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One of the aspects which we focus on most when we are interested in buying a luxury watch is certainly the price – especially when we’re talking about the prices of Rolex watches, for men and women both.

Rolex watches are certainly the ones that most attract fans in this sector, over time becoming a real status symbol that has prompted many to ask frequently themselves when they can buy their favorite timepiece.

The price of a Rolex watch can vary based on many factors. Today we will analyze the elements that can influence the final price, and above all which models stand as the most expensive Rolex – and the cheapest – Rolex watches.

Particular attention will be paid to the costs of new models, but we won’t forget the used and Vintage Rolex watches .

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How much does a Rolex cost?

The watches on offer in Rolex catalog vary widely; indeed, there are many collections available, and many customizations as well. This allows Rolex to offer more than 1,000 variations for a possible request for a personalized model, from the materials used (such as white, yellow, or pink gold) to the diamond setting both on the dial and on the bracelet, as in the Pearlmaster models.

Let’s analyze every single collection available in the price list. This will help to understand – in detail – the history, the characteristics, and finally and most importantly: How much can a Rolex cost? More specifically: How much can a Rolex Daytona cost? How much does a Rolex Submariner cost?How much does a Rolex Datejust cost?

ModelCheapest priceMost expensive price
Rolex Day-date 20,600 dollars 430,000 dollars
Rolex Sky-Dweller 13.350 dollars 45.000 dollars
Rolex Datejust 5,800 dollars 35,000 dollars
Rolex Oyster Perpetual 4,500 dollars 5,300 dollars
Rolex Pearlmaster 34.400 dollars 150.000+ dollars
Rolex Daytona 11.550 dollars 140.000+ dollars
Rolex Sea-Dweller 10.550 dollars 11.500 dollars
Rolex Submariner 7.900 dollars 34.500 dollars
Rolex GMT-Master II 7.800 dollars 34.200 dollars
Rolex Yacht-Master 10.250 dollars 48.800 dollars
Rolex Explorer 6,050 dollars 7,500 dollars
Rolex Milgauss 7,600 dollars 7,600 dollars
Rolex Air-King 5.800 dollars 5.800 dollars
Rolex Cellini 14,150 dollars 24,900 dollars

Summary table of the cheapest and most expensively priced models

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Rolex Day-Date price


Rolex day date price

The first model we are going to analyze is the Day-Date, born in 1956, whose name is mainly inspired by its main characteristic. Indeed, this model was the manufacturer’s first watch to show the date and day of the week along with the classic count of hours, minutes, and seconds.

The materials that make up this model are mainly platinum or 18ct gold. It has several variants that allow you to customize your model according to your style – starting with the strap, which is available in Oyster, leather, or the president variant developed exclusively for this model.

The costs for this model are medium-high. They start at €20,600 for the less expensive models, like the Day-Date model 36 118138 , whose leather strap is available in different colors including green, tobacco, burgundy, cognac, black, and blue . Then there are the more expensive , prestigious and rare models, such as the diamond-studded Day-Date Platinum Emerald – 228396TEM model , made entirely of platinum with a price of around 430,000 dollars.

For an intermediate price, we instead turn to models in pink or white gold, like the 228235, 118205f or m228239 models , averaging at a price of around 35,000 dollars.

  • Cheapest Day-Date: 20,600 dollars
  • Average Day-Date: 35,000 dollars
  • Most expensive Day-Dates: 430,000 dollars

Rolex Sky-Dweller price

Rolex Sky-Dweller price


The Sky-Dweller is a watch of recent manufacture, the first models of these fantastic timepieces only dating back to 2012. It stands out from all the other models in the catalog thanks to the presence of an annual calendar that only needs to be adjusted once every year. It also has a second date window to keep track of a second timezone.

Characterized by a 9001 movement made by the same house, it offers the buyer the possibility of customizing different components of the watch – starting with the strap, available in an Oyster version with three links or in leather available in different colors.

The 42mm diameter and massive structure bring it up to a weight of about 250 grams, which projects it among the heaviest watches in the industry. Other interesting features include the choice of material; indeed, this model is offered both in steel and in white, pink, or yellow 18-carat gold.

The costs start at €13,350 for the cheapest and most accessible models, such as the 326934-0003 model, made of 904L steel and featuring a 42 mm Oyster case in steel and white gold, or the 326933-0009 model in yellow gold with a white dial and knurled bezel, which costs around 15,900 dollars.

Among the most expensive we find the 326939-0001 model, made entirely in white gold with a cost of around 45,000 dollars, and the 326935-0003 model with an Oyster strap, an Everose gold case, and a chocolate-colored dial that altogether costs 45,550 dollars.

For those who want to reach a middle ground between economical and expensive, we find the 326139-0003 with black leather strap (though it is available in different colors), whose cost can reach up to 37,000 dollars.

Another viable way get a good price is to buy a used Rolex watch through specialized sites and stores, which we’ll see later on.

  • Cheapest Sky-Dweller: €13,350
  • Average Sky-Dweller: 35,000 dollars
  • Most expensive Sky-Dweller: 45,000 dollars

Rolex Datejust price

Rolex Datejust man woman lady-datejust price

Unlike the Sky-Dweller, the Rolex Datejust has a history that begins much earlier: back in 1945, following the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Swiss company. At that time, a new chronograph was presented whose characteristics differed from the rest thanks to the innovations implemented, like automatic winding combined with water resistance.

This model is offered for both men and women through the Lady-Just models, with respective diameters of 26mm-31mm for her and 36-41mm for him.

The features that make it unique come from the innumerable customizations available, from the material used and the elements that make it up – with more classic materials allowing it to be used in everyday life – to models with more amazing features, such as the possibility of setting diamonds in the dial for more important occasions.

Thanks to its long history, this model can also be searched for in Vintage versions, even from very distant times such as the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, up to the most recent models.

The Rolex of this collection range from the most prestigious models like the Lady-Datejust 279136rbr-0001 in platinum with diamonds, whose cost can exceed 35,000 dollars, to the less expensive models like the Lady-Datejust 28 279160-0014 , made of steel with a pink dial and Oyster bracelet, whose cost is 5,800 dollars. An economic model for men is the Datejust 41 126334-0001 , made of steel and white gold that give a classy look to this timeless watch, which can be purchased for 8,700 dollars.

  • Cheapest Datejust : 5,800 dollars
  • Average Datejust: 15,000 dollars
  • Most expensive Datejust: 35,000 dollars

Rolex Oyster Perpetual price


The history of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual began in 1926 when, thanks to the invention of waterproofing, the watch took the nickname of Oyster – due also to the similarities that the shell has in preserving and protecting the oyster. The word “perpetual” was added later, in 1931, when the first self-winding mechanism known as Perpetual was invented. The successes of divers who used it allowed this model to become one of the most successful Rolex watches.

With only 3 hands on the dial, the style is very sober and classic. However, you can also request a date indication for the 34mm version. The different colors available also make it easier to choose the right model based on your style.

The costs differ depending on the customization. The models 177200-0015 and 177200-0017 , each with a diameter of 31mm and featuring Roman numerals, come to a cost of 4,600 dollars, unlike those with Arabic numbers or notches instead.

Among the most economical we recommend the 176200 model, with a starting base of 4,500 dollars. Among the most expensive we recommend the models 114300-0002 and 114300-0003 , both made of Steel 904L.

  • Cheaper Oyster Perpetual: 4,500 dollars
  • Average Oyster Perpetual: 5,000 dollars
  • Most expensive Oyster Perpetual: 5,300 dollars

Rolex Pearlmaster price


Pearlmasters are the watches that come closest to the concept of jewelry. Indeed, these specimens are not simply timepieces, but real works of art of the high manufacture world. They are particularly suitable for women who love to have a watch on their wrist with set with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or a personalized combination.

There are so many customization possibilities; currently, the catalog of this collection has more than 300 variants, different from the metals used to the gems that can be set.

Among the most interesting models we find the Pearlmaster 34 81409rbr-0001 , an authentic model that exhibits excellent watchmaking. Composed of a dial with a PAVÉ of diamonds and a Pearlmaster bracelet with diamonds, it all translates into a watch completely covered with, well, diamonds, for a total cost of about 150 thousand EUR.

The Pearlmaster 34 81319-0033 is a more convenient model. With its white gold bracelet, bezel set with diamonds, sapphire crystal, and Oyster case, it sells for 34,400 dollars.

Among the many customizations available, you can request materials such as: pink, white, or yellow gold; a dial with Roman or Arabic numerals; and a classic bracelet or one set with precious stones.

  • Cheapest Pearlmaster: 34,400 dollars
  • Average Pearlmaster: 50,000 dollars
  • Most expensive Pearlmaster : 150,000+ dollars

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona price

Rolex-Cosmograph-Daytona price

The Rolex Daytona was, for many, the watch of Paul Newman. This sporty watch was initially meant to measure speed during disputable competitions in Daytona in the United States. Yet it was subsequently appreciated by lovers, enthusiasts, and collectors of luxury watches not related to the world of racing, making it one of the most famous watches in the world.

Equipped with the 4130 automatic movement – one of the most reliable – it allows precise and reliable measurements thanks to the materials with which it was made. Indeed, among all the varieties available we find models in steel, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and finally, platinum for the more expensive models.

The Daytona is not only one of the best watches of all time but also a solid investment. Indeed, some limited editions can greatly increase in value over time, making them an excellent long-term investment. Unsurprisingly, one of the watches worn by Paul Newman was sold at auction for almost 18 million dollars some time ago.

The 116503-0004 is among the best models that can be purchased by enthusiasts. This timepiece is made in steel and yellow gold, featuring a black dial and an Oyster bracelet, all coming together at a cost of around 15,600 dollars.

Among the more sporty models, we find the 116518ln-0040 with Oysterflex strap, composed of a very flexible metal blade coated with elastomer, a rubber-like special material that confers sportiness and comfort to the wearer. The cost for this model is 26,550 Euros .

  • Cheaper Daytona: €11,550
  • Average Daytona: 30,000 dollars
  • Most expensive Daytona: 140,000+ dollars

Rolex Sea-Dweller price

ROLEX-SEA-DWELLER price 12.700 dollar
If you are a lover of diving, then the Sea-Dweller is the perfect watch. With this model, Rolex wanted to conquer the sea depths. Indeed, thanks to a helium escape valve , this basic model of this watch can reach a depth of 1,220 meters / 4000 feet, while the Deepsea version can reach a greater depth of 3,900 meters / 12795 feet without a problem.

With a diameter of 43-44mm all made completely in steel, these models stand out for their sturdiness and their fluorescent hands that allow you to view the dial even in low light situations.

Among the models available for this collection, we cannot fail to mention the 126600-0001 ; made of steel and with a 43mm case, the cost of 10,500 dollars is among the most economical when compared with other watchmaking house models with similar characteristics.

Another interesting model is the highly professional Rolex Deepsea 116660-0001, intended for more experienced divers thanks to its greater resistance to the pressure of the sea depths, which costs about 11,200 dollars. And finally, we have the Rolex Deepsea D-blue dial , made in honor of James Cameron’s solo immersion into one of the deepest areas on the earth: the Mariana Trench.

Particular attention should also be paid to Vintage models that have long since been discontinued, which – though rare – are searchable among enthusiasts. In some cases, they can be sell for more than 20-30 thousand dollars.

  • Cheapest Sea-Dweller: 10,500 dollars
  • Average Sea Dweller: 11,200 dollars
  • Most expensive Sea-Dweller: 11.500+ dollars

Rolex Submariner price

ROLEX SUBMARINER how much cost

The Submariner and the Sea-Dweller are the watches with which Rolex presented itself to the public of diving enthusiasts. In the Submariner’s case, however, the more flexible style works for everyday use. In fact, since its birth in 1953, this watch has appeared not only in diving-specific situations, but also in areas such as motor racing – which saw Steve McQueen as its primary protagonist – or on James Bond’s wrist in his first, nominally-titled film.

The features that distinguish it include its low weight (150 g) and its robustness, both in terms of the case and of the glass, made of scratch-resistant sapphire.

The catalog offers various customization options. Among the most interesting models is the Submariner Date 116613lb-0005 with a blue dial and Rolesor case-strap. It is one of the best for its price of the collection, with a cost of 12,550 dollars.

Among the most valuable and luxury watches, we find for 11,900 dollars the 116618ln-0001 , made entirely in yellow gold and with a black dial. Among the most accessible models, we find the models 116610lv-0002 and 116610ln-0001 , with official prices of 8,400 and 7,900 dollars, respectively.

  • Cheapest Submariner: 7,900 dollars
  • Average Submariner: 12,500 dollars
  • Most expensive Submariner: 34.500+ dollars

Rolex GMT-Master II price


The Rolex GMT-Master II is intended for those who like to keep track of multiple timezones, which makes it ideal for those who travel frequently. It was initially created for aviation purposes, to keep track of timezones over the course of long journeys to which pilots would have been subjected.

Before its great success, this watch had a predecessor called GMT-Master , but its production ended as soon as the current millennium began, leaving room for the current model.

Peculiarities that distinguish it include the 24-hour rotating bezel, divided into two different colors that make it possible to distinguish whether it is day or night in the second timezone.

The materials with which it is made range from white gold – as with a model like 116719blro-0001 , which costs 35,600 dollars – to materials like steel – as with model 116710blnr-0002 , with a price of 8,300 dollars – to the model in yellow gold featuring a dial green, which costs 30,900 dollars.

Enthusiasts dedicate particular attention to this watch. Indeed, some rare models made with fine materials are subject to an increase in value over time, thus making for an excellent investment.

  • Cheapest GMT-Master II: 7,800 dollars
  • Average GMT-Master II: 12,150 dollars
  • More expensive GMT-Master II: 34,200 dollars

Rolex Yacht-Master price


With the Yacht-Master, Rolex adds another model to the array of watches for fans of activities at sea, dedicated in particular to skippers or sportsmen. Indeed, thanks to its rotating bezel, it is possible to use it as a chronograph to measure travel times as one might during regattas.

Designed for both men and women , it comes in a variety of diameters, including 29 mm, 35 mm, 37 mm, and 40mm, allowing it to be worn by anyone.

The prices of this model vary according to the requested customizations. Among the various models, we would distinguish the classic model in steel: 116680-0002 . With a white dial and equipped with movement 4161 with automatic winding, it can be purchased at a price of 17,300 dollars.

Among the more expensive models we find the 116689-0002 , made of platinum and white gold, featuring a white dial and red hands for excellent visibility in all circumstances.

  • Cheapest Yacht-Master: 10,250 dollars
  • Average Yacht-Master: 20,000 dollars
  • Most expensive Yacht-Master: 48,800+ dollars

Rolex Explorer price

Rolex Explorer price

Among the most classic and economical Rolex, we find the Rolex Explorer , ideal for everyday use yet designed for all those who love explorations and adventures. Indeed, the name of this watch comes from the first expedition that man took to the very top of Mount Everest.

The dial is very simple, which offers excellent readability at a glance, has 3 hands to indicate the seconds, minutes, and hours. Among the different customizations we can choose from, black and white options are available for the dial.

Among the models available on the list, we point out the Rolex Explorer II 216570 . Made of 904L steel with either a white or black dial, and featuring fluorescent hands for optimal visibility, the cost is among the cheapest at 7,500 dollars.

Another models in the collection is the 214270-0003 . Among the most accessible at 6,500 dollars, it is characterized by a black dial and 39mm case for great comfort.

Used Rolex Explorers are in great demand by collectors. In fact, the first watches dating back to the first years of production can be sold for amounts exceeding 10,000 dollars; one of the most requested and rare is the 6610.

  • Cheapest Explorer: 6,050 dollars
  • Average Explorer: 7,500 dollars
  • Most expensive Explorer: 7,500+ dollars

Rolex Milgauss price

Cost ROLEX MILGAUSS m116400gv-0002

All mechanical watches can be subject to external magnetic influences that can cause the time to display incorrectly. That’s why Rolex at some point decided to present the Rolex Milgauss, a watch resistant to magnetic fields thanks to the adoption of a spiral Parachrom and a bell made of a special metal that covers the movement.

Among its features, we must mention the special orange-colored second hand in the shape of a lightning bolt – which recalls the DNA of this watch immune to external electromagnetic fields – as well as the possibility of choosing 3 dial colorations, from black to the innovative BLUE Z color .

The costs for a new watch are around 7,600 dollars, as in the case of the 116400gv-0002 or 116400gv-0001 models, while used models can be purchased for a cost of around 4,500 dollars.

Particular attention should be paid to Vintage models, which in some cases may have a much greater value than new models, as in the case of the 1019 model, which dates back to the first years of production of this collection.

  • Cheapest Milgauss: 4,500 dollars
  • Average Milgauss: 7,600 dollars
  • More expensive Milgauss: 7,600+ dollars

Rolex Air-King price

Price Cheap Rolex Air-King m116900-0001

The Air-King was a watch initially intended for all British Royal Air Force aviators , but production continued despite the end of the Second World War, becoming equally destined for daily use.

The style of this watch is very sober, with a classic dial that measures the seconds, minutes, and hours through three hands. Some interesting models can be found as far as vintage versions go, as in the case of the Double Reds model.

For the new models currently in production, the material make-up of these timepieces is exclusively steel. Vintage models, however, can be made with other materials, as in the case of model 114234 with a gold bezel.

The costs for these models are among the cheapest in the Rolex catalog. In fact, at its cost of 5,800 dollars, the 116900-0001 model ranks among the lowest currently in production.

The used Rolex market has some really interesting prices. Indeed, in some cases, you can win a second-rate model for just over 1000 dollars.

  • Cheapest Air-King: 5,800 dollars
  • Average Air-King: 5,800 dollars
  • Most expensive Air-King: 5,800 + dollars

Rolex Cellini price

Rolex Cellini price

The Rolex Cellini is the ideal model for gentleman looking for an elegant and classy watch. They are distinguished from all the previous models by the round dial and the alligator leather strap.

Its style is very close to the models of Patek Philippe , with which it shares high elegance and refinement. The materials used can vary from Everose gold to white gold.

Many variants are available that upon request, starting with the Cellini Moonphase , an absolutely beautiful watch with 2 additional complications: the Moon phases and a Lancet calendar, all at a cost of 24,900 dollars. The white gold Cellini Time is more classic with its white dial (14,150 dollars), but can also come with a black dial, Everose gold, and set diamonds (19,300 dollars). A halfway solution is the Cellini Date , which – as you can guess from the name – adds an additional complication on the dial that keeps track of the day of month.

A used and vintage Rolex Cellini should also be considered, and can be purchased for lower costs than new ones. In many cases, you can win a second-hand Cellini for no more than 1,500 dollars, adding a model that has made history to your collection.

  • Cheapest Cellini: €14,150
  • Average Cellini: 18,000 dollars
  • More expensive Cellini: 24,900+ dollars

Used Rolex Price

Used Rolex watches represent an excellent opportunity to have the desired watch on your wrist but at a lower cost. There are many possibilities, and there are many sites and shops where customers can find various offers.

The prices for a used Rolex can even be half the cost of a first-time watch. A lot depends how well the watch was preserved; knowing how to check the status is essential in being able to make a deal and avoid running into a timepiece with serious technical problems that at first sight may not be noticed. Particular attention must also be paid to the originality of the model. Indeed, the luxury watch sector is subject to the presence of tarot watches, fakes and, replicas. We suggest you read our guide on how to distinguish a fake watch from an original one .

Vintage Rolex Price

Vintage watches are an excellent opportunity to win a piece of history from the best companies operating in the watchmaking sector. Unlike used watches, vintage watches have a much longer history; many consider an age of 25 to be the minimum for a Vintage . In this category, you can find watches of great brands for a few hundred dollars, making them authentic bargains. In other cases, rare and valuable pieces can also have a much greater price than new models currently on the market. A striking example is Paul Newman’s 1968 Rolex Daytona, auctioned for nearly $18 million.

Of course, not all Vintage Rolex are sold for six-figure sums. Indeed, there are many other rare models which can be assigned greater and greater value over time.

Some examples are the Rolex Submariners 5517 and 5513/5517, Rolex Explorers with reference 1016, the Rolex GMT Master 1675, and the Rolex Datejust 1601.

If you want to know where you can find a vintage Rolex, we suggest you read our guide on how and where to buy a watch at an auction .

If you need an expert opinion or assessment of the current best vintage Rolex, you can find our contact page below, where you can request an opinion for free.

Final Considerations

Now that you know the prices that Rolex can go for, and specifically how much a Rolex model can cost you, all you have to do is choose the right model according to your needs. You can buy it either in cash or through installments, which many stores offer in regards to the purchase of these timepieces. Particular attention should be paid to used or vintage watches, which can be won at auctions and can prove excellent investments if bought at the right value. For any question, an expert can be contacted via the following form . If you have questions or you want to leave a message you can use the comments form below.

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