Citizen Eco-Drive: Light-powered watches

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Citizen Eco-Drives are distinguished from all other watches by their particular characteristics: they do not need batteries to function as classic quartz models do, and do not have mechanical mechanisms that need to be loaded.

Today we are going to analyze a list of the best Citizen Eco-Drive watches for men or women to buy. We will analyze the prices of both the cheaper and the more expensive ones, those characterized by features like radio-controlled time, and those made of super titanium (distinguished from steel by its sturdiness and lightness).

We will also analyze the most representative categories, from those intended for diving enthusiasts to aviator or hiking enthusiasts, reviewing and expressing an opinion on the best aspects of each individual model.

But before analyzing the list of the most interesting models currently on offer, we need to understand what the Citizen Eco-Drive system is.

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What is the Citizen Eco-Drive system?

As already stated, the unique characteristic of these models is the absence of classic batteries. Therefore, operation takes place through another source of energy: in particular, both natural (sun) and artificial light.

The mechanism is very similar to solar panels that convert light into electricity. Once it is generated, electricity is stored in special internal batteries that allow the autonomy of the clock, even for months and years in the absence of light.

Considering that, by nature, man is always in contact with natural or artificial light, it can be said that these watches have unlimited autonomy. So, it will not be necessary to follow the instructions of standard models that say to change the batteries, making Citizen Eco-Drives environmentally-friendly.

Best Citizen Eco-Drive ranking

Below you can find a list of the best solar-powered Citizen Eco-Drive watches, with various features to fulfill your needs. You will find links to the best sites to buy each individual model, based on both price and reliability. But let’s see the complete list now, starting with the first model.

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster

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The first watch we will analyze in the catalog of Citizen Eco-Drive models is the BN0200-56E, made for all lovers of professional diver watches with an ISO 6425 certification. This product is characterized by its excellent water pressure resistance – up to a depth of 200 meters / 656 feet – making it a model also intended for professionals in the sector.

The case and strap are in silver-colored, made in titanium and Aluminium, while the black dial features an silver hands and the date at 3 o’clock. Indexes and hands also glow in the dark, making this model’s readability quite good in any circumstance. Another important feature of this model is the unidirectional rotating bezel.

The cost is among the best on the market by virtue of the features that distinguish it, ideal for those looking for a sports model to wear every day, but also in extreme conditions.

Citizen Promaster Diver Eco-Drive Rubber Strap

Citizen Promaster Diver Eco Drive Rubber strap BN0150-10E


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A model characterized by its polyurethane strap, this one is ideal for those seeking greater comfort and a less marked weight. The dial is similar to the previous model, but the round case is made of steel with a black bezel, and the bottom and crown are instead tightened with screws. It’s a wristwatch ideally worn by a man by virtue of the diameter of the case, which is around 44mm.

The glass that covers the dial is made of a resistant mineral and has excellent visibility. It currently costs less than 200 dollars, a price that makes this model an excellent and opportune purchase.

Citizen Chrono Pilot Super Titanium AS4050-51E

Citizen Chrono Pilot Super Titanium AS4050-51E


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As you can guess from the name, this model is characterized by the material with which it was made: super titanium, a material harder than standard titanium but much lighter than steel. This makes it an indestructible and durable wristwatch over time thanks to the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

In addition to the materials, this model is also characterized by its innumerable functionalities, starting with the radio-controlled timetable, which allows you to receive the precise time via radio waves. This means that you will never have to set the time manually or check if it is correct, in as much as the time displayed is related to an atomic clock. This, together with the Eco-Drive system, makes it perfectly autonomous forever.

Other features we can find on the dial are dual time zone (GMT) functionality and a perpetual calendar. The current price on offer makes it a great buy.

Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono CA0700-86E

Citizen Eco Drive Chrono CA0700-86E


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With its rounded case aligned with the strap, this model has an innovative and elegant design. Despite that, the price is really low. The super titanium case and strap, the chronograph on the black dial, and the sapphire glass are all included among this model’s features. All this at a cost quite below average, compared to other brands’ models with the same characteristics.

Like all the models already mentioned, it has a solar charge Eco-Drive function with 8 months’ worth of reserve power. If you are looking for a sports watch that is simultaneously elegant, this model is certainly the best one to refer to among the various choices.

Citizen Eco-Drive Man

Citizen eco drive man


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A men’s Citizen watch with simple lines and a beige leather strap, suitable to wear with a casual look, this model is ideal for everyday wear.

On the dial, we find different functions, from the chronograph to the date display at 3 o’clock. The look of the dial is vintage, with a white background and well-marked black indications for optimal visibility.

Among this timepiece’s features: the glass of the dial is made of minerals, excellent for resisting shocks or wear; the tachometer bezel is black and well marked, as in most men’s watches; the bottom is screwed in; there’s the Eco-Drive system; and there is water resistance up to 10 bar.

The price of this Citizen Of Collection Crono 0641 is quite inexpensive compared to other models in the collection, which makes it one of the best wristwatches to buy.

Citizen Eco-Drive Thin

Citizen Eco-Drive Thin


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Citizen Eco-Drive models are distinguished by a peculiar feature compared to all other watches – namely, we’re talking about their ultra flatness. In fact, this model’s thickness is not even 4.7mm! Yes, you understood that correctly: these models are very similar to a coin. Despite the few millimeters’ size, this model incorporates features such as the Eco-Drive system for light charging, sapphire crystal, and water impermeability, making it ideal for diving enthusiasts.

The strap is in black leather, giving the watch an elegant design that makes it ideal to wear even with elegant clothes. The case is made of steel , which makes it light and resistant.

If you are looking for a watch that does not go unnoticed, this timepiece is the best option according to expert opinions.

Citizen Aviator Eco-Drive AW1360-12H

Citizen Aviator Eco Drive AW1360-12H aviator

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A model intended for all aviator watch enthusiasts. The dial is monochromatic with well-marked numerals and indexes for excellent visibility in all circumstances, the case is in steel while the strap is in brown leather, and the diameter is 45mm as per tradition for these types of models.

It’s a purely masculine watch with its black dial and orange hour hand. The numbering on the dial is arranged so that the seconds count is in the foreground. In addition, there is a date display with a multiple box design.

It can be worn in any circumstance and with any outfit thanks to its classic lines. The price is really cheap, making it one of the most affordable aviator timepieces.

Citizen Eco-Drive BN0190-07E Diver’s Watch

Citizen Eco Drive BN0190-07E diver's watch


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A modern-style Citizen with a rubber strap for optimal comfort even in marine environments, this watch has water resistance up to 200 meters / 656 feet. This model is intended for all lovers of diver watches, consisting of various features such as a unidirectional rotating bezel chronograph and a date display at 3 o’clock.

The case is made of steel, and the dial, with its shimmering dark tone, makes this model sporty but elegant at the same time. The hands as well as the numbers are bright in dark environments, as in the case of the depths of the sea.

The price is in line with the quality of the materials with which it was made. It’s ideal for a youthful style thanks to the rubber strap, making it similar to men’s watches currently in vogue.

Citizen Eco-Drive Black

Citizen Eco Drive black


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A masculine watch with dark tones and a very complex dial similar to the control panel of an airplane. Among its functions are included the radio-controlled timetable, dual time zone (GMT) functionality, an alarm, a chronograph, and a perpetual calendar.

The case is in black stainless steel, while the strap is in black leather. At the side of the case – at 8 o’clock – we find the screw-down crown which allows the bezel to be turned bidirectionally.

Water pressure resistance, sapphire crystal, and the Eco-Drive winding system are the other elements included with this men’s watch. It’s recommended for all aviator watch lovers who prefer a large dial; this one is 45mm, to be precise.

Citizen Eco-Drive Military BU2035-05E Military Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Military BU2035-05E Military Watch


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A military Citizen watch, with sober lines and monochromatic colors. The 43mm analogue dial is black, with very large numbering the color of green vegetation, and the hands are white and large. All this makes readability instantaneous and very visible from a distance, as it should be for a military watch.

Dating the day and month completes the features present on the dial. The glass that covers it is scratch-proof, it is impermeable in water, and consists of a fabric strap that allows it to adapt to any type of wrist thanks to the buckle closure .

If you have extreme activities or excursions in mind, this model is the best you can choose from Citizen options.

Citizen Men’s Watch Eco-Drive AT4010-50E

Citizen Men's Watch Eco-Drive AT4010-50E


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This Citizen product features a classic titanium case and strap, a combination very much appreciated in the men’s watch sector. The black bezel makes this model similar to some of its more famous brethren, like the Rolex Submariner or the Omega Seamaster.

It is ideal for professional diving thanks to a water resistance of up to 200 meters / 656 feet.

The dial is sober, with a black background and white hands. The two contrasting colors make it very easy to read even in low light environments thanks to luminescent indicators.

The cost is fairly low, making it an excellent purchase, or even a gift thanks to the simplicity of its lines, which make it adaptable to any style of the wearer.

Citizen Satellite Wave Eco-Drive

Citizen Satellite Wave Eco drive

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A model for those looking for a timepiece with infinite functionality, the Wave Eco-Drive is quite unlike other model. It receives the time by signalling a satellite system, hence the apt name that it was given. In addition to the time, the signal also receives the position of the clock. It thus manages to change the time automatically, aligning the hands according to the place where it is located. Therefore you get the local time, but it also happens for the date.

Aesthetically speaking, its robustness is immediately evident, with a super titanium case and strap, along with the scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

The 47mm dial allows for the display of various indicators, such as a chronograph, dual time zone functionality, a brightness-level indicator to help understand the place where the Eco-Drive system absorbs light best, a perpetual calendar, and an alarm clock.

The charge of this model is among the highest, with a duration of 1 and a half years, and even 5 years if you are in energy-saving mode.

Taking into account the dimensions and all the features that it has, the weight is really low. This makes it wearable for even a whole day, weighing down on the wrist minimally.

The price is over 1,000 dollars, but that’s justified by the countless features that distinguish this watch.

Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled H800

Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled H800


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The radio-controlled Citizen H800 watch is a model with a sporty style that, with its ocean blue dial, manages to be elegant at the same time. Both the strap and the 42mm case are made of super titanium to give it a robust shape and style.

The black bezel is engraved with the initials of the most important cities in the world. Thanks to the 5-channel Eco-Drive system, it receives the correct time of 26 cities located on different continents, which makes it excellent for those who travel often and want to have all the time zones of the world within reach.

The dial, covered with a sapphire crystal, consists of a chronograph and a date display at 6 o’clock and 3 o’clock respectively.

It’s an ideal watch to wear every day with any outfit. You should also consider the Citizen H804 model with black dial.

Citizen Radio Controlled – The Pilot BY0120-54E

Citizen Radio Controlled – The Pilot BY0120-54E


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Another radio-controlled model with a sporty design, this one has a slightly larger case diameter – a respectable 45mm. It comes with a very elaborate dial thanks to its innumerable features.

The bidirectional revolving bezel lays out 26 times in different cities around the world.

A chronograph, double alarm, Eco-Drive system, sapphire crystal, and super titanium conclude the most important features of this youthful-style model.

If you are looking for a model with a more recent and adaptable design, this one could be considered the best choice thanks to the price currently on offer.

Citizen Eco-Drive Lady

Citizen Eco drive Lady

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The Citizen Lady is intended for women’s wrists. The sober and classic lines of this feminine watch make it ideal for both young girls and adult women.

The diameter of the case is 34mm, ideal for small wrists. The materials used in this model are super titanium for the case and strap, and platinum for the inserts that make this model more precious and showy.

Thanks to the materials used, this timepiece has a really low weight – just over 50 grams – which makes it very comfortable. After a while, you might even forget that you’re wearing it.

The silver-colored hands are elongated, and their triangular shape adds a touch of class to the whole dial.

The price is among the best thanks to the materials used and the quality with which it was made. We recommend the purchase to all women who are looking for a brand and a design that never get old, or as an ideal gift to be given to a woman.

Citizen Eco-Drive Woman

Citizen Eco-Drive Woman


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Thanks to its small case – about 26mm – this comfortable model is non-invasive and easy to combine with any other accessory.

The shape of the case is round, and the white dial makes the watch combinable with any outfit. The mesh steel strap is made so that it can be placed according to the size of the wrist; the buckle closure also allows it to be worn easily.

The case is quite thin, coming in at 9mm. Despite this, the model contains several features, such as a calendar showing the day of the week and of the month, the Eco-Drive system, and a resistance to water that makes it wearable in situations in which you find yourself in contact with water.

The cost is accessible, and thanks to its distinguishable quality, it can be an excellent purchase or gift.

Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph

Citizen eco drive cronografo


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An Eco-Drive watch for all fans of the chronograph function. With its black unidirectional rotating bezel, steel case and strap, and black dial, the model’s style is that of the most sporting watches on the market.

The indexes and the notches are well marked on the dial, granting excellent visibility in situations in which it would otherwise be poor. On the dial, the words “Diver’s 200m” can be found in orange, which indicates the depth that this watch can reach in aquatic environments. This makes it a professional diving wristwatch, one that can keep track of dive time thanks to the chronograph. The Eco-Drive function is available in this model as well, with a power reserve of up to 180 days.

The cost is among the lowest on the market, which makes it an excellent purchase.

Citizen Aqualand Eco-Drive

Citizen Aqualand Eco-Drive

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If you are looking for a diver watch for professional dives, surely the Aqualand Eco-Drive Promaster model is the one that you should buy. This model integrates really interesting features, such as a depth gauge that memorizes maximum depth reached, as well as an alarm to avoid rapid ascents that can endanger the individual.

The design is really futuristic compared to the models of other brands, making it a flashy watch that can also be used for special occasions. The strap is made of polyurethane, which makes it comfortable when worn, while the case is finished and plated with gold.

We recommend the purchase for those who want a watch with an innovative design and countless features.

Elegant and Classic Citizen

Elegant Classic Citizen

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If you are looking for an elegant Citizen watch that you can wear with tasteful clothing, for important occasions, or are simply a lover of elegant watches, the Citizen Stiletto AR1133-15H is certainly one of the models to consider.

Its slim and perfectly round case stands out due to its chromatic gold color and classic design, combined with a soft brown leather strap for marked comfort.

The black dial has ripples that give it a different style from all other watches, with pointed hands and notched indexes – except for the numbers 12 and 6, which are set in Roman numerals.

Sapphire crystal, the Eco-Drive system, and waterproofing conclude the features of this model, which is currently on offer at a very attractive price.

Citizen Urban BM8476-23EE

Citizen urban BM8476-23EE

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If you are looking for a watch with a design that follows the urban style of cities, this model is the best among those offered by Citizen.

The design is minimalist. The indications on the black dial are imprinted in very large characters, which make it easy to read and also ideal to be worn by younger people. The strap is made of nylon with visible stitching – a touch of naturalness and ergonomics that often characterizes these models. The strap is colored beige, but by replacing it you can use any color that matches your style.

The 42mm dial is average for a male watch, which makes it adaptable to any wrist without compromising comfort.

Equipped with a day and month date window at 3 o’clock, this model also features the Eco-Drive system, used to recharge it in the sun or in the light, making it a watch adaptable to nature.

Citizen Altichron BN4044-15E

Citizen altichron BN4044-15E

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If you are a lover of hiking in the mountains, the Citizen Altichron is the best model of its kind. The features that distinguish it are truly countless, including an analogue altimeter, a compass, and a date window at 3 o’clock in addition to the standard time indication.

The strap is made of polyurethane, which makes the watch really comfortable while at the same time keeping it firmly on the wrist. It also reduces the overall weight of the watch.

The dial is characterized by innumerable indications, marked with Arabic numerals as well as the classic analogue system. Despite all this, reading it is simple.

The dial is enclosed by a scratch-resistant mineral glass with anti-reflective coating. In regards to its impermeability, it can withstand up to 20 bar, making it ideal for underwater excursions.

The novelties enclosed in addition to the price on offer make this model an excellent purchase, something to wear every day thanks to its sporty design.

Citizen Vintage

Citizen Vintage

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A classic-style watch whose name is inspired by its primary characteristic, namely the thickness of the case, estimated at just 9mm.

Despite its vintage and sober appearance, this model still integrates the Eco-Drive system, which makes it a futuristic watch in all respects in spite of its classic and retro look.

The dial is simply characterized by 3 hands, all on a white background.

The silver-colored, chromatically reflective case makes this model really elegant thanks to the black leather strap.

If you are looking for a watch that will never go out of fashion, this model is recommended according to the opinions of many experts.

Citizen eco drive skyhawk

Citizen eco drive skyhawk

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A men’s watch for those looking for a mix of sport and functionality, it’s ideal to wear for any occasion thanks to its design, adaptable to any outfit. You can immediately see its very detailed dial with various indications, such as the date windows which keep track of the day of the month.

There are numerous features, such as the Eco-Drive system, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, water resistance up to 20 bar, a steel strap, and a 42mm stainless steel case, making this model one of the most interesting timepieces in the citizen collection.

The price is currently discounted at less than 200 dollars, which makes it one of the most interesting and ideal watches to buy or give as a present, considering the quality / price ratio.

Citizen WR 200

Citizen wr 200 1003-jy8020-52e

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The radio-controlled Citizen WR 200 JY8020-52E stands out from all other models due to its analogue and digital dial. In addition to the classic hands to indicate the hours, minutes, and seconds, it also has 2 small digital displays arranged at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

The integrated functions are legion. Starting with the Eco-Drive system with a power reserve of up to 180 days, we continue with a radio-controlled timetable which can receive the time from 5 continents and 43 cities, a stopwatch, a double alarm, a countdown, a perpetual calendar, and dial lighting.

All this at a cost of less than 500 dollars, a price further justified by the materials with which it was made – we’re talking about super titanium both for the dial and for the mesh strap that make it light and sturdy. Moreover, it has a resistance to water up to 200 meters / 656 feet, making it ideal for professional divers.

Citizen Eco Drive perpetual calendar

Citizen Eco Drive perpetual calendar

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The Citizen Eco Drive perpetual calendar watch, whose classic style is simultaneously elegant, is ideal to wear every day thanks to its comfortable black leather strap.

The 42mm case is round in shape, made of silver-colored steel that matches perfectly with the color of the strap. In addition to the classic time system, we also find a chronograph and a perpetual calendar on the dial.

Sapphire crystal, waterproofing up to 200 meters / 656 feet, and the Eco-Drive system project this model to the top of the range.

Citizen Eco drive chronograph wr100

citizen eco drive chronograph wr100

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If you are looking for a sports watch, the citizen eco drive chronograph wr100 model could be one of the best options. Its design is compact, the strap and case conforming perfectly. And thanks to the material with which it was made , it is light and durable.

The seconds hand is red, made even easier to read thanks to the edges of the dial, where the seconds are signaled.

At 4 o’clock we find a date window, while at 8 o’clock we find the words “chronograph wr100”. The price is on the average side of the models in this collection, which makes it a great buy.

Opinion and review

We have analyzed many models belonging to this collection made by Citizen in detail, a brand that has always been characterized a history of quality; together with Seiko, it is one of the most important Japanese brands in the world. Their products’ countless features make them ideal for those who are searching for a watch with much more than just a timepiece function. If you love technology, you cannot miss this technological gift.

Their designs are extremely varied thanks to a catalog of different models. You can choose between sports, aviator, excursion, or diving enthusiast watches, so it is difficult to find a model that does not meet your needs.

Price is certainly an element to be taken into account in the purchase phase, but with Citizen models, the costs are in line with the materials and technologies used. This makes them excellent products for quality / price, and it’s difficult to find defects in these models.

You can buy a model and forget to set the time or change the battery; once worn, they will live their own life on your wrist.

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