Diving Watches – A Complete List of the 45 Best Models Available

by luxwatch

When you buy a watch, one of the first decisions you need to make is what kind of watch it will be – and more specifically, what purpose you’ll use it for. There are several categories of watches, but today we have decided to tell you about diving watches in particular. These watches are intended for all diving enthusiasts, but over time, their sporty design has made them into wear models for any circumstance, including everyday life.

Today, we’re going to analyze the best diving watches to buy based on price (from the cheap ones to the more expensive and luxury ones), but above all based on their quality and functionality. We will analyze models for men and women both, from important brands like Seiko and Citizen – brands appreciated based on the reviews and opinions of many fans, and sold accordingly.

Particular attention will also be paid to professional models characterized by features such as an automatic movement or helium escape valve (for models with waterproofing of more than 500-1,000 meters / 3300 feet), military models characterized by very sturdy cases ideal for avoiding breakage in the case of bumps or stresses, and vintage ones for those who want to wear a watch that follows successful watch lines of the past.


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A ranking of the best diving watches to buy

Now that you know the issues we are going to deal with, we just have to present you with a list of the best 2019 diver watches based on quality / price currently on the market, ones you can buy easily and that may fit your needs. The models are not listed in order of importance, so you can choose the one you like best and buy it online via the links provided – with current promotions and offers that will allow you to buy it at a much lower price than in a physical store.

Men’s Sub Watch

men's sub watches


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The Seiko 007 is one of the most successful and appreciated diver’s watches. Indeed, when it comes to diving watches, this model is always present in experts’ mentions. It’s a sports watch designed both for professional and daily use.

It is characterized by its durable and comfortable stainless steel jubilee wrist strap, as well as the very strong 42 mm case made of steel. Both are silver in color.

Among the more qualitative features of this model are the famous automatic movement that distinguishes it and the rotating bezel.

Its impermeability reaches up to 200 meters / 656 feet deep, making it one of the best diving watches for men on the market today.

Seiko Diving Watch

seiko diving watches


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When it comes to diving watches, Seiko is always well present among the best brand models currently on sale. The Seiko 5 Sport watch is an example, positively received as one of the best-selling models on the market.

Its design is what garnered it so much appreciation over time. Indeed, thanks to its compact and contemporary sporty style, it is possible to wear it on any occasion or with any outfit.

The dial and blue-colored bezel are a clear reference to its natural habitat. Thanks to a water resistance of up to 100 meters / 328 feet, it can also be used for professional diving activities.

The bezel has clearly visible indications, ideal for easy reading even in environments that present visual difficulties, such as deep underwater. Moreover, the bezel nut is slightly knurled, allowing for an easier grip.

A date window at 3 o’clock, an automatic movement, and a price below 200 dollars make it one of the best diving watches currently on offer.

Citizen Diver’s Watch

citizen diver watches


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Citizen is another well-known brand in the world of diver’s watches. The Citizen BN0150-10E stands out for its excellent quality / price ratio and for its original and easily distinguishable design.

The Eco-Drive function also makes it a technologically advanced watch, allowing it to be recharged by sunlight or even artificial light.

Meeting the ISO 6425 standard, this watch’s impermeability reaches up to 200 meters / 656 feet – a most important certification that few clocks manage to obtain.

The strap is made of rubber, great for lightening the watch’s overall weight and for providing an excellent wrist grip without sacrificing comfort.

The watch currently sells at a promoted price, an important consideration in the purchase process – the positive opinions that this diver’s watch has received over time being another important consideration.

Men’s Diving Watch

men's diving watches


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An ideal men’s diving watch, equipped with professional functions yet apt for daily use, all at a price just over 100 dollars. In terms of price / quality, that makes it one of the most interesting watches out there.

The 40 mm case makes it ideal for any type of wrist, from the youngest to the most adult. The black rotating bezel has excellent readability thanks to the color contrast with the silver color of both the case and the strap.

It is characterized by an automatic mechanical movement of excellent quality, with water resistance up to 200 meters / 656 feet and a screw-down crown arranged at 3 o’clock.

Its design is very reminiscent of Rolex Submariner models, especially because of the magnifying glass over the date display at 3 o’clock, a common feature in Rolex models.

Automatic Diving Watch

automatic diving watches


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Orient is a Japanese watch brand particularly appreciated by connoisseurs. This appreciation is mainly due to the quality of this brand, comparable to that of Seiko models.

The watch pictured above is characterized by a date window at 3 o’clock, as well as its high-quality automatic movement – one of the best mechanical movements on the market considering he price. It sits at just over 200 dollars thanks to the current ongoing promotion, with a list price of just under 500 dollars.

The successful design makes it adaptable to any type or outfit – from sport to casual to elegant – and suitable to any use. The color of the dial is ocean blue, but it is also available in black and green.

Among this collection of diving watches you cannot miss this model, a watch for true connoisseurs.

Cheap Diving Watch

cheap diving watches


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If you are looking for a cheap diving watch, this Casio could be a great choice. With just over 20 dollars, you can buy an excellent model with really interesting technical features.

Both the case and the strap are made of resin, which makes it extremely light and comfortable without compromising strength.

The black dial contains white indications – a contrast of colors that gives it excellent visibility at first glance. And thanks to the fluorescent hands and numbers, this watch is made for easy reading in low light environments, from the night to the seabed.

The battery life can last up to 3 years. Its other features include a date and week indicator.

Casio Diving Watch

casio diving watches


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Another model of the Casio brand, but with a style more adaptable to everyday life and evening outings. A diving watch for those looking for excellent quality relative to the price.

Its bright bezel is characterized by a satin blue color, marked by white and red indications. The case and strap are made of steel.

The shape of the case is round, with a screw-down crown perfectly integrated into the case line. The indications on the dial are large, ensuring excellent visibility at first glance.

A price of 50 dollars makes it a model to consider among others in its price range.

Seiko SNZF17K1

Seiko 5 Sports Snzf17k1

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The Seiko SNZF17K1 is probably one of the most flexible watches currently on the market; it can be worn and used in any environment and circumstance. It has one of the best quality / price ratios, as well as a multitude of positive reviews that have made it a best seller among watches.

We cannot fail to mention this watch’s waterproof function, effective up to 100 meters / 328 feet, making it a diving watch by all means. Among its other features, we point out the automatic movement, the date display, the rotating bezel, and the backlit dial (thanks to fluorescent coating) well-suited for dark environments.

A case diameter of 42mm and thickness of 13mm make it very compact, suitable for any wrist, from the smallest to the largest. In addition, the deployant closure on the strap – equipped with safety buttons – makes it very easy to wear and remove at will.

Military Diving Watch

military diving watches


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When talking about military diving watches, the Luminox brand is often promptly mentioned. That’s why, among the best models, we want to mention the Luminox XS.3501, a watch that immediately communicates its professionalism in this regard.

We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill diving watch, as the various components and functionalities that distinguish this model testify. One example is the 45mm ultralight carbon compound case; another is the Luminox Light Technology feature , giving it a signature brightness that distinguishes this model, and from which the Luminox brand gets its name from.

The strap is made of high-end rubber, which makes it comfortable and adaptable to any type of wrist; the water resistance reaches up to 20 bar; it is also equipped with a date window at 3 o’clock. And it’s all operated by a high quality quartz movement of Swiss manufacture.

The cost varies from 380 to 400 dollars, justified by the quality that distinguishes this model. It’s an ideal watch for those who want to be noticed.

Vintage Diving Watch

vintage diving watches


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If you are a fan of vintage diving watches, then the Seiko Prospex SRP775J1 is among the most interesting models you could buy right now – a product that reflects the design of the first Seiko, which back in the 70s made this brand famous among fans of diver’s watches.

Its design is quite particular, featuring an egg-shaped oval case and a bezel with a gold-colored indication. Another peculiar characteristic is the position of the crown, not placed at 3 o’clock as with more classic models, but at 4 o’clock.

Its 45mm diameter makes it ideal for those looking for a striking and clearly visible watch. It is equipped with various features including a date display, luminescent indications, and water resistance up to 200 meters / 656 feet.

The 400 dollars price – which classifies it among mid-range watches – is justified by a great brand, a great story, and one of the most successful and quality-made automatic movements out there.

Professional Diving Watch

professional diving watches


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When it comes to professional diving watches, among the most desired and accessible we find Longines models. It may be a brand belonging to the luxury watch category, but it offers affordable prices.

This combination of luxury and affordability allows the Longines Hydroconquest to position itself in the professional diving watch category, determined by the innumerable technical characteristics that distinguish it.

Its impermeability reaches up to 300 meters / 984 feet. It has a crown perfectly integrated into the case, allowing for greater security during the descent phase. The black dial is characterized by luminescent indications, ideal for always having excellent visibility in the dark. All that is enclosed in an ultra-resistant, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The bezel is well sized, and characterized by easy-to-read indications. A price of around 1000 dollars make this diving watch one of the best to choose from, as corroborated by the reviews received.

Seiko Professional Diving Watch

seiko professional diving watches


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If you are a fan of Seiko watches and are looking for a professional watch, you could opt for one of the brand’s most innovative models: the Seiko Prospex SRP777K, a watch with a unique style courtesy of its oval steel case and silicone strap.

It contains all the essential functions of a diver’s watch, as well as a date window at 3 o’clock. It is operated by an automatic movement with a manual winding capacity of up to 41 hours; the movement is marked by 24 rubies that testify to the quality of this special clock.

Considering the brand and the craftsmanship, it makes for a great deal for those seeking quality watches.

Cheap Automatic Diving Watch

cheap automatic diving watches


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If you are looking for an automatic and inexpensive diving watch, one of the brands you should consider is Invicta. Its Pro Diver 9094OB is a watch that, at first glance, gives off the impression of greater quality than its selling price would have you believe.

Its style follows that of the most appreciated and best-selling Rolex models, such as the Submariner. Its dial and bezel are blue, while its case and strap (with a safety lock) are silver as a result of the steel composition.

It has an automatic movement, a screw-down crown, and water resistance of up to 200 meters / 656 feet – all features which, relative to its price, project it among the best diver watches to be purchased.

The 40mm case diameter makes it adaptable to any wrist – even the female wrist, despite the watch’s male soul.

70s Sub Watch

70s sub watches


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Many watch lovers look for historical and successful vintage models. Many such models come from the 70s, when watchmaking houses produced many of their most iconic and successful models.

One of these is the Bulova Oceanographer, a model re-proposed in the current era and appreciated by the public. It is characterized by the dual black-red color of its bezel, its oval shape, and its porthole-esque dial.

The diameter of the case is 44 mm – a standard measure when it comes to diving watches – the movement is mechanical in order to better recreate the first model produced, and it is waterproof up to 200 meters / 656 feet.

Timex diving watches

Timex diving watches


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The Timex Intelligent is one of the most aesthetically pleasing diving watches with a 45mm case diameter.

The dial and the bezel of this model have a really bright, black color, which pairs perfectly with the black color of the case and strap (both made of steel).

Its features include a precise quartz movement, date window at 6 o’clock to indicate the day of the month, and water resistance that reaches up to 100 meters / 328 feet.

Tissot Diving Watch

tissot diving watches


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Tissot diving watches are loved and recognized all over the world; it’s a brand much appreciated for its excellent quality / price ratio, and for its Swiss manufacturing origin.

Tissot dedicated the many interesting models of its Seastar collection those who love diving watches. One such model is the T120.417.11.041.00, a watch with a robust steel case and a markedly bright, blue ocean-colored dial.

There are large indications on the bezel nut, ideal for excellent legibility under any circumstances – a characteristic which the watch’s hands share.

Opinions on this model are more than positive, making it a watch to be bought or given, especially considering the great appreciation of this brand on a large scale.

Seiko 5 Sports Pepsi

Seiko 5 Sports Pepsi

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The Seiko 5 Sports Pepsi is a model with a predilection for underwater environments, thanks to various peculiar characteristics. It is equipped with an automatic movement with 21 jewels, a date window at 3 o’clock showing the day of the week and month, a unidirectional rotating bezel, a rubber strap, and a crown protected by the case design.

An easy to wear and comfortable watch, suitable for both professional use, such as snorkeling and swimming, and informal, everyday use.

Relative to its quality and functionality, the price is quite good. An ideal model for those looking for a watch without a classic steel strap.

Nautica Diving Watch

nautical diving watches


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Nautica is a widely recognized brand in the realm of diving watch enthusiasts, so we could not miss adding one of its models in our special ranking: the Nautica Bayside, an interesting model in terms of both functionality and design.

The element that most characterizes its design is the protected crown – a feature often found on professional diving watches, but which has been integrated into this model despite the lower price, putting it squarely in the ranks of economical diving watches.

The rubber strap makes it easily wearable, adaptable to both small and large wrists. The round case is made of steel and features a dial with various indicators, such as a chronograph, a date display, and a rotating bezel.

Despite the high value this product delivers, the price comes out to just over 150 dollars, made possible because of the current promotion going on.

Cheap diving Watch


Cheap diving Watch

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Timex Expedition diving watch are easily accessible and purchasable models. They have a very youthful design and a particular style, ideal for those who are not looking for the usual, commercially-designed watch. And despite how it looks, you need not have fear of ruining it.

The model is available in different colors, making it adaptable to any eventuality, an ideal watch for daily use, and for not too high a cost.

Watch for Divers

Watch for Divers


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If you are looking for a watch for divers that doesn’t sacrifice sporty looks, the Victorinox professional diver’s watch may be the best choice.

It has a sporty design, and is therefore also ideal to wear with daily, casual outfits. Despite this design, it has several functions that make it suitable for professional use by divers and experienced free-divers alike.

It is ISO 6425 certified, anti-magnetic, Swiss manufactured, ultra-resistant to impact and wear, has a unidirectional rotating bezel, has a battery charge indicator, has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and is waterproof up to 200 meters / 656 feet.

All these features make it – in relation to the price – one of the best diving watches currently available for purchase.

Children’s Diving Watch

children's diving watches


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If you are looking for a diving watch for your child – without persistent fear that the watch won’t last them more than a day – then choosing a durable and waterproof model is essential.

A watch with low cost and excellent functionality, the Casio F108WHC-2A model is characterized by a very striking color, ideal for stoking the curiosity that defines every child.

The strap is adaptable to any size thanks to the buckle closure. It also has functions such as an alarm, a night light, and a stopwatch.

3300 feet – 1000 Meter Diving Watch


3300 feet - 1000 Meter Diving Watch

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The main feature taken into consideration when evaluating a diver’s watch is certainly its resistance, expressed in either meters, feet or bar; the most professional of these watches can reach depths of 3300 feet / 1,000 meters. One such interesting and easily accessible model has aroused our attention: the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf.

This watch has a classic sporty design, but despite that, its impermeability grants it a professional standard. So, you won’t have to use 2 distinct watches – one for professional use and one for everyday use – as this model encompasses both.

The dial is blue, while the minutes hand is orange, designed for excellent readability at first glance.

The price is just over 1000 dollars, a great value relative to the features provided.

Digital Diver’s Watch

digital diver watches


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Many of the diver’s watches we’ve talked about so far have a dial with hands, but there are many enthusiasts who also appreciate models with digital screens. Such a men’s model is the Casio SGW-100-1VEF.

Upon a glance, it displays a great amount of information on the screen; among the most interesting indications are the thermometer, digital compass, alarm, and calendar.

In addition to the countless features, it also has a backlit screen, making it optimal for reading in any environment.

Casio Professional Diving Watch

casio professional diving watches


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Many divers appreciate the Casio brand for its excellent quality / price ratio, though the brand also produces professional diving watches at a higher cost.

The Casio G-shock model GW-M5610-1B is the watch we want to talk about today. Its design follows the style that has distinguished the Casio brand for years – a design has resulted in some of the best-selling models in the world.

However, unlike the more classic models, this model comes equipped with more advanced features, such as the solar function that allows the watch to recharge and mineral-type glass. The case and strap are made of resin, providing excellent comfort for any eventuality.

The price of around 150 dollars makes it accessible for sports use by professional divers and for daily use by enthusiasts.

best diving watches under 500

best diving watches under 500


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The watch that we will talk about today is the Seiko Prospex SRPD09, a watch with resistance up to 20 bar / 200 meters. It features a steel case, a silicone strap, a date display and a special black and blue bezel which – in addition to greater legibility – also adds an appreciable aesthetic touch.

A watch at a reasonable cost.

Sector Diver’s Watch

diver watches sector


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Sector is one of the most recognized watch brands in the world, so we could not miss the opportunity to discuss an underwater model of this historic brand. The model we chose to talk about is the R3273661008. With its special blue-red bezel – a color more commonly known as Pepsi – the design is very reminiscent of the Rolex GMT Master 2. Unlike the mentioned Rolex, however, the price is lower even despite its countless features, making it an accessible watch.

The steel strap is perfectly aligned with the design of the steel case. On the dial, the date window is placed at 4 o’clock, the crown at 3 o’clock, and there is a chronograph function. In addition, the dial is also available in blue, green, and black, so you can choose the one that best fits your style.

The back of the case is marked by various engravings, including the reference to its water resistance of up to 10 ATM.

Casio Diving Watch with Depth Gauge

casio diving watches with depth gauge


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The Casio GWF-D1000-1ER diver’s watch is the ideal choice for those looking for a depth gauge function among Casio models. We are talking about a professional watch that can also be worn for standard purposes.

The display is digital, equipped with multiple functions such as a thermometer, a digital compass, a moon phase indicator, a stopwatch, a calendar, a battery level indicator, and a timer – features that effectively make it one of the most complete models in the panorama of diving watches.

Its structure has been specifically designed to be indestructible and immune to strong impacts, thanks in part to the ultra-resistant sapphire crystal.

If you are looking for a different kind of professional watch, this model could be one of the best choices.

Diving Watches with Depth Gauge

diving watches with depth gauges


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In addition to impermeability, one of the most indispensable features for a professional diving watch is the provision of special and useful indicators such as a depth gauge. The CITIZEN AQUALAND PROMASTER is a watch that is sold with this feature supplied.

This effectively makes it a professional watch despite its very contemporary, sporty, and refined design. Thus, it is a quietly wearable watch for everyday use, ideal for those who don’t want a different watch for every different function.

The price of around 500 dollars is justified by the prestigious brand, the quality of the components, and the features provided. In addition to the black version, a Pepsi version with red-blue coloration is also available.

Suunto Diving Watch

suunto diving watches


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Suunto is a watch brand that is mainly characterized by its digital dials, very similar to those of smartwatches. Its models are equipped with various features, and their sober style makes them adaptable to any type of personality.

The Suunto Core Crush has an excellent track record of positive reviews that testify to functional and aesthetic success. It is a watch that adapts well to different environments, both in water (it is waterproof up to 30 meters) and on land. It unsurprisingly has features such as an altitude graph, a compass, a depth gauge for snorkeling, and a weather function.

The synthetic material used for the case and the strap lowers the weight and improves adherence to the wrist. It is also available in different colors.

Cressi Diver’s Watch

divers' watches cressi


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Cressi is a brand for those who love timepieces with a marine nature. The model we will talk about today contains several interesting features.

The first distinguishing element of this model is its availability in different colors (black, gray, blue, white, orange, yellow, green, and military green) and variations, either with a rubber, born (nylon), or steel strap.

You can choose the model closest to your aesthetic needs without affecting cost. Its water resistance reaches up to 100 meters / 328 feet, while the indications on the dial posit excellent legibility during the day and light up in the dark, thus making optimal visibility possible in all circumstances.

Diving Watch with GPS

diving watch with GPS


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Another very interesting feature that diver’s watch lovers appreciate is GPS functionality, which few watches on the market offer. Today we will talk about the Garmin Vivoactive 3 model, a watch famous for its quality and functionality.

This timepiece is not simply a timepiece, but also tracks processes such as cardio phases, ideal when participating in physical activities such as swimming and deep diving. It is also possible to set and visualize physical exercises such as yoga, cardio, gym workouts, running, and fitness swimming. It can also be interfaced with smartphones and external devices.

An ideal diving watch for men who want to keep up with the times.

Quartz Diving Watch

quartz diving watches


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If you prefer the precision and innovation of quartz watches to the ancient tradition of automatic watches, the Certina DS Action could be considered one of the best models to choose from, and comes with many features to boot.

The jubilee case and strap are made of high-strength steel, while the crown is perfectly integrated into the case, protecting it from knocks.

Certina is a Swiss brand that has always been characterized by its quality. The ocean blue dial follows along with the model’s its designation as a diver’s watch, with water resistance up to 200 meters / 656 feet deep. The indicators on the dial are covered with luminescent material, making for optimal reading even in low-light environments.

Luxury Diving Watch

luxury diving watches


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Luxury diving watches are expensive, made for those looking for not just a watch but a true work of art. Omega is one of the most renowned brands in this category, and the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean model is the watch we will talk about today.

This model is characterized by a sporty design, especially by the clearly visible, arrow-shaped hands on the dial. It has an automatic movement with a power reserve of 60 hours, as well as a date window at 3 o’clock.

It has a rotating and unidirectional bezel in black – the same color as the dial. Its impermeability reaches up to 600 meters / 1968 feet deep.

Its features include a helium escape valve, an anti-magnetic valve, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, luminescent hands, and a screw-down crown.

Bulova Diving Watch

Bulova diving watches


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Bulova diving watches are recognized for their excellent quality / price ratio. The Marine Star 98B203 is the model we will talk about today, a watch with excellent sales numbers and positive feedback.

It is characterized by a very sturdy case with a diameter of 43mm and a black bezel of remarkable dimensions. The design of the strap – with clasp closure– is set in line with the case, making its style very fluid rather than angular.

The thickness of the case is 10.5mm, a fairly small number compared to other models in the same category. There is a quartz movement of excellent quality inside, as well as a calendar function and the usual indications of seconds, minutes, and hours.

An excellent masculine-style watch for those looking for a quality model at a reasonable price. It is water resistant up to 100 meters / 328 feet.

German Diving Watch

German diving watches


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German watches follow a long tradition, and are very often comparable to Swiss watches in terms of quality. We could not, therefore, forget to add a German diving watch on our list of best watches.

The Junghans 014 / 4202.44 is a watch with a particular design, an ideal and highly noticeable model. The innumerable functions placed on the dial, such as a chronometer and a date window, are nothing less than hypnotic.

The materials with which it is made are ceramic and stainless steel, both for the case and the strap. It is water resistant up to 50 meters / 164 feet and has a sapphire crystal.

It’s an ideal watch for those who want to stand out from the crowd thanks to a brand that is very popular with industry experts.

Swatch Diving Watch

swatch diving watches


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Swatch is the best-selling watch brand in the world, so we could not fail to mention a model belonging to this company in our ranking. We decided to opt for the SUUK400 model, a very youthful watch suitable for daily use.

Its case is made of a special, semi-transparent plastic polymer that creates a sense of originality compared to all the other models we’ve talked about so far.

The black strap as flexible as it is adaptable, ideal for use without feeling any weight on the wrist. With a cost of less than 100 dollars, it’s a watch for those looking for an innovative but unpretentious model.

Breil Diving Watch

breil diving watches


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Breil has a long tradition in the realm of diving watches characterized by many successes. The model that we will here analyze retraces the history of the brand.

Camouflage graphics for both the fabric strap reflect a military style. The dial, with rotating bezel, showcases 2 different colors: black and green.

It runs on a MIYOTA movement, to give a name to the quality that distinguishes this timepiece. There is a date function at 3 o’clock.

A watch currently selling at a super offer that makes it a bargain in terms of quality / price ratio.

Russian Diving Military Watch

Russian diving watches


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Among diving watch enthusiasts, many appreciate models of Russian origin. These models often classify under the military watch category, in which Russia has always been one of the world leaders.

Vostok is a highly recognized and appreciated brand among fans thanks to a long historical tradition. The Vostok Komandirskie k-35 is the model we want to talk about today – a watch originally intended for the core of the defense department.

The strap is made of fabric, endlessly adjustable to make it comfortable on every wrist and in every eventuality. It is equipped with an automatic movement with 31 jewels – one of the highest numbers among all models, proving its high quality. It is waterproof up to 100 meters / 330 feet and sells at a really competitive cost. An overall great piece for collectors.

Festina Diver’s Watch

festina watch sub diver - divers watches festina


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Festina sits among the best-selling brands in the world, boasting a vast catalog of every type of watch, even those for diving enthusiasts.

The particular model that we will talk about is a watch whose design and style differ from the classic timepiece. The central part of the strap is set in Tapisserie style . The case features a bezel with a tachymeter indication.

The dial is black with blue inserts for the indicators. Made entirely of steel and with a water resistance up to 100 meters / 330 feet, it’s an ideal watch for any scenario, from the elegant to the sporty.

Female Diving Watch

Female Diving Watch


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Even girls and women have a predilection for diving watches, so we could not neglect to add a model intended for the fairer sex on our list of the best diving watches.

The Invicta Women’s Pro Diver 8942 is an elegant timepiece with very clean lines. It is characterized by its light blue dial.

The 3-link strap perfectly matches the case making the whole thing uniform. Both the case and the strap are made of shiny steel, a resistant yet elegant material.

The diameter of the case is 26mm – an ideal size for the female wrist – while its water resistance reaches up to 200 meters / 650 feet.

Navy diving watches

Navy diving watches


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The diver’s watches of the navy are destined for the greatest lovers of collector’s watches. These models have been part of salient moments in the history of the navy; having a timepiece of this kind is like wearing a piece of history on your wrist.

The model we will be dealing has a fabric strap (nylon) in black and a black steel case. On the dial, you can find the word “navy” at 6 o’clock, while at 12 o’clock you will find the emblem.

The white indications on the black dial are clearly visible, a common feature in models of military origin. An ideal model for those looking for a robust watch for excursions both on land and underwater.

Omega Diving Watch

omega diving watches


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Omega is probably the most famous and well-oriented brand when it comes to high-quality luxury diving watch enthusiasts. Most of the models of this brand sell for prices above 2,000 dollars, with models that reach 5,000 dollars and even 10,000 dollars.

When you buy an Omega, you’re effectively buying a luxury watch. The series dedicated to the realm of diver’s watches is called Seamaster, a collection with countless valuable pieces, such as the 41mm model with a 5-link jubilee strap and an automatic movement.

Its impermeability reaches up to 300 meters / 1000 feet, but the most professional models reach as much as 1,000 meters / 3300 feet.

Tauchmeister Diving Watch


Tauchmeister t0299 Diving Watch

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Tauchmeister is a watch brand specializing in professional diving watches. One of its most interesting models is the T0299, a watch whose 46mm diameter imbues it with a massive presence. It comes with a resistance of up to 1,000 meters / 3300 feet, a sapphire crystal, 24 hour indicators rather than 12, and an automatic mechanical movement.

The strap is made of silicone, a choice intended to reduce its weight and to provide a better grip on the wrist in difficult environments. The dial is characterized by 3 hands to indicate seconds, minutes, and hours, as well as a date window at 4 o’clock. The silver-colored back of the case is characterized by a design that testifies to the watch’s propensity for underwater environments.

In addition, it also has a helium escape valve and a crown at 4 o’clock. The price is really cheap considering all the features that characterize it, which is why it can be called one of the best cheap diving watches currently on the market.

American Hamilton Diving Watch

American Hamilton diving watches


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If you are passionate about American diving watches, then the ideal choice of watch almost certainly sits among the models of the Hamilton brand. Despite the fact that this company has a long tradition in the aviator watch sector, it managed to expand to models more suited for land and water over time. The khaki navy scuba auto models are an example.

The model we will discuss today – and which we would like to recommend for possible purchase – is the H82305931, a watch with an affordable price but with high levels of quality and performance.

The first noteworthy feature is the color of its bezel: partly black and partly orange, a color combination rarely found on other models or brands, making it easily recognizable even from a distance.

In the tradition of diver watches, the buckle strap is made in nylon, an ultra-resistant and very malleable material, ideal for adhering perfectly to the wrist.

A Swiss automatic movement, water resistance up to 100 meters / 330 feet, and a sapphire crystal are further proof of the quality of this model.

Diving Watch with Helium Escape Valve

diving watches with helium valve


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Diving watches with helium escape valves are made for those who frequently dive in very low depths. Oftentimes, an overly-fast descent can bring about an internal pressure too high for the watch to handle, leading to breakage. So having a mechanism like a leakage valve can prevent such an event.

An interesting watch with this functionality is the Mido Ocean Star Diver, a professional diving watch with a resistance of up to 600 meters /2000 feet.

The design is very compact, a feature which should not be underestimated for extreme dives. The color of the dial and the bezel is very similar to the color of the sea, just to emphasize its diver’s aesthetic.

The movement is automatic, the case and strap are in steel, the case diameter comes out to 43.5 mm, and the strap width is 22mm. A very beautiful and aesthetic watch.

Final considerations and opinions

Buying a diving watch can be a complicated process due to the countless models currently on sale, so choosing from the models proposed here can help simplify such difficulties. The price ranges are very variable depending on the brand, the material that the watch is made of, or its features. The Seiko and Citizen models represent the best combination for those simultaneously looking for cheapness and quality, with top models comparable even to those of much more noble and professional brands like Omega or Longines.

If the list we have proposed did not help you to choose the model that most characterizes you, you can ask our experts for further assistance. We will help you choose the best model, or answer any of your technical and commercial questions. You can make a request through the comments section below or by sending an email through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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