The 46 Best Casio G-Shock Watches to Buy

by luxwatch

The watches belonging to the Casio G-Shock collection are simply phenomenal. Not surprisingly, there are many enthusiasts who try to buy the most beautiful models produced by the Japanese brand Casio. Over time, the brand has constantly tried to improve the quality of the watches they produce, in order to seek absolute perfection.

Unlike common wristwatches, Casio G-Shock models have multiple functions that make them versatile and useful in different circumstances. For example, most watches have features such as a daily alarm, dual time zone, solar charging, stopwatch, pedometer, altimeter and Bluetooth.

In addition, the wristwatches in question stand out thanks to their incredibly resistant, anti-shock, anti-vibration and waterproof design.


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A List of the Best Casio G-Shock Watches

This list will include the best models of the entire collection, available for men, women and children, including the most famous collections such as Mudmaster and Rangeman, in colors like black, blue and green, and made from a range of materials such as steel, resin, rubber and carbon.

Each model will have a link to purchase, so you can buy these watches with the necessary protection, at incredibly affordable prices. 

So here are the best Casio G-Shock watches on the market, models that cannot be missing from your collection!


Casio G-Shock Mudmaster

casio g-shock mudmaster

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The Casio G-Shock Mudmaster is a fabulous model for those who want a youthful and assertive watch. The sporty style of the timepiece is fantastic, with a practical and adaptable design from all points of view. 

The watch is perfect for your sporting adventures, since it manages to withstand up to 660 feet underwater and is very compact, thanks to the resin case, which is capable of withstanding extreme contact with the elements. 

The Casio G-Shock has an elegant black dial and numerous functions that make this model much more than just a watch. For example, you can set the date so that it always shows the exact date with absolute precision, and with a practical button, you can illuminate the watch. In short, a real must for sports adrenaline lovers!


Casio G-Shock Steel

Casio G-Shock Steel


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This Casio G-Shock in steel is among the best and is absolutely elegant. In fact, thanks to the silver coating on the case and strap, this timepiece manages to be truly refined, a jewel to be worn on the wrist for all those who seek an elegant style, without giving up their athletic disposition.

The dial works with quartz movement, but this Casio also has a digital sub-dial, capable of showing the time in 24-hour format. The latter can be customized by setting a different time zone from your own. In addition, the dial is excellently protected, thanks to the mineral glass. 

Buying this model is almost an obligation for those who consider themselves passionate about sports watches and more.


Casio G-Shock Black

Casio G-Shock Black


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The black timepiece has a very special design. In fact, its dial is rectangular and has no hands, being completely digital. The time is indicated in 24-hour format and is always accurate, thanks to the radio signal reception implemented in the model. 

This men’s wristwatch from the Casio brand offers a variety of possibilities. In addition to operating like a classic watch, the timepiece also has chronograph and alarm functions. In addition, five daily alarms can be set. 

The construction of the model is shockproof, an aspect that guarantees excellent longevity for the watch. The price of this Casio G-Shock Black slightly exceeds 100 dollars, so it is a real bargain for those who want to ensure a quality timepiece without spending excessive amounts.


Casio G-Shock DW-5600

Casio g-shock dw-5600

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The Casio G-Shock DW-5600 is a casual style men’s watch. In fact, this Casio model is perfect for leisure occasions, when maybe you go out to spend a relaxed or fun evening with friends. 

The model has a very comfortable resin strap, with a buckle that is also easy to open and close. According to some reviews, wearing this wristwatch is fabulous, as it does not create any discomfort of any kind, even for prolonged periods of time. 

The dial covered with mineral glass is completely digital and the small LCD screen can be illuminated by pressing a simple button at 4 o’clock.


Casio G-Shock Bluetooth

Casio g-shock bluetooth

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This is a model different from all the others. This timepiece makes use of the Bluetooth function, which allows you to connect the wristwatch to your smartphone and control some functions by downloading the G-Shock Connected app on your phone. 

Even on the aesthetic side, the Casio G-Shock Bluetooth is notable and ranks among the best. The entire model is completely white, a candid sporty design that manages to enchant anyone who observes it. In addition, with this model it is possible to use the hand-concealment function, highlighting the digital displays on the dial, reading clearly the information provided by the chronograph and the date. 

The cost of the Casio wristwatch approaches 100 dollars, making it one of the best 100-dollar watches available, and a full-blown deal to be seized immediately, thanks to the advantageous quality / price ratio.


Casio G-Shock Rangeman

Casio g-shock rangeman

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The Rangeman is an assertive and compact design model. Thanks to its particular aesthetic style, it is capable of resisting collisions of any kind. It is a small wrist “tank”, and is robust and leathery.

This watch is digital and has multiple functions on its round dial. Those who wear the Casio G-Shock Rangeman, in addition to checking the time, can orient themselves using the compass of the sub-dial or check the temperature with the thermometer function. The watch also has barometer and altimeter functionality. 

This Casio model is incredibly versatile. It is one of the best, perfect for those who love outdoor adventures and participate in sports such as trekking and climbing.


Casio G-Shock Protection

Casio g-shock protection

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The Casio G-Shock Protection is a watch with an analog-digital-type dial. In fact, this model has two hands to indicate the time, while for other functions it uses a practical and clear LCD screen. The round dial is really nice to look at, thanks to the contrast between the black background of the dial and the blue hands and hour markers. 

The glass that protects the dial is mineral glass and the durability of the model is ensured by the robust case and solid strap, elements made of resin. This men’s wristwatch from the Casio brand allows you to view the exact date with an efficient digital date display. 

The watch is water-resistant to 660 feet (making it one of the best diving watches) and many customers who bought it previously believe that not even a nuclear catastrophe would be able to scratch it!


Casio G-Shock Gold

Casio G-Shock Gold


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This wrist jewel is a special model, perhaps one of the most elegant belonging to this collection. The real strength of the timepiece lies in its hue, a shining gold that dazzles anyone who looks at it. In addition, the wristwatch can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

The octagonal dial is totally digital, and black in color, while the strap and case are made of stainless steel and give the model the right degree of protection.

The Casio G-Shock Gold, belonging to the Casio Gold watch collection, is a wonderful gift idea, a wristwatch that manages to please not only fans of the sector, but anyone who loves quality accessories. 


Casio G-Shock Steel

Casio g shock steel

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The Casio G-Shock Steel has a bewitching design, capably combining classic and sporty elements. The aesthetic style of the watch plays on two colors, black and metallic silver. In fact, on the round dial, they repeat themselves in an extremely beautiful magnetic mix. 

Around the silver bezel, there is also the crown at 3 o’clock and various buttons that allow you to use the special features of the watch, such as the Bluetooth connection to your phone and the illumination of the dial. There is also a very nice little date window at 4 o’clock. 

Although the quality is very high, the watch has an advantageous cost, with a price close to 300 dollars.


Casio G-Shock Tough Solar

casio g shock tough solar

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Among the many amazing models in the collection, this watch has an interesting function, which allows it to recharge independently, but above all ecologically. A real plus for those who seek to respect the environment but do not want to deprive themselves of a functional accessory. 

The Casio G-Shock Tough Solar has perhaps a rougher design than other watches, with less of the finer details. Still, the timepiece is extremely resistant, being able to count on a resin strap and an acrylic case. The watch face is digital and there are several functions that can be used, among which the timer, the chronograph and the alarm clock stand out. 

The cost of the model is amazing, close to 50 dollars, and a deal not to be missed!


Casio G-Shock Camouflage

Casio g shock camouflage

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The Casio G-Shock Camouflage, as you can guess from its name, has a different shade from the standard watches, and recalls the camouflage of military uniforms. Just like a valiant army soldier, this watch is incredibly tenacious, capable of resisting in difficult situations. Not surprisingly, the model has an anti-shock design and is anti-magnetic. 

In addition, thanks to this timepiece, it will be possible to set 29 different time zones from your own. Other interesting options present in the model are that of timer and of the fully customizable daily alarm. 

According to the reviews, this men’s wristwatch is a precise and robust model, excellent for those who consider themselves a pragmatic type, dedicated to practical and immediate action.


Casio G-Shock Baby

Casio g-shock baby

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Without a doubt, one of the best women’s models in this special collection. Its design is candid and refined thanks to a white shade that envelops the entire timepiece. With graceful attention to the smallest details, the Casio G-Shock Baby is a wristwatch suitable for every occasion, and is fine and elegant. 

From the point of view of the technical characteristics, this model of the Casio brand has a digital dial, is anti-shock and is capable of resisting water up to 660 feet. Furthermore, the watch allows you to set a second time zone and has the automatic calendar function. 

The resin strap is very comfortable to wear, and easy to close thanks to a practical buckle. The watch will not create any discomfort on the wrist, since its weight is light – just 47 grams.


Casio G-Shock GA 2100-1A1

Casio g-shock ga 2100-1a1

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The Casio G-Shock with reference GA 2100-1A1 is a unisex model with a minimal style. In fact, there are few details on the entire watch, with the case and strap entirely covered in a black shade. 

The case is covered in rubber with a diameter measuring 45 millimeters. The only elements that stand out in this flood of black are the indexes and hands, finely worked in metallic gray. Thanks to this contrast, it is possible to quickly locate the precise time, even from a fleeting glance at the round dial of the watch. 

This Casio timepiece is powered by a Japanese quartz movement and is able to provide the exact day and date by relying on the digital automatic calendar function.


Casio G-Shock Vintage

Casio g shock vintage

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A fantastic model that manages to combine a retro style with the latest generation of technological features. The Casio G-Shock Vintage does not have a particularly decorated style, but in its simplicity, it manages to be elegant and understated. 

The wristwatch is very comfortable, with a resin case and strap – resin is a comfortable but also very resistant material. The digital dial allows you to observe the precise time, the correct date and day, and functionality such as an alarm or countdown. 

The watch can resist water up to 660 feet, making it ideal for diving too. Furthermore, thanks to the lighting of the octagonal dial, it is possible to admire it even in places with little light.


Casio G-Shock Green

Casio G-Shock Green

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One of the best models is the Casio G-Shock Green. It stands out from the other models in this collection because it has an exceptionally robust and solid design. Not surprisingly, this timepiece relies on an anti-shock construction capable of resisting shocks, vibrations and blows of any kind. Greater protection is ensured by the mineral glass that protects the round dial, which is definitely impossible to scratch. 

Another aspect that amazes watch lovers is the longevity of the battery, which can last up to 10 years. In addition to the assertive design, many enthusiasts who purchased it were able to see how the aesthetic style of this timepiece is truly fascinating. 

The price of this Casio watch is close to 100 dollars, a really ridiculous cost considering the features offered.


Casio G-Shock B5000

Casio g shock b5000

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The Casio G-Shock B5000 looks like a model that came straight from the future, and is among the best in the collection. Its design manages to leave you speechless, with a shiny metallic black color of incredible workmanship. The diameter of the case is 43 mm, adapting perfectly to your wrist. 

Showing off this Casio will be a source of pride. In addition to being very nice to look at, the watch also has amazing features, such as the Bluetooth connection to your smartphone and the lighting of the entire digital dial. 

The watch does not have a crown, but on the side of the case you will find four different buttons that allow you to adjust the various settings of this Casio G-Shock.


Casio G-Shock Military Green

Casio G-Shock Military Green


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This special G-Shock model with military green coloring is an absolute must for those who love sports activities and frantic adrenaline-laden actions. In fact, this timepiece will prove to be a true ally, enabling you to survive in difficult and less comfortable situations. 

The watch’s design is exceptionally solid, with an anti-shock construction capable of withstanding any violent blow without ever being damaged. The dial has no numbers, and only military green hour markers that immediately stand out and draw the eye. Two small hands allow you to quickly identify the time.

The Casio G-Shock Military Green model manages to resist water up to a maximum of 660 feet and the lifetime of its battery is about 5 years.


Casio G-Shock DW6900

Casio g shock dw 6900

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The Casio G-Shock with reference DW6900 is an alternative model, different from the usual ones. In fact, this watch has a more informal style, especially suitable for kids who want to have a watch on their wrist to show off when they are in the company of their friends. 

The dial is digital and allows you to use various fully customizable features, such as stopwatch and alarm clock. The strap of the timepiece is made of rubber, and feels soft and delicate in contact with the skin. 

The price of this watch is in the medium range, an affordable model that comes in around 150 dollars.


Casio G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000

Casio g-shock rangeman gpr-b1000

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The design of the Casio G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000 is incredibly innovative. This watch manages to break all the style conventions of common watches and has an alternative but exceptionally fascinating construction. The dial is round and recalls the style of an analog timepiece, but in the center, there is a high-quality LCD screen. 

The Rangeman watch offers the enthusiast who buys it the possibility of connecting to a smartphone through the dedicated app, with which you can even set maps with GPS and save them on the watch. Also spectacular is the solar recharge of this G-Shock, which works very well. 

Buying this model is almost an obligation for all those who consider themselves fans of watches made by the Japanese brand and beyond.


Casio G-Shock DW-5600BB-1ER

Casio g-shock dw-5600bb-1er

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This fantastic watch does not have a style rich in aesthetic details, but this does not mean it is rough or uncared for. On the contrary, with its minimal design and its dark hue, this watch is able to give a note of refinement to its image, a true touch of elegance. 

The small digital rectangular dial allows you to view the time in 24-hour format. Furthermore, the timepiece also has an automatic calendar that after the first activation will be able to provide exact data at any time. 

Those who have purchased the Casio G-Shock with reference DW-5600BB-1ER appreciate the small size, which allows them to move independently and without complications, even when practicing physical activities such as fitness or jogging.


Casio G-Shock GW-M5610-1ER

Casio g-shock gw-m5610-1er

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If you could summarize this accessory in a few words, it would suffice to say that it is a classic model of the collection. The octagonal dial is digital, with a very clear LCD screen that can also light up quickly, thanks to a simple movement of the wrist. 

The various features of the Casio G-Shock GW-M5610-1ER, one of the best models available, include the possibility of setting 5 daily alarms and the 1/100 stopwatch. This timepiece then implements a radio reception system to be able to show the exact time at any time. 

This men’s wristwatch is recharged with solar energy and the anti-shock construction allows you not to worry about impacts or violent contact with other surfaces.


Casio G-Shock DW 5600BB

Casio g shock dw 5600bb

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This model has simple but essential features for those who want a multi-tasking watch, so to speak. First of all, the watch is impact-resistant and is able to last over time, with a longevity that exceeds common standards.

The digital dial of this timepiece is able to show the precise time in a 24-hour format, and the date and day of the week at any time, thanks to the automatic calendar option – a function that replaces the date of the classic watches. The model is then waterproof up to 660 feet and can be used for diving or snorkeling. 

The cost of the Casio G-Shock with reference DW 5600bb approaches 100 dollars, so it is a good opportunity for those who want to treat themselves to an inexpensive gift.


Casio G-Shock DW-5600E-1VER

Casio g-shock dw-5600e-1ver

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The Casio G-Shock DW-5600-1VER has a digital dial with total illumination, that is activated by pressing a small button on the side area of ​​the watch case. In addition, on the dial you can also take a look at the precise date, regulated by an automatic calendar. 

The battery resistance of this model lasts approximately 2 years. In addition, this wristwatch is easy to put on, thanks to a practical 28mm resin strap that has a buckle closure. The weight of the model is about 50 grams. 

Many reviews testify that this model is one of the best G-Shocks available, suitable for any location: beach, snow and urban areas, and they also highlight the fantastic resilience of its mineral glass.


Casio G-Shock Best-Selling Watch

Casio G-Shock Best-Selling Watch


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The best-selling Casio G-Shock is this special model. The dial has a round shape with detailed indexes and metal hands and is very beautiful to look at. On the dial there are two small LCD screens that can be used to view the date or set the stopwatch. 

The construction of this timepiece allows it to withstand shocks and it is also anti-magnetic. The resistance of the model is ensured by the resin case, waterproofing up to 660 feet and mineral glass. 

This model is also the best-selling one because its cost is close to 80 dollars, and such a quality / price ratio is absolutely advantageous.


Casio G-Shock White

Casio G-Shock White


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The Casio G-Shock White is a splendid model, of exceptional elegance, and stands out from others, thanks to the bright white hue that permeates elements such as the case, strap and bezel. 

The watch is very light, just 53 grams, with a case and strap made of resin. The timetable can be viewed in 2 different formats: 12/24 hours, depending on your personal tastes. It also has a stopwatch function. 

This G-Shock is suitable in many situations and can be worn both in more professional settings and for leisure-time occasions.


Casio G-Shock Limited Edition

Casio G-Shock Limited Edition


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This limited edition Casio G-Shock has a different sporting style than the other models in the collection. Compared to other watches of its kind, the design of this limited edition is much more linear, subtle and with numerous decorations in bright colors. The predominant shade is black, with pink and blue patterns intertwining with each other. 

The dial is digital and can be used as a timer, stopwatch or daily alarm, using the buttons on the side of the case. There is also a lighting system that revives the entire LCD screen. 

The watch can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to view the exact time, thanks to the reception of the radio signal.


Casio G-Shock Resist

Casio g shock resist

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This wristwatch manages to perfectly implement an analog dial and other visual options available on the LCD screens upon the dial, which is round. The stylistic contrast of this timepiece is distinctive, with a camouflage dial and golden hour markers and hands. 

The watch is impact-resistant, thanks to the resin case with a diameter of about 50 millimeters. The strap is made of synthetic resin, is 26mm wide and has a buckle closure. 

The opinions of those who have purchased this Casio model in the past state that this timepiece is one of the best, excellent for those who want to practice outdoor sports without worrying about it taking any damage.


Casio G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400-1ER

Casio g-shock rangeman gw-9400-1er

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The Casio G-Shock Rangeman with reference GW-9400-1ER is an incredible timepiece from many points of view. It is no coincidence that those who want to own a watch of a high-quality level often choose to buy a timepiece produced by the Japanese brand. 

It should be noted that this model has dozens of different options such as an automatic and complete LED super-full light, an altimeter, a stopwatch, an electronic compass, a countdown timer, a barometer and an alarm function. 

In addition, the design of the watch makes it shockproof and the model is waterproof up to 660 feet. Its cost is quite high compared to the standard, as it reaches 300 dollars, but it is really worth buying what can be considered one of the best G-Shocks on the market.


Casio G-Shock Full Metal GMW-B5000D-1ER

Casio g-shock Full metal gmw-b5000d-1er

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This Casio G-Shock has a very elegant design. The refinement of this special timepiece is shown in the shiny silver hue that completely floods all parts of the model. Not surprisingly, the case and strap are made of stainless steel and in addition to being wonderful to look at, they are also very resistant. 

Like all the best Casio G-Shocks, this Full Metal model also has cutting-edge functions. For example, it is waterproof up to 330 feet and has a solar charging system. 

Some reviews of customers who purchased this model previously have appreciated the vintage style of the model, which is reminiscent of the first digital watches, in particular regarding some details on the LCD screen.


Casio G-Shock 2100

Casio g-shock 2100

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This men’s timepiece is suitable for those who want to give others a proud and decisive image of their person. What is striking about this model is the camouflage bezel, an element that stands out clearly from the black case and strap. 

The face of the watch is round, protected by a resistant mineral glass. On the dial there is also a small LCD screen that can be used as a date. 

The price of the Casio G-Shock 2100 watch is really low, since the total cost does not even reach 100 dollars.


Casio G-Shock Smartwatch

Casio g shock smartwatch

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Those who define themselves as tech-savvy and who love fashionable accessories will surely appreciate the Casio G-Shock Smartwatch. In fact, the dial of this wristwatch from the Japanese brand is completely digital and has some incredible options. 

The timepiece has a smart Bluetooth connection that allows you to establish a connection with your smartphone and manage all the functions. The watch can also be considered a great accessory for physical activities, since it has a pedometer and stopwatch function. 

The construction of this watch is shockproof, an aspect that allows it to remain unscathed any violent contact with other surfaces. Also noteworthy is the comfortable strap, made of resin, with a width that reaches 27 mm.


Casio G-Shock Orange

Casio G-Shock Orange


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What is the ideal model to give to your child? Obviously the Casio G-Shock Orange! This timepiece has a very bright orange hue that makes the model appear quite nice too. 

The analog dial is nicely designed, and in its background is a practical LCD screen, capable of indicating both precise date and day, thanks to an efficient automatic calendar. The case is made of resin, as is the strap, and is able to better protect the timepiece. 

The cost of the watch approaches 150 dollars, which is quite cheap if you consider the quality of this Casio model. In addition, this timepiece is a perfect gift idea for occasions such as name days and birthdays.


Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1A5ER

Casio g-shock mudmaster gg-1000-1a5er 30

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The Casio G-Shock Mudmaster with reference GG-1000-1A5ER is a men’s wristwatch that has a sporty and innovative design. Its round dial possesses a mix of analog and digital elements. In fact, there are numbers and index hands on the dial, which are then accompanied by two LCD screens that indicate the date and time. 

On the side of the case there are also two buttons that allow you to change the common functions of the Casio G-Shock. With this special timepiece, in fact, it is possible to use tools such as a thermometer and a compass. 

This wristwatch is water-resistant, with a level of impermeability capable of withstanding up to 20 bar, the equivalent of 660 feet of depth.


Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary

Casio g-shock 35th anniversary

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The Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary is a fantastic jewel, from a design point of view. In fact, the aesthetic style of this timepiece is fabulous and original in every detail. Elements such as the strap and bezel are made of transparent resin allowing maximum visibility of the stainless steel case, splendid in its golden hue. 

The watch has special features, such as customizing various daily alarms and illuminating the entire digital dial. There is also an automatic calendar capable of indicating the date and day with absolute precision. 

The weight of the watch is minimal, just 78 grams, and showing off this model will be a source of pride for every watch enthusiast.


Casio G-Shock GD-350-1BER

Casio g-shock gd-350-1ber

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The Casio G-Shock with reference GD-350-1BER is the model suitable for those who want an accessory to wear on their wrist that is able to combine innovation and elegance. The refinement of this model is given by the shade of black that completely covers many elements of the Casio G-Shock. 

It has a round, digital dial capable of offering different functional options. In addition to indicating the time precisely, the watch allows you to set a daily alarm, activate the chronograph, illuminate the dial or select a different time zone. 

Even in the design, the model proves flawless, since it is resistant to damage and shock, and is able to withstand up to 660 feet underwater.


Casio G-Shock 7900

Casio g-shock 7900

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The Casio G-Shock 7900 is an efficient and practical watch. Many fans who have decided to buy it consider it one of the most comfortable on the wrist, thanks to its not-excessive weight of just 71 grams, and the size of the acrylic case, with a diameter of 50 millimeters.

The watch has an ecological solar recharge function, and for this reason it is sufficient to keep it in the sun in order to guarantee a good longevity. It can also be used as an alarm clock or as a stopwatch, thanks to the many functions available, adjustable through the buttons on the side of the case. 

The cost of this model approaches 120 dollars, a real bargain for those who want to add it to their personal collection.


Casio G-Shock GA-2100-1AJF

Casio g-shock ga-2100-1aer

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The Casio G-Shock with reference GA-2100-1AJF is a unisex wristwatch capable of captivating anyone who looks at its design. The model plays with two particular shades, namely black and metallic gray. Elements such as the bezel, case, strap and dial are completely black. The only contrast is given by metallic gray hands and indexes. 

The watch strap is made of resin and has a very practical closure system, with a simple buckle to close. The round dial is protected by a mineral glass which resists scratches excellently. 

This model, belonging to the G-Shock collection, brings to any enthusiast useful and interesting functions such as digital date, stopwatch and countdown timer.


Casio G-Shock Step Tracker

Casio g shock step tracker

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The Casio G-Shock Step Tracker is a wristwatch suitable for all those who consider themselves lovers of sport and physical activities. The functions of this special timepiece are optimized to assist athletes in their daily training. 

For example, you can take your results into account through the lap memory, capable of recording up to 200 laps. You can also record your times with the stopwatch function and view the steps taken with the pedometer. The watch also has Bluetooth capability to create a direct connection with your personal smartphone and manage additional options from the Casio G-Shock Connected app. 

The cost of the watch is around 80 dollars and it is really worth giving yourself a gift.


Casio G-Shock The Origin

Casio g-shock the origin

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The Origin model is the one that launched the myths surrounding this fabulous collection. This timepiece is a fabulous mix of elegance and technology in a vintage style. 

The strap of this model is extremely comfortable. Also to be noted is the LCD screen of the watch, set in an octagonal dial and protected by a shiny silver bezel. 

The watch does not have a crown, but on the sides of the case there are buttons that allow you to adjust the functions of the timepiece, including the stopwatch, light and alarm.


Casio G-Shock 5522

Casio g shock 5522

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The Casio G-Shock with reference 5522 has an assertive and sporty design, capable of leaving collectors and enthusiasts open-mouthed. This men’s timepiece has a round copper-colored dial, shining in every detail. The dial is perfectly protected by mineral glass and the entire anti-vibration and anti-shock construction of the model. 

The dial is analog but implements a small LCD screen that can take on the display of a digital date, thanks to the personalized calendar option. 

Those who love watches might think that the cost of this Casio is really very high, but in reality, with the price of the timepiece at approximately 130 dollars, it is one of the best in the catalog.


Casio G-Shock Carbon

Casio g shock carbon

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This wristwatch is a high-class model, perhaps one of the most elegant of the entire collection created by the Japanese brand. This timepiece has a very large, fully analog round dial, immersed in a fabulous blue hue. 

The structure of the watch is solid and robust, and very resistant thanks to the implementation of carbon, which guarantees perfect longevity to the model. In addition, the crown allows you to decisively adjust the setup of the fabulous gray hands. Then, a sub-dial shows the day of the week with abbreviations in English, accompanied by a classic-style date. 

This G-Shock, thanks to its refined style, should always be on the wrist of those who want to maintain a high-class image, transmitting success and absolute professionalism to others.


Casio G-Shock Carbon Core

Casio g shock carbon core

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This timepiece has a sporty style accompanied by a complex but extremely beautiful design, thanks in part to its carbon structure. What immediately catches the eye while admiring the Casio G-Shock Carbon Core is the silver bezel, which perfectly frames the round and black dial of the model. 

This men’s wristwatch manages to connect to a mobile phone through the dedicated Casio app, allowing you to establish a constant and useful connection. It also has an intelligent energy saving function, which is activated whenever a device is not used.

The Carbon Core model can be used practically anywhere, since the structure of the watch is extremely resistant and its waterproofness is guaranteed up to 660 feet.


Casio G-Shock Triple Sensor

Casio g shock triple sensor

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The Casio G-Shock Triple Sensor has a design that can be compared in no uncertain terms to a real suit of armor. The case of the timepiece is made of resin and many call this model the most resistant of the entire G-Shock collection. 

To appreciate the many functions of this watch, is necessary to mention the altimeter, barometer, electronic compass, countdown timer and alarm clock. In addition, despite its dimensions being above the standard, this timepiece does not create problems on the wrist, thanks to a weight of just 80 grams. 

The watch face is totally digital and shows the time in a 24-hour format. Furthermore, with this model, it will also be possible to set a different time zone from your own.


Casio G-Shock Camo

Casio g shock camo

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Despite the particular aesthetic style, the Casio G-Shock Camo manages to be very refined. At the same time, this timepiece is truly original and stands out from all the other models belonging to the G-Shock collection. The predominant color of the watch is camouflage gray. 

The watch face is round and analog, with black hands and hour markers. Inside the dial there is also an LCD screen that acts as a digital date, and shows both the day and the date. 

Available functions include the stopwatch and the daily alarm. The cost is around 130 dollars, a real bargain for those who want to secure a nice watch different from the norm.


Casio G-Shock 100

Casio g shock 100

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The Casio G-Shock 100 has some very interesting features. First of all, the option Super Auto Led is to be highlighted, which allows you to illuminate the face of the watch through a simple movement of the wrist. 

Also note the anti-shock construction of the timepiece, which is capable of protecting the device from all the usual hazards. The round dial is instead protected by robust and scratch-resistant mineral glass. Another feature is the exceptional longevity of the battery, which can last up to 7 years without problems. 

This model lends itself to the needs of athletes, since it is also resistant to water up to 660 feet. Its selling price is around 80 dollars – excellent for those who want a quality accessory without spending a fortune.


Casio G-Shock King

Casio g-shock king

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According to many fans who have tried this model, the Casio G-Shock King is considered to be a small Panzer to wear on your wrist. Nothing detracts from this model, with a resin case and strap that cushion shocks to perfection. 

Contrary to what one might think, the watch turns out to be very practical and comfortable, thanks in particular to its buckle closure, and also due to the weight of the model which reaches 86 grams. The octagonal dial is digital and allows you to locate the exact time, thanks to the 24 hour format. 

This Casio brand watch is also versatile and those who own it can use functions such as the stopwatch, personalized daily alarm and time zone.


Final Thoughts

Now you are really aware of the best G-Shocks on the market today. To ensure you can get the model best suited to your requirements, all you have to do is click on the relevant link. You will be redirected to one of the best e-commerce sites on the web, capable of offering you the product at an affordable price and guaranteeing very short delivery times and safety.

You will have absolute confidence that you are buying an original model in every detail and you will not have to fear fakes. 

If instead you would like to receive suggestions on the model to buy, don’t worry! Contact us now and we will be happy to give you the appropriate advice to make you choose the right watch for you!

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