The 36 Best Military Watches to Buy

by luxwatch

Military watches are special models that can impress fans with numerous characteristics. For example, such watches are generally suitable for men who love to experience the thrill of adventure and excursions into challenging environments.

Not surprisingly, the best military watches are the ones that stand out thanks to special features, such as resistance, protection and longevity. In addition, these models also have special features, such as Bluetooth connection, shockproof case, anti-scratch glass, GPS or compass.

In the list below you can find the best military watches on the market, including American, German, Russian and diving watches. The models are made with materials such as stainless steel and resin and have been launched on the market by the best brands in the industry such as Citizen, Seiko, Luminox and Timex. Remember that for each watch, a link will be provided that will refer you to the best safe and reliable e-commerce site for you to buy in total safety.


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List of the Best Military Watches to Buy

So here are the best military watches on the market, accessories that should not be missing in your collection if you consider yourself a practical man and dedicated to action!


Automatic Military Watches

automatic military watches

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Among the automatic military watches, there is a model that stands out for style and elegance: the Seiko 5 with a fabric strap. This timepiece has aesthetically fantastic elements, such as a round green dial. At the same time, the fabric strap is also green in color, slightly lighter and very comfortable.

The indices and white numerals that rise on the dial are clear to see, and picked out in the smallest details. A date window at 3 o’clock is very practical, capable of always showing the precise date and day of the week.

The movement of the watch is automatic while the case has a diameter of 37 millimeters and is made of steel, a resistant and light material.


Military Sub Watches

military watches sub

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Military diving watches are a special category that also works when exploring the depths of the sea. The MWC Depthmaster is a fabulous men’s model that allows you to do just that, with extraordinary results.

In fact, the watch is able to withstand up to 100 bar of depth – ideal for those who have an adventurous and ambitious military spirit. Note how this special model also has a strap wider than the standard 24 millimeters, which is capable of being comfortable and resistant at the same time.

The case of this MWC timepiece is made of stainless steel, able to protect the watch even in extreme conditions. Also noteworthy is the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that fits perfectly to the round dial, and is decorated with luminescent indexes and numerals.


Diving Military Watches

diving military watches

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The Citizen BN0150-10E is one of the best military diving watches that can be found on the market. From an aesthetic point of view, this men’s watch has an enviable design, with a continuous contrast of black and silver tones.

The dial is round, with a black background, covered with hands, indexes and numbers capable of lighting up in the dark. At 4 o’clock, there are two practical and decorative elements, namely a date window and the silver-colored crown.

From an underwater performance point of view, this watch is capable of withstanding up to 20 bar of depth. Moreover, this Citizen is really cheap, since its price is close to 200 dollars


American Military Watches

American military watches

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The best American military watches are a real must for those who love such models. The Luminox Sea Turtle Giant fully falls into this category thanks to several features that make it different from all other models.

The timepiece has a robust and resistant design, thanks to the large case that protects against bumps and scratches. At the same time, the longevity of the watch is ensured by the hardened crystal mineral glass, which is impossible to scratch.

The Luminox Sea Turtle Giant weighs about 100 grams but does not weigh on the wrist – indeed it is quite comfortable to wear. You will also be able to use this watch in water, since it is capable of withstanding depths of up to 10 bar.


German Military Watches

German Military Watches


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When talking about models belonging to this special category, it is necessary to mention the German military watches. Among these, a timepiece that manages to excel thanks to its characteristics is the KHS Tactical.

This men’s watch is very comfortable to wear, thanks to a practical and handy fabric strap. The fabric will not create any problems in contact with the skin, even over prolonged periods of time, and can be closed with a fantastic buckle. Even the case with a diameter of about 45,5mm millimeters will enhance its comfort and at the same time ensure protection to the watch, thanks to the stainless steel that covers it.

If you want to get a military automatic watch at a really advantageous cost, you have to focus on this model, since its price is just over 500 dollars.


Russian Military Watches

Russian military watches

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The Vostok Komandirskie with reference 2414A / 431307 is one of the most coveted Russian military watches ever. In fact, this timepiece perfectly reflects the models of the official supplier of the Department of Defense of the Soviet Union. Indeed, the design of this watch can blow your mind.

The dial is round with a green background while the indexes are white. In addition, at 12 o’clock, a red star with silver colors rises majestically – a historical symbol of the Soviet Union. At 3 o’clock it is also possible to find a nice date window capable of providing the precise date.

The movement of this timepiece is mechanical with manual winding 2414A with 17 jewels, while the hands are silver and luminous.


Men’s Military Watch

men's military watch

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The best Timex men’s military watch has original features both from the point of view of design and from the point of view of functionality. For example, although most men’s military watches differ in their monotonous hues, this model focuses on more vibrant colors.

On the dial, there are numbers to indicate the seconds as well as the hours in fluorescent yellow – very beautiful to see. The case has a diameter of 40 millimeters and is of a silver metal color. It is made of steel, capable of withstanding shocks of any intensity.

Swiss Military Watches

Swiss military watches

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Swiss military watches always manage to distinguish themselves thanks to their efficiency, but above all thanks to the distinctive features they offer to those who use them. The Victorinox with reference 241776 is one of these models and is capable of taking the breath away of anyone who looks at it.

This Swiss watch has a sensational magnetic round black dial with white and red numerals and indexes. The strap is in woven fabric, a particular technique that makes this element resistant and incredibly comfortable.

In addition, this men’s wristwatch can also be used for scuba diving, since it can withstand depths of up to 20 bar. It is definitely a model that cannot be missing in your enthusiast collection!


Vintage Military Watches

vintage military watches

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The Vostok Amphibian is a fabulous model belonging to the category of the best vintage military watches. What strikes you at first about this timepiece is its splendid design, which is bewitching thanks to its lively silver colors.

In addition, the bracelet of the watch is fabulous, made of stainless steel – the same material that also covers the case with a diameter of 41 millimeters. The wristwatch works with a mechanical movement with manual winding and is capable of lasting no less than 36 hours.

This watch, produced by the Russian brand, also has an impact-resistant anti-shock balance as well as a rotating graduated bezel. The price of the model is just over 100 dollars, a real bargain for those who want to get a well-made military watch.


Indestructible Military Watches

indestructible military watches

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The Casio G-Shock Mudmaster with reference GG-1000-1A5 belongs to the special category of indestructible military watches. The impervious nature of this watch is due to the fabulous case, with an incredibly robust design, and is resistant to practically any impact and even dirt.

This timepiece is a true multi-tasking accessory as it has functions such as a thermometer, stopwatch, timer, alarm, date and adjustable time zone. In the lateral areas of the case there are several buttons to take advantage of the functions, while at 3 o’clock there is an elegant silver crown.

The strap of the Casio G-Shock watch is made of resin, and is very resistant and practical, thanks to a fabulous buckle closure. Also noteworthy is how the hands of the watch light up in the dark, making the dial always visible


Famous Military Watches

famous military watches - best sellers

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Among the military watches is the Suunto Core Sport model which has some really interesting features. For one thing, this wristwatch is very durable and can be used almost anywhere. Furthermore, it is a high-tech timepiece, sporting a phenomenal display.

Furthermore, this watch also possesses multiple functions that are incredibly useful for those who love adventure and hiking. These include a barometric altitude measurement, alarm clock, altitude measurement, compass and depth gauge for diving.

Despite all these functions, the watch is extremely cheap, perhaps the most affordable of the best-selling watches, since its price comes close to 150 dollars, representing a full-blown bargain.


Italian Military Watches Panerai

Italian Military Watches


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Italian military watches always have their irresistible charm and can be distinguished from other models by their elegance and refinement. A model that fully reflects these characteristics is the Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech. The round dial is black in color and is incredibly charming thanks to the gold decorations of the indexes and numbers.

The strap is made of Caoutchouc, an extremely comfortable material that does not create discomfort and adapts perfectly to anyone who uses it, thanks to its 20 mm width. As for the case, its diameter is 47 millimeters and is entirely covered with stainless steel.

The movement of the watch is automatic– precise and constant, it will satisfy the needs of any enthusiast.


Military watches G shock

Military watches G shock


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The best Military G shock watches are real accessories that every enthusiast should have in their collection. This men’s wristwatch implements a precise quartz movement.

The case is incredibly resistant, as it is made of Resin, a material that is able to withstand shocks and violent contact with surfaces. Resistance is also ensured by the hardness mineral glass that covers the squaredial.

This military watch can also be used in water, since it is capable of withstanding depths up to 20 bar.


Russian Military Watches – Poljot

Russian Military Watches – Poljot


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Poljot Russian military watches are incredible in many ways. In particular, the Raketa Fighter model with reference 2609 manages to charm thanks to its round black dial and bright white numbers and indexes.

The case of the timepiece is made of stainless steel, capable of withstanding impacts over time, without presenting problems. The strap of this model, which belongs among the best men’s watches, is in black leather.

At 3 o’clock on the side of the case there is a very practical silver crown that can be used to be able to adjust the setup of the hands.


Military Watches

military watches

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The Orient Sports Field Defender watch is a model that falls into the category of military watches with a compact and resistant design. The face of the watch is full of elements such as the Orient logo at 2 o’clock that stands out against the black background.

Also very distinctive is the sub-dial that works in addition to the date window at 3 o’clock, since it is able to indicate the day of the week. Indices and numbers on the dial are white and are able to light up in the dark, allowing anyone to see the time in any situation, even in low light environments.

This special model, certainly one of the best military watches around, also has a power reserve of over 40 hours and a splendid screw-down crown.


Navy Seals Military Watches

navy seals military watches

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This special Luminox model is unanimously recognized among enthusiasts as one of the best Navy Seals military watches. This timepiece manages to fascinate anyone who can lay eyes on its design. Firstly, it is exceptional to note the contrast of black and silver patterns that mix with each other both on the strap and on the dial and bezel.

The watch works with a Swiss-made quartz movement which makes it incredibly accurate. The case is made of steel, ensures wonderful protection, and has a diameter of 44 millimeters.

This watch should not be missing in the collection of those who adore military life, since it can also be used in the most rugged situations, and even underwater up to a depth of 20 bar.


Tactical Military Watches

tactical military watches

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Tactical military watches are snapped up by enthusiasts because they are able to offer multiple functions in a simple and immediate way. A perfect example of this category is the Casio G-Shock model. First of all, you should know that this watch can be connected to your mobile device via a Bluetooth connection, and various functions can be used with the dedicated app.

The watch can also be used for underwater excursions, since it is capable of withstanding depths of up to 20 bar. The model has a very simple round dial, which implements a fabulous LCD screen that acts as a date window and more.

The Casio G-Shock structure is shockproof. It is impossible to break this watch and its selling price is very low, since it comes in at around 100 dollars.


Digital Military Watches

digital military watches

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The best digital military watches on the market are different, but one that manages to leave enthusiasts speechless is this model by Casio. What immediately catches the eye is the rectangular-shaped LCD screen that works perfectly and responds to commands immediately, with the controls on the side of the case.

This accessory is versatile and can be used in different ways, such as alarm clock, alarm, calendar and stopwatch. The watch case has a diameter of 44 millimeters while the strap is 25 millimeters wide and closes with a practical buckle.

The watch also has a backlight system and can be used in water up to a depth of 5 bar.


Cheap Military Watch

cheap military watch

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Those who want to show off an inexpensive military watch on their wrist must definitely focus on the Timex Quartz Expedition, a spectacular timepiece that respects the common canons of this category. From an aesthetic point of view, the men’s watch is decorated with black and military green tones.

The strap of this Timex model is Nylon and is very long-lasting, as well as being naturally comfortable to wear. The case, on the other hand, is made of plastic and performs its duty perfectly, protecting the watch from bumps and violent impacts.

The cost of the Timex Quartz Expedition is around 50 dollars and its quality / price ratio is incredibly advantageous.


Vintage American Military Watches

vintage american military watches

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The Hamilton wristwatch with reference H69439931 is a true marvel, capable of delighting anyone with a military spirit for several reasons. Not surprisingly, some enthusiasts call it one of the best vintage American military watches ever made.

The strap of this Hamilton accessory is really very beautiful to look at, thanks to its military green tint that immediately catches the eye. At the same time, this element is very comfortable, since it was made of nylon – a durable and comfortable material.

The dial is round and black, with white indexes and numbers that manage to create a wonderful visual contrast. This model is ideal for all those who love vintage and don’t want to give up a rigorous military style.


Luminox Military Watches

luminox military watches

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Luminox is a brand capable of launching truly exceptional models on the market and this watch in question is not an exception – indeed, it is a confirmation of this fact. The watch has a very robust design that relies on a carbon fiber case resistant to everything. In practice, this accessory can be considered a small tank to wear on the wrist.

From an aesthetic point of view, this model is flawless, with a round dial with a black background embellished with white numerals, indexes and hands. Present at 3 o’clock there is a date and on the side of the case, the crown with double seal.

Since the watch is capable of withstanding up to 20 bar underwater, it is no wonder that this is one of the best Luminox military watches.


Komandirskie Russian Military Watches


komandirskie russian military watches

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Russian Komandirskie military watches are distinguished from the common models of this kind by some very interesting stylistic features. The Vostok Komandirskie k-35 watch is certainly an excellent example of this.

The first thing that strikes you is the phenomenal silver bezel, with black numbers defined down to the smallest detail. The bezel perfectly covers the round and black dial, and is capable of being amazingly elegant. The harmony that surrounds the entire design is fantastic and can only be fully admired by having this jewel on the wrist.

The watch works with an automatic movement and its power reserve lasts up to 31 hours. The cost of the model is low, since it slightly exceeds 100 dollars.


Professional Military Watches

professional military watches

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Professional military watches are special models that only those with a true military spirit should have in their collection. The Casio G-Shock is an ideal timepiece for anyone who loves watches of this kind.

The case is resistant to the max – no kind of impact or violent contact with surfaces is able to damage it. At the same time, the strap is also very resistant and can be closed thanks to its practical buckle. The protection of the watch is then guaranteed by the scratch-resistant mineral glass which performs its duty to the highest possible standard.

This Casio model is able to withstand up to 20 bar underwater, has a digital date window at 3 o’clock and can be used as a chronograph or alarm clock.


Hamilton Military Watches

hamilton military watches

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If someone wants to know the best Hamilton military watch, then they should choose this particular model, namely the Khaki Field with reference H70535061. This watch has special features that make it a must for those who love this category of accessories.

For example, the colors in this design are military green and silver. The Khaki Field with reference H70535061 also has a wonderful round green dial, with white indices and numbers.

Furthermore, it is notable that Hamilton models can count on a steel case that is long-lasting and will protect them from violent impacts.


Casio Military Watches

casio military watches

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Casio military watches manage to fascinate for numerous reasons. Not surprisingly, the models belonging to this category are often sought after by enthusiasts, who cannot help but include them in their own collection. One of the most sought after watches is the Casio G-Shock with reference GD-100MS-3ER.

The model has an confident, robust and appealing design, entirely covered in a military green shade. By wearing this watch on your wrist, you can project a proud and strong image, worthy of a man of honor dedicated to duty.

The watch face is digital and this Casio also has a Super Auto Led function, which allows you to light it up with a simple flick of the wrist. A real ally for excursions and adventures in open spaces, and can be purchased at a cost of around 100 dollars.


Military Watches Waterproof

Military Watches Waterproof


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Bulova oceanographer military watches are the essential model that every military enthusiast should have. In fact, these watches.

The dial of the watch is blue in color and round in shape, with indices and numerals that shine thanks to the white tone. At 12 o’clock, the watch boasts the proud symbol of the Brand, and is majestic and finished in every detail.

The cost of this limited edition watch is not high at all, as to buy one of the best lightning military watches you can spend less than 400 dollars.


USA Military Watches

usa military watches

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Among the finest US military watches out there, it’s impossible not to mention this Timex Expedition with a fabric strap. In addition to being elegant, thanks to its perfectly designed strap and dial, this watch is also resistant, since its case is made of protective resin.

Despite the robustness, this military watch does not weigh on the wrist, since its weight is just over 50 grams. This watch can be used in any situation, since it uses solar energy to recharge.

In addition, this Timex model can also be used in water, as it resists up to 5 bar deep. Finally, two elements placed at 3 o’clock are to be appreciated, namely the smart date window and the well-designed silver crown.


German Military Watches – Astroavia

astroavia german military watches

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To be considered excellent, a military watch must be strong and robust. This Astroavia model responds perfectly to these two needs, since its structure is entirely in stainless steel. The watch case has been made in an intelligent way, with buttons placed in its side area, with a total diameter measuring approximately 42 millimeters.

The watch also has many interesting features such as a tachymeter and chronograph. The different options can easily be managed, thanks to three sub-dials located at 6, 9 and 12 o’clock.

If you want to get one of the best German Astroavia military watches, you absolutely have to choose this model and to do so, you will not have to spend a lot, since its price is around 100 dollars.


Mechanical Military Watches

mechanical military watches

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The Seiko with reference SNZG09K1 is certainly one of the best mechanical military watches on the market. This model manages to impress from the first glance, as it has a green strap, comfortable and extremely beautiful to regard.

The dial is black, decorated with white indices and numbers, with a striking date window located at 3 o’clock able to indicate both the day of the week and the exact date. The watch has an informal style and this makes it ideal to wear on occasions dedicated to leisure and free time.

In addition, the fabulous water-resistance of the Seiko model should be emphasized, as it can be used up to 10 bar deep.


XXL Military Watches

xxl military watches

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Military XXL watches are distinctive models, ideal for those who love very consistent and eye-catching watches, capable of adding a touch of extraordinary refinement to their image. The Citizen Urban Eco Drive with reference BM8470-11E is a splendid example of the category in question and stands out from the others thanks to the Eco Drive movement with infinite light charge.

The dial of the watch is really large, with attention paid to every detail and done to perfection, with hands, indexes and numbers that can light up in dark places or with little light. The steel case protects this model well, and it can also count on a resistant mineral glass.

Using the Citizen Urban is like putting on a real show, as wearing this accessory on the wrist it will be impossible to remain unnoticed. This men’s watch can also be used in water, up to a maximum depth of 10 bar.


Special Forces Military Watches

Special Forces Military Watches


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Having one of the military watches of the special forces at your disposal is a source of personal pride. But which model to choose in this regard? Well, those who want to focus on quality and beauty must absolutely opt for the KHS watch.

This watch has an incredibly beautiful design to look at, thanks to the black tone on the strap and case that completely covers it. As for the case, the latter is made of titanium, while the strap is of soft and resistant fabric.

This timepiece works with an extremely precise automatic mechanism and has a beautiful crown at 3 o’clock that can be used to adjust the hand setup.


Military Watch With Compass

military watch with compass

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This military watch with compass is more than just an accessory to wear on the wrist – in fact it can be considered a military tool useful in multiple situations. The Casio G-Shock possesses not only a fabulous precise compass, but numerous other functions.

For example, using this wonderful timepiece, you can take advantage of a magnificent calendar, which can be viewed on the LCD screen on the dial. You can also set an alarm for the right time, so as not to forget those important appointments. The indexes and hands are phosphorescent and have a double lighting that makes these elements visible even when there is little light.

This wrist “tank” also has an anti-shock structure, capable of overcoming damp and muddy environments without problems, and a water resistance of up to 20 bar.


Japanese Military Watches

Japanese military watches

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The best Japanese military watches are those that retain a certain charm and rigor due to the Eastern military tradition. From this point of view, the Orient branded watch is a perfect example of this, since it possesses an astonishing harmony of design.

The military green hue is a recurring element in the design and you can see it on both the round dial and the strap made of comfortable fabric. The indices and numbers on the dial are very large and catch the eye, thanks to their pure white color.

In your collection, this Orient watch cannot be missed, and securing this model is not a challenge, as its price is around 150 dollars.


Military Watch H3

military watch h3

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The H3 military watch with reference 107426 is a real spectacle from a visual point of view. This watch manages to stand out from the rest, thanks to an alternation of bright green and black tones. In addition, the case is made of plated stainless steel, and is resistant to impact and contact with surfaces – it is practically indestructible.

The strap of the watch is made of fabric and can be adjusted easily, thanks to a buckle of absolute top quality. The H3 watch glass is anti-reflective and helps protect the model from scratches and damage of various kinds.

The weight is minimal, being only 80 grams, despite a case diameter of 42 millimeters, and works with a quartz mechanism.


Breitling Military Watches

breitling military watches

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The best Breitling military watches are those that meet specific parameters in terms of elegance, refinement and composure. They are the ideal accessory for those who serve in the armed forces and want to project to others a proud image of themselves.

The Breitling Chronospace is an absolute luxury timepiece, with a totally black design that is wonderful to look at from any angle. The dial is round and black, with gray indexes, and only the numbers 3 and 9 that tower with their unique and squared style. There are also two LCD screens on the dial that can be used for different functions.

The wristwatch has a steel case and a fantastic bezel decorated with white numbers, while the strap is in black fabric, with a width of 24 millimeters.


Military Watch With GPS

military watch with gps

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The best military watches should have exceptional tools at their disposal, which the common models on the market do not have. That’s why anyone who wants such a timepiece should go for a great military watch with GPS.

The Suunto Traverse is a special model, ideal for sporting activities such as hiking and trekking. This watch can boast a precise and reliable GPS and allows you to monitor calories burned, steps taken, sunrise and sunset times, and even weather forecasts.

In addition, the watch can be adjusted thanks to a practical round touchscreen that acts as a digital dial and can be connected via Bluetooth to another device.


Final remarks

Now you know the best military watches on the market! In detail, you now know what characteristics the models in question have, and you should be able to choose the watch that fits perfectly with your needs.

Remember that if you want to buy a model, all you have to do is click on the link indicated, to be redirected to a secure online shop specializing in the sale of 100% original watches. This way you can enjoy fantastic privileges such as a fast shipping service and a customer service completely dedicated to you.

If, on the other hand, you are still undecided about which watch to choose, do not hesitate: contact us immediately and we can provide you with our advice to help ensure you get the military watch you have always wanted!

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