value and prestige.

Today we want to talk to you about the Traditional Perpetual Calendar, a clock with a low cost but with peculiar characteristics. The perpetual calendar shows the day of the week, the day of the month, and the current month on the dial through different indicators. Everything is operated by a quartz movement of Swiss make.

A steel case, leather strap, and waterproof finish complete the features of this low-cost model.

Elegant Watch Tissot Chemin des Tourelles T0994071604800

Elegant Swiss watch Tissot Chemin des Tourelles T0994071604800


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Another model of the Swiss brand Tissot, but with a much more elegant style, as evidenced by the alligator leather strap and the ocean blue square.

Equipped with an automatic movement, this model projects itself highly in all respects in the world of luxury and prestige watches. Even so, the price is really ridiculous considering the quality that this timepiece presents itself with.

The indexes and the case are in silver-colored steel, with the indexes being in Roman numeration to provide this men’s model with a vintage touch. If you want to wear a Swiss watch, it is without a doubt one of the models that should be purchased immediately by virtue of the value for money.

Final Considerations

Well, now that you’ve seen the best Swiss watches you can buy, all you have to do is select the desired watch and buy it via the link provided. All the provided links refer to reliable online site that is safe from any problems, helping you to avoid coming across retailers who could resell fake watches or Swiss replicas.if you need help or are interested in buying a model of a high-quality Swiss watch, you can contact us directly via the contact form found through the link at the bottom of the page, entitled ” Contact us “ . Our team is at your disposal – free of charge – to advise you on the best way to do business with Swiss watches.

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