The 28 Best Casio Gold Watches – Here Is What They Are

by luxwatch

Casio is one of the most widely sold and appreciated watch brands in the world. One of the most popular collections is that of Casio Gold, so called because of their color, identical to the natural shade of gold – more in regard to yellow gold than pink.

The brand has dedicated different models to both its male and female audiences, which makes choosing the model that best suits your needs really simple. The collection stands out for its elegant, sporty, vintage, and classic models.

Today we’re going to analyze which Casio Gold watches are the best to buy, according to the reviews and opinions regarding this collection. We will analyze the best-selling models, the cheapest ones, and also the most expensive ones set in real gold.

Particular attention will also be paid to models currently on offer with which it is possible to make a great deal. Indeed, relative to the quality of these strikingly-colored timepieces, the prices can be quite affordable.

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Best Casio Gold Watches List

After analyzing the extensive catalog, we decided to offer you a ranking of the best 28 models that you should consider for a possible purchase. The list is not set in order of importance, but all the different styles of watches that can currently be found on the market were taken into consideration.

You can find a purchase button below each model to view the best price currently available, as well as the features in detail. Let’s start immediately with the first model in our ranking:

Casio Rose Gold

casio rose gold


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Among the most requested and appreciated models of the Casio Gold series are the rose gold ones. The B650WC-5AEF is the specific model we are offering you today.

The case and strap are both made of rose gold-colored steel, which makes this model distinguishable from the majority of watches on the market. Even the digital dial takes on this color, making it a simultaneously elegant and sporty watch, ideal to wear in any eventuality.

Its features are innumerable, and include a chronograph function, a calendar, a LED function for visibility even in low-light environments, and impermeability.

All these functions combined with an economical price currently on offer make it a great buy, as further evidenced by the excellent reviews written by those who purchased this timepiece.

Gold-colored Casio

Gold-colored Casio


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Among the most interesting and best-selling gold-colored Casios, we find model A168WG-9EF, a watch with a very balanced design adaptable to both the male and female wrists thanks to the case diameter of about 37mm.

The mesh strap is made in a highly sought-after style usually found on more expensive watches, perfectly lined up to match the case.

This model also features innumerable functionalities on the digital dial, such as a date and day display, as well as an alarm clock.

The autonomy of its quartz movement is almost infinite thanks to a more than 7-year duration, which makes it apocalypse-proof.

Casio Gold Girl’s Watch LA670WEGA-1EF

watch casio gold girl LA670WEGA-1EF


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Casio Gold models have a more elegant style than their classic Casio counterparts, which is why they are an excellent option for a girl’s wrist. One of the most popular watches for women is the Casio LA670WEGA-1EF model.

This model has a clean design, featuring a really well-made steel bracelet strap with adjustable clasp that can suit different personalities. Combined with its currently promoted cost, and by virtue of countless positive reviews, it is one of the best ladies watches out there. Also recommended as a gift for your partner.

Small Gold Casio

small gold casio

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Casio Gold watches are very comfortable thanks to their small size. Small models like the A159WGEA-5EF present an excellent opportunity among the available models.

The case has a square shape, with bevels on the edges that give it a cleaner line, while the strap is made with 5 links makes for a refined style.

In addition to its small size, this model’s weight is also among the lowest, making it almost imperceptible when on the wrist. A great model if you’re looking for a small Casio.

Casio Gold Men’s Watch A159WGEA-1EF

casio gold watch man A159WGEA-1EF

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This model is similar to the previous one, but because of its black dial, it is recommended to a male audience. There are many features, such as a calendar, a chronograph, a backlight, an alarm clock, and waterproofing – all of which makes the digital dial very professional. With various, simple-to-read indications and buttons present at the end of the case, interacting with the features provided is easy.

It’s a watch that can be combined with any type of outfit, and sells at a cost lower than its actual value,. Recommended for all those looking for a distinguishable yet accessible watch.

Casio Gold and Black

casio watch gold and black


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Unlike the Casio Gold models of which we have already spoken, the A168WEGB-1BEF model is characterized by 2 main colors: gold for the case and black for the strap and dial.

The result of this combination is really interesting, creating a style that sets it apart from other more famous watches.

The weight is quite low thanks to the resin case and the watch’s small size, making it comfortable and suitable for daily use.

We also recommend buying this watch because of the great price currently on offer.

Casio G-Shock Gold

casio g shock gold


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The Casio G-Shock Gold is the most famous model of the Japanese brand, ideal for those looking for a quality watch with excellent features such as strength, reliability, and functionality.

The design is successful in conveying a sense of masculinity thanks to the solid case and strap, features commonly found among luxury watches.

The features of this watch are truly endless: a Bluetooth function to interface with your smartphone, a solar cell for battery power, radio-controlled time, a chronograph, a phone search function – and these are just some of the features included in this avant-garde timepiece.

An ideal watch to keep up with the times, and for those who want to be noticed.

Casio Rose Gold Small

casio rose gold small

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A Casio watch with pink gold coloring, it exhibits a more feminine style than the male model. Right from the start, we can see its clean linearity with a perfectly integrated case and strap.

At less than 50 grams, the weight makes it really light and comfortable; once you put it on, you’ll forget that it’s on your wrist.

The cost is the strong point of this gold-colored Casio watch. At a price of around 30 dollars, you can buy a model whose real value is much greater.

Casio Gold and Silver

casio gold and silver

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Casio Gold and Silver is a watch that is characterized mostly by its silver color (derived from steel), in addition to the gold color used for the details of the dial.

This watch is less showy than the other models we have talked about, which makes it ideal to wear for any occasion.

There are countless functionalities and features, such as waterproofing, backlighting, a calendar, and an alarm clock.

A watch with a successful design and excellent functionality, it is one of the best Casio models in terms of the quality / price ratio.

Casio Military Gold

military gold casio

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Casio Military Gold is an outside-of-the-box kind of watch, characterized by its camouflage-colored dial, ideal to pair with youthful and fashionable outfits.

Its features are among the most common, including an alarm clock, a backlit dial, and an excellent precision chronograph.

The steel strap increases the quality of this Casio Gold – which can be purchased at a very attractive price.

Casio Black Gold

casio gold and black

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A watch characterized by two main colors – black and gold – combined with a clean and linear design, it is ideal for a woman’s wrist.

The case takes on the gold color, while the link strap with buckle closure takes on the black color. The result is a watch that can be adapted to any style or outfit.

Its functionality and currently discounted price make it one of the best Casio Gold watches around.

Casio Medium-sized Gold

casio medium gold


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A medium-sized Casio Gold watch with a contemporary design updated to match the latest trends, ideal for those who want to keep up with the times.

It has really clean lines thanks to a single-mesh strap. The dial features technological indications in different colors, some of which are: an alarm, a chronograph, and a calendar, all greatly appreciated on watch models of this kind.

If you are a Casio watch enthusiast, wear a new line model like the A700WEG-9AEF.

It will certainly be a good choice, even as a gift to be given to your friends or your partner.

Casio Original Gold

casio original watch original


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If you are looking for an original Casio Gold, you should consider one model in particular. We are talking about the A159WGED-1EF model. Its unique characteristic is the presence of 2 crystals on the dial, which give it a more elegant soul than the previous models.

If you are looking for a watch to get you noticed, this model could be the best solution. Its features and dimensions also make it suitable for both men and women.

The price is slightly higher than the more classic models, but is justified by its original style and outside-the-box design.

Round Gold Casio

casio gold watch round

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In the Casio Gold collection, there are also models with a circular (round) case for those looking for a more classic design.

It is mainly characterized by its primary silver color, found on various inserts both on the strap and on the secondarily gold-colored dial. Another particular feature is the knurled bezel nut.

At first glance, it gives the impression of having a much greater value than its selling price. This, along with the excellent reviews it has received, makes it a recommended watch for purchase.

Vintage Gold Casio

vintage gold casio

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If you are a lover of Vintage Gold Casio, then the A700WEMG-9AEF model is one of the best you should take a look at. Right away, it emphasizes its original and sophisticated style through a detailed Milanese mesh strap. This is not just a watch to wear, but a jewel.

The case has a square shape with rounded edges to perfectly match the line of the strap. The dimensions are contained, which allows it to adapt to different personalities.

A watch recommended for those not looking for the usual large-scale model, but rather, a watch rarely seen on other people’s wrists.

Casio Gold Black Dial

casio gold black dial

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This Casio Gold model is characterized by its predominant black color and gold-colored case. The case and the strap are both made of resin, a material that gives it lightness and comfort – essential features for a watch to be worn all day.

The buttons for the functions are present on the sides of the case, silver in color to match perfectly with the black and gold. A very economical watch, ideal for those who want to spend very little – as evidenced by the price of about 20 dollars.

Female Gold Casio

female gold casio watch

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We’ve talked about many men’s models so far, so now we’re going to analyze a women’s gold Casio, an elegant watch with a square-shaped case lined with bevelled edges that perfectly integrate with the steel strap. Thanks to its 18mm diameter, it’s very easy to wear as well.

This model is available in different variations, with various dial styles to choose from. A few examples are the model with yellow or pink rose designs on the dial, and the model with a black dial.

A great model for potential purchase, according to the excellent reviews received from buyers of this timepiece.

Casio G-Shock Black Gold

casio G-shock gold black


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The Casio G-Shock Black Gold models are highly appreciated by fans for the excellent quality of their materials and components combined with an affordable price. With a youthful and contemporary style, this watch is ideal for sporty looks.

It has a water resistance of up to 200 meters, a feature that effectively makes it a diving watch. The dial is characterized by both analog and digital indications via 2 displays set at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, respectively.

The dial is covered with an extremely strong mineral glass, which also makes this watch resistant to impacts.

Mini Gold Casio

mini gold casio

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For those looking for a mini Casio Gold watch, the LA670WEGA-9EF is an excellent option among the watches available in the catalog. With a square case that is rounded at the edges and a mono-mesh strap, this Casio watch takes on a fine and clean style.

Excellent technical characteristics combined with a very affordable price have made this model one of the best-selling and most appreciated of the Casio Gold series, which is one more reason to buy this watch – easily adaptable to any wrist thanks to the adjustable strap.

Analogue Gold Casio

analogue Casio gold watch

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Casio has always distinguished itself for the digital indications on the dials of its watches, but with this model, we find a more vintage style. Its purely analogue dial shows a small digital display at 6 o’clock so as not to stray too far from the tradition of the brand.

The digital display can be used to keep track of a second timezone, or for its precise chronograph function. Indeed, an ideal watch for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

A price below 50 dollars and positive feedback have made this model very attractive for those looking for this type of timepiece.

Camouflage Gold Casio

camouflage gold casio

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The Camouflage Gold Casio watch is so named because of the camouflage coloring elements on the dial. It is ideal for those who are fond of military watches.

The rest of the design closely follows the style of the previous models; even the functions are the same, such as backlighting, a chronograph, an alarm, a calendar, and waterproofing.

This is a quartz watch with excellent reliability and accuracy. It can be purchased at a really fair price on Amazon; follow the link above to view the offer.

Big Gold Casio Watch

big gold casio watch

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Unlike the models we have talked about so far, this model is characterized by a larger case, and consequently a larger dial. To feature such a large display is ideal in ensuring excellent visibility, and in simplifying the preparation of all the features that distinguish it.

The shape of the case is square with rounded sides, which fits perfectly with the line of the strap. Both the case and strap are made of steel, granting this watch excellent durability.

The diameter of the case is 36mm, a measurement adaptable to any type of wrist, making this a unisex gold Casio watch.

Casio Gold and Blue

casio gold and blue

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If you are looking for a watch with very particular colors, you will find the right purchase in this model. It is mainly characterized by a gold-colored case, and blue / light blue for the dial with gold highlights – shades perfect for those looking for a striking watch.

The dimensions of the case are contained, which makes it comfortable and adaptable to any type of wrist. The dial has good visibility thanks to digital indications – derived from a precise quartz movement – with various functions such as an alarm, a timer, and a calendar.

The watch also has excellent water resistance, able to reach a depth of 100 meters, also making it suitable for sports and professional use.

Casio a168 Gold

casio a168 gold

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The Casio a168 Gold (A168WG-9BWEF) is one of the most appreciated models of the series, with a unisex design that is adaptable to any type of need. It sells at a really cheap price due to the excellent offer currently available, making it one of the most recommended models.

The thickness of the case is 10mm – a small size in spite of the countless features provided. The strap is made of steel, with a mesh design that beautifully wraps around the wrist.

The dial is marked with different words. In the lower part, you can find the words “water resist,” written large to indicate its impermeability, while the brand logo is found on the upper left part, the words “alarm chrono” right next to it to signal its chronograph / alarm function.

A watch that adapts to any type of demand and personality, as evidenced by the number of sales (among the highest on the market). Certainly an ideal watch to be given as a gift.

Casio Collection Gold

casio collection gold

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A Casio watch belonging to the truly massive and eye-catching gold collection, with a dial full of indications and buttons, set in a gold case and strap.

It’s a watch for those who want multiple functions at their fingertips, including a phonebook, a second timezone, a calendar, an alarm clock, and many more.

Its remarkable dimensions make it suitable for those with a large wrist, or for those looking for a flashy wristwatch.

Unisex Gold Casio

Unisex Gold Casio watch


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If you are looking for a Casio Gold with a particular style, then you should consider the A168WEGM-9EF model. The unique checkered design on its dial makes it original off the bat, and stands as another reason to add this model to your collection.

The 3-link strap with clip closure also makes it comfortable, and therefore suitable for everyday wear. An interesting unisex watch that must be taken into consideration if you are a lover of Casio Gold models.

Casio Gold Transparent

Casio gold transparent


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A limited edition transparent gold Casio watch that is difficult to find on the market. This makes it a prestigious model in its category not to be missed if it’s within your scope of availability.

More specifically, we are talking about a Casio G-shock model: GA-735E-7AJR, a very youthful and contemporary series suitable for a sporty and fashionable outfit.

Its unique characteristic is transparent material used for the case and strap which – combined with the gold-colored dial – makes it one of the most innovative watches on the market.

Casio WR Gold

casio wr gold

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If you are looking for a more classic model than the ones we have talked about so far, then the Casio WR gold series is definitely one of the options to consider. The WR series is mainly characterized by functionality – namely, its impermeability. The resistance of this timepiece in particular reaches up to 50 meters, impermeability that allows to perform during underwater activities without fear of malfunction.

The case and the strap are made of silver-colored steel with gold-colored inserts; even the indications on the dial take on the gold color. An excellent combination results, imbuing this Casio Gold model with elegance and classicism.

The affordable price and the positive reviews make it a great model to buy.

Final considerations and opinions

The models currently available are quite varied, which allows you to choose the ideal watch based on your own style. Japanese brand Casio is recognized as one of the best in terms of the value received for the money paid, making these models really interesting. Their multitude of features, combined with a really low prices, effectively place them among the best entry-level watches on the market. Both buyers and experts hold positive opinions and write positive reviews on this series, which is why buying a Casio Gold model can be a great idea.

Let us know about your experience by reaching out to us through the contact form at the bottom of the page, or through the comments section below.

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