The 51+ Best Wristwatches for Men to Buy

by luxwatch

The world of men’s watches is incredibly vast and includes models and solutions made to suit all styles. We are talking about hundreds of different brands which, every day, propose cutting-edge solutions that perfectly match customers’ personality, looks, and demands.
Of course, the best watches for men differ from one another based on various factors which make it possible to establish how suitable a model in question is or isn’t.
The main parameters include gender – namely, whether we’re talking about men’s or women’s wristwatches – the value based on money spent, the brand, the materials used, the cost of the object, and what it took to realize the final product.

In this regard, it is undoubtedly very important to evaluate the best watch based on one’s own expectations and the context in which it is likely to be worn in such a way as to then be able to determine which is the best to buy . For gold men’s watches, for example, we recommend an elegant look that perfectly combines with a more refined style, whereas simpler types of watches can instead be worn with more casual attire that follows a much more sober style.
In every case, it’s very important to evaluate luxury watches or economical ones based on your style, paying particular attention to the quality and characteristics of every single model.

Currently, there are lots of interesting models on the market, from best sellers and limited editions that lend themselves perfectly both to sporadic use or in any case linked to everyday life, to slightly more expensive models intended for special occasions.
In this sense, watch brands provide numerous solutions that allow you to have a wide and varied choice. Indeed,wristwatches are not just simple accessories, but for all intents and purposes represent a fundamental aspect of one’s personality, and can be necessary for every occasion in one’s life.

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The Best 51+ Wristwatch Models – The Ranking

In order to simplify the search for the less experienced – and provide a useful tool either way – we decided to carry out research in order to select the best watches for men, from the most elegant to the most sporty . The result is an interesting watch list consisting of 51 models selected for their features, value, and quality.
Specifically, we will talk about luxury watches with very high prices and cheap watches accessible to almost anyone.

Without any doubt, these models come from the best brands in the world, which for generations have offered excellent products made using the best materials and the best labor.
All that remains is to take a look and understand why these models appear to be the best on the 2019 market in regards to the wristwatch sector – and to understand where to buy them, perhaps at more affordable prices.

Citizen Men’s Watch AT8110-11ACitizen Men's Watch AT8110-11A

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A watch for men that is certainly worth trying and observing closely by virtue of the quality on offer. Specifically, we’re talking about a product with a very simple design made with a care that keeps it from being banal. It is suitable for practically any occasion, ideal to buy for events but also for everyday life.

Regarding the technical characteristics, the strength that makes this model one of the best men’s watches is its duration, as it has several useful functions in this sense. It is possible to use the watch’s energy saving mode to avoid excessive consumption – and in any case, it has a guaranteed duration of at least 2 years.
The strap is in black leather, but at the same time the round dial makes for a captivating and interesting style. Without a doubt a great choice.

Citizen AT8110-61E

Citizen Men's Watch AT8110-61E

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Certainly among the most appreciated Citizen models in the catalog, it really lends itself to any occasion thanks to simultaneously sober and detailed style. This watch for men officially falls in the ranking of the best thanks to the quality that has always distinguished the brand and this model in particular.
We are talking about a product made entirely of steel, with a round and fairly large dial. The black background grants it a unique feeling of finesse and makes this chronograph combinable with virtually any look or style.
Also, the power reserve is guaranteed a duration of over 2 years, allowing this model to be used in a particularly constant manner.
It sells for an average / high price, in line with the costs of today’s market.

Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0

Diesel Mr Daddy 2.0 men's watch

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A Diesel model with a particularly aggressive and sporty style. This watch for men is incredibly suitable for a casual look, but matches perfectly with something more elegant.
Specifically, it features a round, very large case (66 mm) that houses a small dial with small numbers. The whole thing is completely in black and stainless steel, which guarantees excellent quality from a structural point of view.
The strap, made with black leather, has a buckle closure as well as some interesting decorations . As mentioned, the model is very sporty and has a water resistance of up to 3 ATM.

Emporio Armani – Renato

Emporio Armani Renato men's watch


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Emporio Armani has always been a guarantee in terms of men’s watches, and with this model, that notion has not changed at all. This specific product enters this particular ranking of watches as one of the best. It is completely made of stainless steel, with a 43 mm round case and chrome buttons on the right side.
The background is a very elegant blue, bearing the unmistakable coat of arms of the eagle, which adds that extra noticeable touch.
The structure of this wrist chronograph is incredibly solid, equipped with a water resistance of up to 5 ATM.
The closure is absolutely secure thanks to a double button, and the strap has a polished and well-rushed finish.

Sector No Limits 230 Chronograph Watch

Sector Men's Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

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A wristwatch particularly suited to be a gift, as it adapts to virtually any style without requiring excessively elegant clothing. We are talking about a chronograph of exquisite workmanship made entirely of stainless steel, with a simultaneously elegant and sober blue dial.
The numbers are indicated by very large notches. The SECTOR symbol, present at 12 o’clock, is very visible – as are the words “water resistant,” testifying to a resistance to pressure up to 10 ATM, which makes this watch perfect for practically any occasion or activity.
The price is among the most discounted, granting you access to an excellent model without having to spend a particularly excessive amount.
A watch suitable for any occasion thanks to the different colors available.

Casio Men’s Watch H5EF-527D-1AVEF

best Casio Men's Watch H5EF-527D-1AVEF

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A watch for young people that has an air of considerable elegance for a Casio model, and could prove to be just the right choice. It is no coincidence that it is among the top of the range, and is one of the most recommended for men under 40 according to the latest fashion trends.
Both the case and the strap are made of polished stainless steel, making this watch particularly bright. The functions it includes are a chronograph, a date window, and of course the time, marked with small and well-arranged numbers.
The black background makes it compatible with practically any type of clothing, and the very solid structure is water resistant, allowing it to be kept on at practically any time of the day.
By virtue of the price it sells at, we consider it a wristwatch absolutely suitable for anyone. It is possible to buy at practically all watch retailers.

Seiko 5 SNZF15K1

Seiko 5 sports

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The Seiko 5 Sport SNZF15K1 is one of the most sought after models of the Japanese brand. Its style is unmistakable thanks to its unidirectional red and blue rotating bezel, which is more commonly abbreviated with the name “Pepsi.”

The other elements that emphasize this model are the automatic movement of valuable workmanship – featuring 21 jewels – and its water resistance of up to 100 meters, which makes it suitable for professional diving as well.

The dial is characterized by the presence of a window at 3 o’clock to indicate day and date, making it one of the best automatic watches at a really competitive cost.

Casio G-Shock

Casio G-shock

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If you are looking for an indestructible watch suitable for any situation, Casio G-Shock models could be the best choice. With the GA-100-1A2ER model in particular, you can find countless features like a stopwatch, a timer, an alarm, a speedometer, and a calendar.

The case and strap are distinguished in that they are made of resin, while the glass of the dial is made of an ideal shock-resistant mineral to reduce the effect of stresses.

Its innovative design makes it ideal both to wear in fashionable environments and in work environments.

Festina University Sports Press F16760

Festina University Sports Press F16760 1 Mens Watch purchase

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Another excellent sports wristwatch that presents a modern and suitable style for everyone. The round case is completely made of stainless steel and has eye-catching finishes that you should notice immediately.
The silver background is elegant, easy to combine with whatever you wear. The number 12 is the only one present – unique-looking, very large, and well made for a truly remarkable aesthetic result.
The strap is in brown leather and perfectly matches with the style presented by this chronograph, outlining its elegant profile – but again, not too elegant, for this watch has a more sporty and everyday character.
The price is not excessive, thus indicating the great accessibility of this model.

Festina University Sports Press F16759 Man

Festina University Sports Press F16759-1 Watch for Men

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This model is very similar to the previous one, but it has slightly different characteristics that can be suited for more elegant occasions or that require a particular type of clothing.
Without a doubt among the best wristwatches for men, this model has a 43 mm steel case made with special finishes and contains three small dials inside the main steel one.
Here, too, the number 12 is clearly visible, giving the chronograph that extra special and easily noticeable touch.
The strap is set completely in steel and presents very elegant yet simple motifs, synonymous with care and attention to detail.
It sells for air price, not at all too high.

Festina Timeless Wristwatch F6844 / 4

Festina men's watch Strap Stainless steel Silver with black dial F6844.4

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Let’s continue with another Festina wristwatch model. “Timeless” is a model much appreciated by experts, and one of the most selected and sought after in this specific catalog. The characteristics of this product are quite interesting indeed, and it is definitely worth taking them into consideration.
First of all, let’s talk this chronograph’s fairly large case, with its round dimensions that are made entirely of stainless steel. The dial has a black background that makes it particularly suitable for sportswear or casual wear.
The numbers are indicated by large, lateral notches that help to make the product very interesting as far as style is concerned.
For a chronograph, its sells for an average / low price, lending itself perfectly to anyone for its combination of beauty and functionality.

Lotus 18216/2 Leather Strap

Lotus Quartz men's watch with analog display and blue leather strap 18216 2 cheap

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A Lotus model that is as simple and functional as can be. Certainly one of the best watches for men from the point of view of the quality / price ratio (it is very affordable), it guarantees quality in all its aspects.
This is the type of watch that, as can be seen from the photo above, is very sober. With blue leather straps which match the color of the dial, it’s intended for casual clothing in particular, or in any case clothing that isn’t excessively elegant.
The case is round, and has medium-sized numbers indicated very clearly and defined along the entire circumference.
Absolutely recommended as a great buy.

Lotus Quartz 18152-2

Lotus Quartz men's watches with silver stainless steel strap 18152 2

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Another very interesting watch model for men, ideal for everyday life and for sportswear. The structure is cast completely in steel, with a case and strap that come together in a very natural way for a clean and crystal-clear design.
In terms of observations from an aesthetic point of view, while the case is silver in color, the dial is black, which makes for a very interesting and pleasant contrast.
The only numbers shown are 3, 6, 9, and 12, while for the others there are large notches along the circumference.
The model in question sells for a very affordable price, allowing virtually anyone to get a great product without having to spend an excessive amount..

Tommy Hilfiger 1790877 in Stainless Steel

Tommy Hilfiger 1790877 expensive men's watches stainless steel multi-dial display


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A product recommended especially for those who are looking for the right balance between elegance and use in everyday life. It’s a wristwatch made entirely of stainless steel as far as the case and the strap are concerned, set in such a way as to highlight its very resistant structure and beauty from an aesthetic point of view.
The hands are particularly large, providing this model with an impeccable style. The application of mineral glass is also remarkable; it helps to protect the chronograph from possible scratches and signs of wear.
The structure is water resistant up to 5 ATM. It’s just the right price considering the features offered to the customer.

Men’s Watch – Tommy Hilfiger 1791230

stylish mens watches Tommy Hilfiger

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A classy watch for men that lends itself perfectly to a casual style, it’s receives much appreciation in the opinions of many experts. We are talking about an extremely high-quality model with an aesthetic value that certainly does not go unnoticed.
The case is round, and the dial, made with a silver background, has large numbers which alternate with small indicative notches.
The strap is in brown leather, which – given that particular color – probably makes it more difficult to match with clothing.
As for the price, we’re talking about one of the cheaper watches currently around, with a cost set in the mid-range.
Absolutely recommended.

Hamilton Khaki

best Hamilton Khaki watch


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The Hamilton brand’s Khaki collection is the one that most characteristic of the company, not to be missed for one of its most popular models, the KHAKI FIELD KING AUTO H6445513. It’s one of the models most appreciated by fans of this brand, and fans of military-style watches in particular.

Like all models in this series, the dial features extremely legible numbering thanks to the white numerals that sit in contrast with the black background color. It is also characterized by the presence of a date window at 12 o’clock to signal the day of the week and that of the month, driven by a quality automatic movement.

The price is among the best on the market relative to both the quality of the components and the blazon of the brand – a watch that can certainly prove to be an excellent long-term investment.

Luxury Watch – Hamilton H37511131

Luxury man watch - Hamilton H37511131

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Class and elegance are undoubtedly the main features of this incredibly chic Hamilton model watch, suitable for important occasions without a shadow of a doubt.
We’re talking about an American watch with exquisite Swiss movements, made entirely of steel in order to achieve a simple yet sophisticated design. The case is round, and the black dial is covered with a sapphire crystal which guarantees extreme resistance to scratches and bumps.
It includes a date window elegantly shown on the side. In order to add to that style, the numbers are indicated with cleats that aren’t too high – clean in all its parts.
We also recommend this purchase based on the price.

Men’s Watch – Hamilton H24412732

Expensive Men's Watch - Hamilton H24412732

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If you are looking for a particular design with unconventional shapes, this wristwatch could prove to be the right choice. We are talking about a chronograph that is certainly not wearable by everyone because, as mentioned, its design doesn’t share much in common with other models – even though, according to the latest trends, this fashion is one of the most appreciated.
The case has a diameter of 38 mm, its numbers indicated with small dots all along the circumference. The strap is in black leather and is attached to the case by a small steel bridge made with very particular finishes.
The indicators are made with a small camber, raised for a very elegant and sophisticated design.

Classy Watch – Hamilton H39515734

Luxury man watch - Hamilton H39515734

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Built with a simple and concise style, this chronograph of exquisite workmanship is perfectly suited to casual wear and perfect for everyday life.
The case is round, and the black background of the dial grants a certain refinement to the wearer, accentuated by the presence of white Roman numerals that stand out and maintain a very fine design.
The strap is in black leather and is well made by all accounts, marked by very fancy veins and patterns.
Being undoubtedly synonymous with exceptional quality puts this watch’s price in the medium to high range.

Men’s Watch THOMAS SABO WA0295-218-203-46 mm

Male watches to buy -THOMAS SABO WA0295-218-203-46 mm


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A masculine watch suitable for those who would dare to wear a truly unforgettable model on their wrist. A dragon’s head design stands out on the side, and is faithfully reproduced inside of the watch.
The case is round, containing finely crafted Roman numerals that perfectly frame the design just mentioned. The whole thing is made of stainless steel – but as far as the strap is concerned, we are talking about smooth black leather with fine seams on the side.
This model, in spite of the fairly refined and particular style, sells at a very affordable rate. It is possible to buy it online at a fair price due to the guaranteed quality.

Bulova Lunar Pilot Lunar Pilot 96B251

Bulova moon watch for young men black leather strap


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Bulova has always been synonymous with quality and efficiency, as the wristwatch pictured above confirms. To be more specific, we are talking about a model called Lunar Pilot, which faithfully recreates the one carried by the astronauts of the Apollo 15 expedition, which allowed man to set foot on the moon for the first time.
The case is in stainless steel, and the dial has small numbers arranged neatly between the various indicators on its black background.
This is a high performance watch. And thanks to the interchangeable straps, it is possible to vary between leather, nylon, and various colors that are available.
The hands are bright and allow the watch to be used even in the dark, while resistance to aquatic pressure is guaranteed up to 50 meters.

Cheap CASIO MTP-1290D-1A2VEF Men’s Watch

CASIO Men's Cheap Watch

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Another Casio men’s watch of exquisite workmanship suitable for everyday life, among the most appreciated models according to the opinions of experts. The highly solid structure, displaying a simple and sober design, is waterproof up to 50 meters deep.
The display is analog, and is protected by a quartz glass which provides excellent resistance against scratches, bumps, and any type of damage.
As aforementioned, the style is casual, and the use of a material like steel undoubtedly contributes to that sensibility.
It sells for a low to medium price, suitable for almost everyone.

Citizen Sports Watch CA0645-15H

Citizen sport watch for men CA0645-15H

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This Citizen model has proven itself to be very interesting to try and wear with any sort of clothing thanks to its adaptable style. We are talking about a chronograph made with a black leather strap characterized by holes along its entire length, which achieves a very particular aesthetic result without a doubt.
The dial is multi-colored. While the minute and hour hands are identical, the second hand is colored a very bright purple.
The case diameter is 44 mm, with the calendar function displayed on the right in a very neat and clean manner.
A purchase can be made online at a fair price.

Men’s Watch – Lacoste 2010848

Man watch with brown strap - Lacoste 2010848


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A Lacoste wristwatch model of exquisite workmanship, it showcases a truly elegant design and refined style. Indeed, the chronograph in question can be used perfectly with sophisticated clothing reserved for important occasions.
The steel case is round, and the dial presents the unmistakable Lacoste crocodile symbol on a blue background, present at 12 o’clock below the two cleats that indicate the time.
The brown leather strap signifies that this is – despite the material used – a watch for men, ideal for those who want to buy a classy and elegant model.
As for the price, we are talking about a threshold that is relatively accessible to anyone without and problems in particular.

Tissot t044.417.21.031.00 in Steel

fine man watches - Tissot t044.417.21.031.00


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In terms of design and style, this Tissot watch undoubtedly gives off a sporty impression, allowing you to combine it with clothing both casual and a little more refined. Certainly one of the best watches for men in both performance and aesthetics, the case and the strap are completely made of steel, giving the model an incredibly solid and resistant structure.
The dial is round with a white background, has notches instead of numbers, and features three small circular indicators inside. The glass is made of sapphire crystal, a material that is particularly resistant to scratches, bumps, or chipping.
A great model that you can buy online at a really affordable price.

Tissot AUTOMATICS III – Elegant Watch

Tissot men's elegant watch


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A polite-looking and cleanly presented watch that can be easily purchased online, perfectly matched with any type of clothing. The predominant color is black, which – as is well known – is perfectly suited to any style.
The case is round, and the dial features silver hands and indicator numbers set on a black background for a contrast that is certainly very pleasant from all points of view.
The strap is in black leather and is very elegant. As for the price, we are talking about a mid- to high-end chronograph, suitable especially for those who intend to purchase a model of absolute and guaranteed quality.

Men’s Watch Fossil FS5236

Man Watch Fossil FS5236 with Roman numerals


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Simplicity and tradition are the elements that stand out the most in this Fossil men’s watch model. Indeed, we are talking about a chronograph that has a structure (case and strap) completely made in stainless steel – perfect, therefore, for clothing either sober or a bit more elegant.
The case is 44 mm, and the inner dial is black, which makes for a nice contrast with the rest of the really special structure.
The numbers are indicated with Roman numerals, all very large and therefore easily noticeable.
Even the hour and minute indicators are fairly large, while the second hand is slightly thinner and more finely shaped.

Fossil – Grant Chronograph FS5151

Fossil - Grant Chronograph FS5151


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The Fossil – Grant Chronograph wristwatch presents a marked sense of elegance and refinement, indicated especially for mature men. To be more specific, we are talking about a chronograph that is truly remarkable from an aesthetic point of view, made with a round case and a dial with a blue background.
The strap is in brown leather with very particular finishes on the sides that give it that extra touch. The numbers are indicated in the case using Roman numerals.
It is a watch that can be purchased at a particularly affordable price, even considering that this is a quality model from all points of view, suitable for all circumstances.

Seiko Men’s Watch SNE437P1

Seiko SNE437P1 Men's Watch steel


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This watch certainly gives off a youthful vibe – and indeed, it’s a model particularly suited to everyday life.
The structure is particularly solid – made entirely of stainless steel – with a very thick and incredibly strong attachment between the case and the strap.
The numbers are signified by dots on the black dial, with easily visible indicators characterized by their squat shape.
Despite the sporty and not particularly elegant style, this model sits in the medium-high price range, suitable for those who intend to spend a little more to win an excellent watch.

Hugo Boss GRAND PRIX Fashionable Men’s Watch

Hugo Boss Elegant men's watch


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Hugo Boss has always been a highly sought after men’s watch brand because of the quality of its models. The structure of this model in particular is cast completely in stainless steel, and the incredibly large dial offers optimal visibility.
The background is blue, a color that fits perfectly with the features of the dial. Meanwhile, the numbers are indicated with silver-colored notches, giving this model a very fine and refined look.
The company blazon can be found right at 3 o’clock – and rightly so, as we are talking about a model which sells at a fairly high price, but which also guarantees imperturbable quality over the years.
Available online at an affordable price, without a doubt one of the best watches for men.

Men’s Automatic Watch – Swatch YIS403

Swatch Automatic Men's Watch


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Another Swiss watch model with very interesting features. We are talking about an elegantly presented, refined automatic wristwatch from the Swatch collection, offering quality and convenience at the same time.
The case is in stainless steel and surrounds a black dial with a very fine silver contrast. The strap is made of rubber and has a very resistant structure, made to be suitable for everyday life.
In spite of its truly unmistakable style and design, this watch can be easily purchased online at a very affordable price, no matter how sought after it may be.

Calvin Klein CITY Quartz Chronograph with Leather Strap – K2G271C3

Calvin Klein K2G271C3 Men's Watches Black Leather Strap


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One of the most famous watches ever, it justifies its medium-high cost by virtue of what it has to offer. We are talking about a very fine product, made with a steel case and a very large dial which, on a shiny black background, offers an ideal view of the time and the calendar function.
The CK symbol is easily visible at 12 o’clock, and the black crocodile leather strap only serves to increase the aesthetic value of this product.
Using it for important occasions with elegant clothing is advisable, as the refinement and style of this model contribute to giving it that extra touch.

Chronoswiss Regulateur – Expensive Watch

Chronoswiss Regulateur - Expensive Watch

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“A spasmodic attention to detail combined with a touch of elegance.” That is the best way to describe the Chronoswiss Regulateur , a luxury men’s watch (and we’re talking about the most expensive watch, here) with a thousand facets. Beginning with the case, we can say that the silver color in contrast with the blue-colored indicators and numbers reflects a style that is certainly sought after, one perfectly combined with elegant and particular clothing.
The black leather strap accompanies the case in a fluid and natural way, giving off an aesthetically unforgettable look.
The price, to just come out and say it, is among the highest ever, denoting an exceptional quality watch to keep for years and to show off on every occasion.
What’s on offer in regard to this model is far from lacking.


Prestigious Man Watch FREDERIQUE CONSTANT FC-718WM4H6

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A high-end watch that sells at a very high price, this highly aesthetic model offers excellent performance. In fact, the chronograph in question is completely handmade. It features a round, silver-colored case surrounded by a blue leather strap with white stitching and a really well done crocodile effect.
The visible gear is very large, and the functions it offers are really interesting and varied. The price, as mentioned, is very high, denoting the fact that this chronograph belongs to a limited edition series related to luxury models of a certain value.
Recommended especially for elegant occasions and gala evenings.

Invicta Pro Diver Economic Wrist Watch

Top Selling Watches Invicta Pro Diver Men's Analog with Stainless Steel Strap


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A very simple product, this Pro Driver showcases a modern and very flexible style in regard to men’s watches, yet is a model that lends itself perfectly to sportswear and casual wear.
We are talking about one of the most discounted Invicta men’s watches, in spite of the excellent quality. As mentioned, the case and the strap are very simple, made of stainless steel, which provides solidity and resistance simultaneously.
The dial is very simple as well, presenting well marked and easily identifiable numbers, which are indicated with round bars.
The price of this model makes it really accessible, and so in buying it, you are undoubtedly awarded an excellent product without having spent a particularly excessive amount.

Louis Erard Heritage Chronograph 13900AA11.BDC101

prized watch Louis Erard Men's 42mm Chronograph brown strap Quartz Watch 13900AA11.BDC101


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If your intention is to buy a men’s watch that exudes elegance and refinement while maintaining a style that can still be combined with quieter, more relaxed clothing, this product could be ideal.
After all, a brand that has been involved in the production of luxury watches for so many years could not fail to give life to a refined and high-quality product.
The silver dial within the round case works as the perfect background for perfectly made, very finely shaped numbers and indicators.
The leather strap then gives that extra touch of class that allows this chronograph to place itself – without a doubt –among the best models.
Available online.

Mido Multifort M0056141106100 – Swiss Watch

expensive watches Mido Multifort M0056141106100

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An exceptional product from many points of view, the Mido Multifort represents one of the finest men’s watches ever, with a quality / price ratio that ranks among the best.
In terms of details, the model in question is made entirely of stainless steel, its strap featuring very large links that denote a certain aesthetic quality.
The dial, set in a round case, has a black background. The numbers on it are represented by dots, and are accompanied by a tachymeter function on the outer bezel.
This men’s watch can be purchased at a pretty high price, and yet it is definitely more accessible than products of a similar kind.

Michael Kors Dylan – Children’s Watch

man watch with rubber strap Michael Kors - Dylan


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A Michael Kors wristwatch, this model is simultaneously fine and unique, courtesy of the features it offers. Indeed, the round case is made of stainless steel and finished in fine pink gold – with which the side buttons are also made.
Set on a black background, the numbers are indicated in that same pink gold color, all marked by notches except for the 12. The hands, as well as small details such as the internal dials and the tiny indicators inside them, are also finished in elegant pink gold .
The strap is made of black silicone, which matches perfectly with the color of the rest of the structure and makes for a truly unforgettable aesthetic appearance.
It sells for a fair and balanced price.

Montblanc HERITAGE SPIRIT 110965 Classic

classic watch for men Montblanc HERITAGE SPIRIT 110965 Automatic Leather


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A Montblanc of exquisite workmanship, intended for both younger customers and slightly more mature men, this model is one of the most sought-after men’s watches. The appearance of this wristwatch is, after all, quite elegant –although it can be combined with casual clothing without a problem.
The Heritage Spirit’s case is made of steel. Under a glass covering made completely in sapphire, the dial’s white color gently accompanies the number indicators and minute and hour hands.
The numbers are represented by notches – except for the 12, which is indicated in Roman numerals – that enhance the value of this model.
The leather strap has a crocodile effect. The price, despite the model’s elegance, is perfectly ideal for a men’s watch of this type.

Steel Watch Philip Watch Caribe Ext Gent

Man watch PhilipWatch Caribe Ext Gent MainApps stainless steel black dial
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Yet another Philip Watch model that makes simplicity its strength while still retaining a tone perfectly suited for any occasion. The case as well as the strap are made of stainless steel, both featuring smooth finishes throughout the structure.
The dial is round with a black background, which frames the silver-colored numbers –and the product as a whole – quite well.
The crown has a screw, and on the outer side it offers a tachymeter function, indicated with particularly large and prominent numbers and lines.
This product can be purchased for a price that is definitely not too high – a price suitable for any pocket, in fact.

Philip Watch Blaze R8271995225 – Elegant

Philip Watch Blaze R8271995225 - Elegant men's wristwatch


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A fantastic wristwatch model with very particular notes and a simultaneously strong and assertive character. Indeed, we are talking about a watch with a case that isn’t especially large. The model’s round dial features a black background against which the silver-colored numbers provide that extra special touch.
The black crocodile leather strap guarantees a very refined, aesthetic appearance that is perfectly matched with the color of the dial itself.
The price sits in the average range, accessible to almost anyone looking for truly exceptional quality.

Pierre Cardin Men’s Watch PC902321F04

Pierre Cardin Men's Watch gold color PC902321F04


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An exceptional product both from a qualitative point of view and in relation to its aesthetic appearance. More specifically, the shapes and features denote a class and elegance surrounded by useful and indispensable functions.
The rose gold color case is round, finely made with numbers and indicators of the same color – an undoubtedly classy choice.
The strap is made with leather, featuring very light side finishes and a completely fine overall appearance.
It is possible to buy this model online, getting you one of the best watches for men according to the opinions of experts.

Raymond Weil Sport Watch 8560-SR1-20001

Raymond Weil 8560-SR1-20001 Men's Watch rubber strap


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Another truly exceptional model that differs from other traditional men’s watches in appearance and characteristics. The round case is very large and guarantees an optimal view of the numbers (indicated by notches) and indicators. It also has a tachymeter function, indicated by the incredibly large numbers on the outermost circumference.
The strap is made of rubber, and is finely attached to the case through steel joints which, in addition to ensuring a perfect grip, contribute to greatly improving the aesthetic value of this model.
Also recommended because of the price – perfectly in line with other models of this kind.

Stuhrling Original Classic Winchester Tempest II

Stuhrling Original Classic Winchester Tempest wristwatch


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Extravagance and originality dominate this wristwatch, a model in which linearity does not seem to be a predominant factor in favor of creating something more fun.
Indeed, we are talking about a watch with visible gears outlined in silver and gold for a very special look. The hands are blue, as are the indicators of the numbers, marked by notches – except for 12 and 3, which are instead indicated with Roman numerals.
While the case is made of stainless steel, the strap is completely in leather, presents an eye-pleasing motif.
Despite how you might be thinking the opposite, the price is actually not too high, suitable for almost anyone.

Swiss Military Hanowa Flagship

Swiss Military Hanowa Flagship men's wrist watches


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Quite an interesting Swiss watch, both the round case and the strap (on which there are polished finishes) of the Military Hanowa Flagship are made entirely of stainless steel.
The closure is foldable, which guarantees an ideal and safe grip on every occasion. The dial is blue both in regards to the external circumference and the background. The numbers are indicated with small notches as opposed to those of the tachymeter function indicated in their Arabic numbers.
Overall a great chronograph that can be purchased for a price that is not excessive, quite accessible to anyone indeed.

Timex Men’s Silicone Wrist Watch

Timex Silicone Analog Men's Wrist Watch


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This Timex Expedition model undoubtedly represents the quintessential sports wristwatch in that it has features and finishes that are perfectly suited to sportswear, as well as more casual clothes tied to everyday life.
The entire structure of what we could call one of the best men’s watches around is made of silicone, and both the case and the dial are very large and easy to look at. The functions inside the dial are many. The resistance to pressure is sufficient up to 10 bars.
A great product at a relatively low and affordable price.

Timberland Henniker II

Timberland Henniker II Analog Wrist Watch Man Brown Leather

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This model, called the Henniker II, is the practical representation of how it is possible to make the skin on a wristwatch elegant and refined. Indeed, the strap is made of brown leather with finishes and embroidery on the upper part of the emblem that help make it incredibly fascinating.
The dial is very large, characterized by a white background that alternates with black hands and numbers for a very special and unique aesthetic.
The details – as well as the small numbers in the internal dials – are impeccably made, endowing this model with a truly exceptional appearance.
It sells for an attractive price considering the quality.

U-Boat 8105.0 Men’s Diving Watch

U-Boat 8105.0 men's diving wristwatch

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Yet another model whose tone and characteristics are completely different from what we have seen up until now. This product has a very small case which still manages to perfectly frame the large numbers contained within the round dial.
The letter “U” is inserted where the 12 usually is; its gold coloration – with which all the other numbers are also made – stands out.
The structure is extremely resistant to water, which makes it perfect for diving – as does the fact that the hands light up in the dark, allowing a view of the time even in the absence of light.
The fabric strap has a very obvious stitching, done in a color that perfectly contrasts with the rest of the structure.

Stylish Watch Versace Versus VAK030016

Stylish Versace men's watch


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Looking at this wrist watch, you immediately feel a strong sense of calm, quiet precision. Indeed, this chronograph is made with a truly exceptional linearity that perfectly reflects the elegant and fine nature of the model in general.
The numbering is indicated by notches, while the hands, in contrast, are slightly larger and blend perfectly with the style of the model.
The strap is in mesh steel that matches the case perfectly.
It sells at a fair price considering the brand blazon.

Russian Automatic Watch

best Russian Automatic Watch


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The Vostok is an exemplary watch, marked by a sophisticated style that undoubtedly remains humble all the same.
The steel case features a dial with a particular background color, in which the numbers are indicated with the same color as the structure for a truly impeccable contrast. The strap is made with a very fine mesh that is more reminiscent of a bracelet than a wristwatch, and for this very reason gives off a very special air.
It sells for a balanced and fair price settled well in the medium range.

Zeppelin Unisex Automatic Analog Watch – 7560-3

unisex analog Automatic watch Zeppelin - 7560-3
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This is, without a doubt, a really valuable product, featuring particular finishes and characteristics. The round case has fine edges made with a particularly shiny and remarkable silver color.
The blue background of the dial is accompanied by silver numbers made using a very interesting font. Its leather strapis finished and stitched.
By virtue of what this men’s watch offers, it is ideal for elegant appointments and special occasions, as it reflects elements related to those things quite well.

Seiko Rectangular watch

Seiko Rectangular watch

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Finesse, elegance, and prestige are the elements that stand out in an incredible way in this Seiko watch. We are talking about a truly accurate product, displayed in a rectangular case in fine steel.
The numbers are ordered and made with a stand-out color in order to grant this chronograph a touch of refinement.
The brown leather strap, imbuing the watch with a sense of particular elegance.
It sells for an average price for the lower side of things, and is suitable for virtually any type of customer.

Just Cavalli R7253573004 – Famous Watches

Just Cavalli Just Strong R7253573004 Men's Watch


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A Just Cavalli watch for men, this model certainly does not go unnoticed, but rather, conveys a sense of considerable importance. Ideal to combine with classic and sophisticated clothing, this product is completely made of stainless steel with a black dial and numbers, as well as silver-white hands.
The links on the strap are large and perfectly match the general style of the product.
We are talking about a medium price range, but still at a level easily accessible to all those who intend to buy a quality chronograph.

Daniel Wellington 0106DW Men’s Watch

Daniel Wellington 0106DW Men's Fashion Watch


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All lovers of the classics cannot avoid buying this Daniel Wellington wristwatch, made to be ideal for every kind of gallant occasion. Indeed, this chronograph has a round case with a white background dial.
The small numbers and thin, delicate hands are synonymous with extreme elegance. The strap is made of fine brown leather and matches perfectly with the color of the dial, looping around it in an ideal way.
Despite the level of refinement, the price is not particularly excessive – balanced, in fact.

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