SEIKO skx007 – One of the Best Automatic Watches (Review)

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It has made history, and continues to make it. We are talking about the Seiko skx007, one of the automatic watches for the world of divers, which has stood out as one of the most popular and best-selling models due to its extremely good price in relation to quality of the components that comprise it.

Today we are going to discover the features of this really interesting automatic watch, starting with the price and the variants (steel, rubber, or NATO strap). We’ll also discuss the opinions and reviews that have made this model one of the most appreciated among enthusiasts. Particular attention will also be dedicated to vintage and second-hand (used) models.

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At first glance, we can immediately see its classic and sporty conformation, ideal to wear in any circumstance and in everyday life. In addition to its primary indication of being able to dive up to 200m deep, unique thanks to the ISO 6425 standard, the case is round with a black dial and fluorescent hands that grant excellent visibility even at night.

It is made and designed in Japan by one of the most famous and important wristwatch brands currently on the market: Seiko , one of the companies that has always stood out among the best for its quality / price ratio.

The watch’s movement is mechanical with an automatic winding. We are specifically talking about a 7s26 caliber, one of the most reliable and resistant over time. Composed of 21 Jewels and operating at an oscillation frequency of 21,600 times per hour, it’s the reason for the infinite autonomy of this model, boasting a power reserve of over 40 hours.

In addition to signaling the seconds, minutes, and hours, the movement also consists of 2 further complications that are displayed on the dial: the date and the day of the week, both arranged at 3 o’clock via 2 boxes.

It is available in different variations regarding the strap: in stainless steel for those who want a more elegant model that can still be used in everyday life; with a black rubber strap for greater comfort; with a NATO strap, which is very popular recently for its style, comfort, and fashion; or even with a steel oyster-style strap. We will analyze each of these variants further down, but first let’s analyze the price range in which the Seiko skx007 belongs.


Prices for the Seiko skx007 vary according to the model chosen from those available, from the cheapest with a rubber strap to the most expensive with a jubilee-style steel strap similar to some Rolex models.

Excellent opportunities can also be found in used and vintage ones dating back to the first years of production (1996), which can be purchased for a few hundred dollars.

Despite being a mass-produced model, the Seiko is becoming difficult to find. This is bringing up its value with respect to its estimated list price of a few hundred dollars, thus also making it an excellent long-term investment. That being said, buying this model currently can be a really good deal, but let’s see in detail which models are still available in this series.

Seiko skx007 Model List

The models in this series are many, so now we’re going to take a look at which ones are the most sold and sought after. We won’t forget to analyze the best sites to buy them and where to find the best offer, either; you will be able to see the cost and the recommended purchase sites simply by clicking on the buy button on each model. Here is the list:

Seiko SKX007K2 in Steel

Seiko SKX007


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The Seiko SKX007K2 in steel model is the one that best represents this series. Consisting of a stainless steel case and jubilee strap, the case has a diameter of 42mm and is 13mm thick, ideal for a man’s wrist.

The dial is black. Three hands move on it – one each for seconds, minutes, and hours – in addition to the arrangement of 2 complications at 3 o’clock used for the date.

The indexes are marked with dots. The indexes, as well as the hands, are also luminescent for excellent visibility even at night. A particularly aesthetic component is the unidirectional stainless steel bezel with a black-plated upper ring, which creates an excellent contrast with the silver color of the case and strap, just like with the Rolex Submariner models in the luxury watch category.

Ideal for those who want a highly aesthetic, attractive watch that has a sporty style suited for everyday use.

Seiko SKX007K1 with Rubber Strap

SEIKO SKX007K1 in rubber

SEIKO SKX007K1 in rubber

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The Seiko SKX007K1 is another model belonging to the brand’s skx007 diver series. It mainly differs because of the material with which the strap is made. Indeed, this model is sold with a black rubber strap with a diameter of 22mm, for greater comfort and for a more youthful style, ideal if you wear it in situations where comfort is essential.

Everything else is identical to the previous model, so you can still change the strap afterwards to put the other model on your wrist. The costs are the same, so much depends on the retailers from which you buy.

Seiko SKX007J in Japanese Rubber

Seiko SKX007J Japanese - made in Japan

Seiko SKX007J Japanese – made in Japan

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The Seiko SKX007J men’s wristwatch is almost identical to the model with the rubber strap that we have already analyzed, namely the SKX007K1 model; the only differences are on the dial. In this model, in addition to the DIVER’S 200M inscription, are the words “21 Jewels” below, which refers to the number of gears present in the automatic movement. Moreover, the J indicates that it was assembled in Japan ( made in Japan ). If you are looking for a brighter and more detailed dial, the Seiko 007 J could be the right choice, but the price is slightly higher.

Seiko skx007 NATO Strap

Seiko skx007 Nato strap

Seiko skx007 Nato strap

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The Seiko skx007 NATO is a model much in demand by enthusiasts. This variant differs from the other models by its very light and practical NATO strap, originally born for the watches of the armed forces. In recent years, however, this type of strap has become a must-have.

However, contrary to what one may think, the Seiko 007 NATO is not produced by Seiko. Simply purchase a standard Seiko skx007 and then replace the original strap with any desired NATO strap, of any color; there is a wide variety of different types. A unique condition in this choice is that the diameter that must be 22mm, but the costs of such straps are really low; you can buy one with 10-20 dollars. And the replacement process is really simple for anyone, given that NATO straps are supplied with tools to remove the original strap and replace it in a few minutes.


The Seiko SKX007 was born in 1965 with the introduction of the first underwater Seiko with mechanical movement, the 6217-8000 / 8001, more commonly called 62MAS. Three years later, Seiko imposed itself in the market thanks to the economic 6105 model, functional and well done to the point that it was used by soldiers of the Vietnam War.

In 1988, the first model that could withstand up to 200 meters / 656 feet of depth was made, one with decreased thickness: the Seiko 7002. Its successor, the 7S26, was born in 1996, and from then on all Seiko skx007 watches were made to this caliber.

Its large-scale use in military forces, limited costs, and excellent component quality all combined have allowed this model to become one of the most famous diving watches. And it’s still sold today!

The Seiko 009 model is the most current successor, though it has not been as successful as the 007.


As you may have well understood, we are faced with one of the models that made history in the watch scene. Today, these models are highly sought after, both in the used and vintage markets. Many enthusiasts have also begun to modify these models with characteristic components based on your style. You will have no trouble finding these models on the internet by searching for them with terms like Seiko skx007 mod or Seiko 007 custom. An example of a modified Seiko 007 is the Pepsi variant, with a blue and red bezel that is very reminiscent of the Rolex GMT MASTER.

The opinions and reviews on these models are among the most positive that can be found. If you are taking your first steps into the world of collections, then you should consider buying one. In a few years, you could find yourself with one of the best watches, and one with a strong historical identity.

If you have questions or want to request support for this model or a particular Seiko model, you can contact our expert through the contact form that can be found using the following link .

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