A List of the Best Orient Mako-kamasu Watches to Buy

by luxwatch

Today, we want to tell you about one of the best watches in terms of the quality / price ratio: Orient Mako, a sporty diver’s watch made in a Japanese style. The quality of this model is comparable to successful Seiko models such as the Seiko skx007. However, the Orient model has several aspects that make it more interesting.

This men’s watch was born in 2004, but in just over 10 years it managed to establish itself as the flagship model of the Orient brand, becoming a best seller appreciated by enthusiasts all over the world.

Although born as a diving watch equipped with 200 meters of water resistance, it has effectively become a watch to be worn every day or under any circumstances, thanks to its sporty style.

What makes this watch special is the quality of its movement. The F6922, found on the latest Orient Mako 3 model, is made by the same watchhouse, both manual and automatic, with a power reserve of over 40 hours, and featuring a complication that displays the day of the month.


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A Ranking of the Best Orient Mako Watches

In this list, we offer you the best models based on the reviews and opinions of many experts. There are many elements to consider, from the different colors (black, blue, orange, or white) available, to economical versus expensive costs, to style, from sporty to elegant and up to the most professional or limited edition ones for divers.

You can buy your favorite model by clicking on the buttons found below each image. Many models are currently being promoted, with offers that allow you to buy them at the best price on recommended and reliable shops. Let’s now take a look at the first model:


Orient Kamasu / Mako 3

Orient kamasu Mako 3 black


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The Orient Mako 3 is one of the latest models made by the famous Japanese brand. Its linear, sporty style fits a wide audience. The Mako 3, also called the “Orient Mako III” or “Kamasu,” has clean lines and a very impressive dial.

In this model, the strap and case are made of steel, while a sapphire crystal covers the black dial. The black, unidirectional rotating bezel perfectly conforms to the style of the case, making it similar to more noble and expensive models.

The movement is automatic, and includes 2 further complications: the day and date positioned in a window at 3 o’clock, and water resistance up to 200 meters, which makes it suitable for diving enthusiasts.

Orient Kamasu / Mako 3 Green

Orient Kamasu Mako 3 Green


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A model identical to the previous one but with a different color, the Mako RA-AA0004E19B or Kamasu RA-AA0004E19A is characterized by a dark green color.

This men’s model also has excellent features such as waterproofing up to 200 meters, a rotating bezel, a chronograph for any type of activity, and a mechanical movement with automatic winding.

The indexes and indications on the dial are luminescent, ideal for providing excellent visibility even at night, while the knurled bezel makes for an excellent grip even in the toughest circumstances.

A great timepiece according to the opinions of many experts, thanks in part to the really competitive price that makes it one of the best watches for quality / price.

Orient Kamasu / Mako 3 Blue

Orient Kamasu Mako 3 Blue


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Another Orient Mako 3 – or Kamasu, if you want to call it by its Japanese name – is referred to as RA-AA0002L19 . This model’s dial is blue, an ideal color for those looking for a sporty yet elegant watch.

The stainless steel strap conforms perfectly to the case, giving it a clean and contemporary linearity, ideal for those who want to feel in step with the times.

The 42mm case diameter makes it suitable for any personality, from the most youthful (boys) to the more adult (men). The strap has a 22mm diameter, an average value that makes it comfortable on the wrist throughout the day.

For a low cost, you can buy a model with excellent quality and excellent reviews – difficult to find in other models in this price range. This makes it a great purchase for oneself or as a gift.

Orient Mako 2

Orient Mako 2

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The Orient Mako 2 is a model for all lovers of automatic watches with excellent quality movement. In this specific model, the movement is of the “Made in Japan” type, with a quality comparable to that of Seiko movements.

At a cost of less than 200 dollars, you can buy a watch whose features are difficult to find on other models in the same price rang. Among its features are a unidirectional bezel with 120 clicks, water resistance up to 200 meters, a mineral glass cover, and complications to display the day and date.

An excellent diver’s watch for those looking for a low-cost, sporty model with automatic movement.


Orient Mako 2 Blue

Orient Mako 2 Blue


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The Orient Mako 2 FAA02002D9 wristwatch showcases an excellent combination of sportiness and elegance. Thanks to the blue color of its dial, it luminous and lively enough for both important occasions and daily use.

The rotating, blue ocean-colored bezel matches perfectly with the silver color of the case and strap, both made of steel. The indications on the bezel are clearly visible through bold numbering and white notches.

On the dial, the numbering is quite large, especially for the numbers at 6, 9, and 12.

Both the indications and the numbering on the dial are fluorescent, which allows for excellent visibility even in low-light environments.

Orient Ray

Orient ray


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One of the best-selling models belonging to the Mako Ray series, a collection similar to the Mako 2 version but with a few differing details.

The indications on the dial are marked with spheres rather than Arabic numbers like in the versions we already discussed. The indications on the bezel are more detailed, with markers every 10 seconds in Arabic numerals, while notches are used for the rest.

The model’s design is appealing: the strap fits perfectly to the case, while the crown is covered with a part of the case, making the line of the whole watch really clean and sober.

This model is currently on offer at a very affordable price relative to the list price, which makes now an excellent opportunity to but it.

Orient Mako Pepsi

Orient Mako Pepsi

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Right at first glance, you can see the particular red and blue color of the model’s bezel. In recent years, this combination of colors has increasingly taken hold among watch lovers, to the point where they call it “Pepsi,” just like the soda brand that has always been characterized by these colors.

The first watch we will analyze is model FAA02009D9 , characterized by a satin blue color as far as the dial is concerned, while the case and strap are gray.

This model can be worn both on a man’s wrist and on a woman’s, given the elegance that emanates from its midnight blue.

An ideal watch to wear both with sporty, everyday outfits and with elegant clothing for important evenings.

Orient Mako Orange

Orient Mako orange

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For those looking for watches with a style that really stand outs, they will find a valid timepiece in the Orient Mako Orange model. Thanks to the orange color of the dial, this model manages to be quite showy indeed, ideal for those who want to be noticed.

Like all the models we talked about, this watch also contains the best features around, from an automatic movement to waterproofing.

Especially with their particular characteristics, these models are an excellent long-term investment thanks to the limited number of pieces produced. All this makes it an excellent watch to add to your collection.

Orient Ray 2

Orient Ray 2


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The Orient Mako Ray 2 is a sporty-style timepiece with a design that follows that of the most common diver’s watches. The black analogue dial is characterized by various elements that grant a sense of security to whoever is reading the indications.

At 12 o’clock you can see the brand logo; at 3 o’clock, there is a double window for the complications of the day of the week and of the month; and at 6 o’clock, the writing “water resistant 200m” testifies to its impermeability.

The second hand differs from the hour and minute hands by its red color, ideal for immediate reading.

The price is currently being promoted at a rate well below the initial cost, which makes now an excellent opportunity to buy it.

Orient Kamasu LE / Mako 3 Limited Edition

Orient kamasu LE - Mako 3 limited edition


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If you are looking for a limited edition Orient Mako watch, the ra-aa0007a09b / ra-aa0007a09a model is the perfect solution. In this timepiece, you should immediately notice a detail that makes it different from all the other models: the rose gold coloration at the end of the bezel nut.

This makes it original and grants it a touch more elegance than any of the other models. Among its features, there is an automatic movement with complications for the day and date, as well as impermeability – a union that is present in all the models of this series.

Only 2,000 pieces were produced for this limited edition, and they are currently still for sale. Limited edition watches have a great return value given time. This, in addition to making it a great watch, also makes it a great long-term investment, with the possibility of resale at a price higher than the purchase price.

Orient XL / Big Mako

Orient XL Mako - Big Mako


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For those looking for a massive wristwatch with a large case, the Orient XL / Big Mako is definitely a recommended purchase. Thanks to its 45mm diameter, it is squarely positioned in the circle of those who love showy and clearly visible watches. It is as ideal for those with a large wrist as it is for those who want to get noticed.

The color is that of the most classic: a black dial and bezel, combined with a gray case and strap.

The elements that most characterize this men’s watch are certainly the size of the indications on the dial and the notches on the dial. Together, they result in excellent legibility even in adverse environments.

A promotional price is currently on offer, which makes it an excellent purchase for those looking for a watch of excellent quality but economical price.

Orient Ray II / Mako Black

Orient Ray II Mako Black


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If black is your favorite color and you are looking for a completely black watch in the Orient catalog, you will be able to find a model made exactly to those specifications. The Ray Raven II is made with a steel case and strap, but unlike many other models of the collection, the color used is black, realized through a special process. The result is an original and stylish watch, ideal for day and night outings.

The F6922 movement is a new concept, making it both automatic and manual, with a power reserve of 40 hours and a screw-on crown.

If you are looking for a watch that is suited for any circumstance, this diving watch may be one of the best choices.

Orient Mako XL Green Bezel

Orient Mako XL Green Bezel


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Another model of Orient Mako XL watch with particular coloring, perfect for all those who are looking for a particular and extravagant watch.

As regards the bezel, the color used for this model is bright green, while black is used for the dial color.

The case and strap (with hidden clasp) are in gray steel. It matches perfectly with everything, whether that means sportswear or casual wear.

The price is quite competitive, with a discount of around 50% through the link provided. The lines are clean and the technical features are excellent – elements that make this timepiece one of the best among all Orient models.

Orient Mako XL Full Lumen

Orient Mako full lumen

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Orient Mako Full Lumen is a unique model that stands out for its particular characteristic: unlike many other models the dial of this watch lights up in its entirety in the absence of light. Not only the notches and hands, but – again – the whole dial.

This makes it one of the best watches in terms of visibility, especially in environments with little to no light. In addition to this, it is also characterized by an automatic movement with a date complication, impermeability, and a rotating bezel.

The white dial also makes it suitable for any type of outfit, both in everyday use and for important occasions.

Robustness, functionality, and adaptability combined with an economical price make it a great buy, as further evidenced by the numerous reviews and positive opinions on this model.

Orient Mako Yellow

Orient Mako yellow


Another limited edition model produced by Orient, this one made to celebrate the decade since the birth of the Mako model. Indeed, the limited edition FEM65001YW with yellow dial was produced in only 90 pieces, making it almost impossible to find.

Today, buying this model new is almost impossible; those who manage to buy one probably found it through an auction or used. If you are a fan of this model, you can contact us if you are interested in buying one.

Its features, apart from the color of the dial and the number on the back of the case, are identical to those of the models we have already discussed. An ideal watch for collectors who want to add a unique piece to their collection.

Orient Mako RA-AA0011B19B

Orient Mako RA-AA0011B19B

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A model that is characterized by its special color.

It’s a model recommended for those looking for an easier watch to set up, and for those looking for a more aesthetically striking product.

With its 13mm thickness and 44mm diameter, it is comfortable and easily adaptable to any wrist, thanks also to the strap with safety lock for closing.

Orient Ray 2 Rubber

Orient Mako rubber strap


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So far, we have talked about models with a metal strap – more precisely, mesh steel. So a watch with a rubber strap could not be left out of our list of Orient Mako watches.

Among the FAA02007B9 model’s most evident qualities are its great comfort and light weight, both resulting from the rubber strap.

A watch suitable for divers or athletes who want a reliable, economical, and comfortable watch.

The case has a sporty design, just like the previous models, which makes it adaptable in everyday use with a sporty or casual outfit.

Orient Mako XL Leather Strap

Orient Mako xl leather strap


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Another model that differs from all the others we talked about for the material of its strap, this model’s brown leather strap prioritizes elegance.

As in the limited edition version that we have seen of this model, the end of the bezel and the crown are in pink gold color. The dial, on the other hand, is a mix of colors approximating a satin copper brown, which makes it very bright when it is reached by light beams.

The diameter of the case quite is striking at 46mm, making it suitable for those with a large wrist or for those looking for a watch that will get them noticed.

The currently discounted cost is quite good, unlike the list price, which is close to 500 dollars.

Final considerations and opinion

Now that you have seen the best models on offer, all you have to do is choose the one that best represents your style. You can follow the purchase links provided to buy the desired model and receive the watch directly at home risk-free, with no restraints on the return policy.

Thanks to its low cost and the quality with which it was made, the Orient watch is one of the best automatic watches currently on the market. Many reviews of this model have also contributed to improving the collection year after year. If you are looking for a “Made in Japan” watch of exquisite workmanship, this model is certainly one of the models to consider.

If you have questions or need support, leave a comment down below or use the contact form at the end of the page, where one of our experts will support you with any request.

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