Orient Bambino – A List of the 18 Best Watches

by luxwatch

If you are looking for an elegant watch, designed with automatic movement, of excellent quality, yet still at an affordable price, then one of the watches most often recommended is definitely the Orient Bambino, a watch with a particular name and design.

Orient has already created a successful watch that we have talked about, the Orient Mako, ideal for those looking for a sports watch. But for those looking for a classic watch with elegant lines, Orient has decided to produce the Orient Bambino collection.

Today, we will analyze the best Orient Bambino models, from the Small Seconds model to the one with the distinctive skeleton dial (Open Heart) up to the v5, v4, v3, and v2 models that have marked the history of this timepiece.

All models will be analyzed for their price and in particular for their quality / price ratio, as well as for the reviews received.

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Ranking of the Best Orient Bambino Watches

We have compiled a ranking of the best models, not in order of quality, but grouped by the different types of watches, from the sportiest to the purely vintage and classic ones, those made entirely of steel, and those made with a leather strap.

There are also several colors to choose from, from black and blue to the model with the green dial. Furthermore, we will analyze models with a gold-colored case and those with a silver-colored case.

You simply have to read the list below, where you will learn about the 18 models with the best quality / price ratio and those that have received the best reviews in 2020.

Once you have selected your preferred model, you can buy it at the best price through the link under each watch, which will refer you to the best site to buy watches (Amazon), but let’s start right away with the first model:

Orient Bambino Small Seconds

orient Bambino small seconds

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One of the most appreciated and requested models among Orient Bambino fans is the model characterized by the small seconds function (RA-AP0003S10A). This term describes the separate position of the hand and subdial used only for tracking seconds.

On this particular watch, the second hand is positioned at 6 o’clock, while at 3 o’clock, there is a box which indicates the day of the month.

All Orient Bambino models are characterized by their high-quality automatic movement, one of the best when compared to the sale price.

This model’s classic and minimal style make it a timeless and wearable watch for any personality, from a young boy to a middle-aged man.


Orient Bambino v4 FAC08004D0

orient Bambino v4 fac08004d

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From the first glance, you will be particularly fascinated by the contrast on the dial of this Orient Bambino v4 FAC08004D0 model. The dial is characterized by an ocean blue color on the inside that fades more and more when you get to the edges, where it reaches a strong contrasting black.

The strap is black and made of excellent quality leather, a feature that makes it extremely comfortable and easy to wear.

The case diameter is 42.5 mm, an ideal size for any wrist small or large, while the case has a perfectly round shape that is very reminiscent of vintage watches.


Orient Bambino Open Heart

orient Bambino open heart

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Orient Bambino Open Heart are the models with the skeleton dial, a feature that allows you to glimpse the mechanical movement in operation. This makes it to all intents and purposes one of the most fascinating watches.

There are 3 different varieties on the market, colored black, brown, and blue respectively. This allows a more accurate and selective choice based on your outfit and style.

Even the transparent case back allows you to view the automatic movement in operation, a feature that is rarely found on wrist watches in this price range.


Orient Bambino 36mm

orient Bambino 36mm

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The Orient Bambino with 36mm diameter (RA-AC0008S10A, RA-AC0009S10A, RA-AC0010S10A) is one of the most popular models of recent years, and belongs to one of the latest Orient Bambino series, the 5S version. It is an elegant watch and differs from its predecessors for the strap comes either in leather or in steel, as per the case.

The overall use of steel, in addition to making it elegant also makes it more sporty, and it is therefore wearable in any circumstances, from the most elegant occasions to more informal events.

The dial is white and is characterized by its satin, blue, or gold-colored hands, a contrast of colors that makes it very flashy.


Orient Bambino Automatic


Orient Bambino Automatic


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For those who are a lover of automatic watches, the Orient Bambino is an unmissable model. Rarely you can find a watch with these quality features at such a low price – usually about 100 dollars.

This men’s watch (FAC00004B0) is characterized by a 22-jewel F6724 movement, a movement highly appreciated by experts in the sector, with a crown at 3 o’clock for winding and setup of the calendar and the hour, minute, and second hands.

The indicators on the dial are larger than some of the other models we have talked about. This gives it a more masculine character.

Its price, quality, and classic look make it one of the best watches currently on the market.


Orient Bambino v2

orient Bambino v2

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The Orient Bambino v2 is one of the best-selling series in the history of this timepiece. Its individuality is shown in the color of the case, a color similar to pink gold, a color that gives it a particularly elegant character, which is ideal for gentlemen.

Even the triangular indicators on the white dial use the same color as the case. There are few watches you will find on the market with this combination – all the more reason to add it to your watch collection.

In addition to having the new automatic movement F6724 with automatic and manual winding, its features also include a waterproof rating of up to 30 meters.

The case diameter is 40.5 mm, the ideal size for a wrist even as small as a woman’s. For those who want to think outside of the box, this watch may also attract the fairer sex.


Orient Bambino v3

orient Bambino v3

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Yet another model of the Bambino series belonging to version 3, this classic is characterized by a more sober style, suitable for more informal use and also for daily use.

The hands on this model are thinner and also the notches are marked with small inserts. The case is made of steel with a nicely contained thickness – we are talking about 12mm, which makes it extremely comfortable, thanks to the leather strap with buckle closure.

Another characteristic that distinguishes it is the really light weight, coming in at just 66 grams – very light, if we consider that it has a mechanical movement inside.

The quality / price ratio is among the best on the market, making it one of the best automatic watches currently on sale.


Orient Bambino Small Seconds RA-AP0005B10A

orient Bambino small seconds ra-ap0005b10a

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The Orient Bambino RA-AP0005B10A is a model belonging to the Small Seconds category. Unlike the previous model we have talked about, it is characterized by its completely black dial, covered with a convex mineral crystal.

It is also characterized by the transparent case back, which allows you to see the Japanese-type automatic mechanical movement in operation.

The case is 40.5 mm in diameter, which makes it suitable for any type of personality, even female, despite being a model intended for the male market.


Orient Bambino 2nd Generation

orient Bambino 2nd generation

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The Orient Bambino 2nd Generation is one of the best-selling models and amongst the most positive reviews. It is characterized by its particular dial with a very detailed tachometric signal, to keep track of the fractions in the passage of time. This detail gives it a vintage style and is ideal for those who love the watches of the past.

Another obvious detail is the satin ocean blue hands, a detail that makes it unmistakable and flashy, ideal for those looking for an out-of-the-ordinary watch.

The numbering on the dial is no longer marked by the notches but by Roman numerals. The price, as compared to the coat of arms and the history of the brand, is perfectly in line with other similar models on the market.


Orient Bambino Green

orient Bambino green


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The Orient Bambino Green is characterized precisely by its color: green, which is predominant on the dial of the FAC08002F0 model. Combined with the gold color of the case, it forms one of the most distinctive combinations as regards wrist watches.

The dial is covered with a domed glass similar to a magnifying glass, with a minimal design that gives it an excellent reading at first sight. It is waterproof up to 3 bar and is equipped with the usual mechanical movements as befits its fine workmanship.

The currently discounted price makes it an excellent choice for purchase or to be given as a gift.


Orient Bambino v5

orient Bambino v5

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The Orient Bambino v5  (RA-AC0006B10A) is one of the latest models from the Japanese brand Orient. They are characterized by a case and strap both in gray stainless steel, convex mineral type glass, a transparent case back and the thickness of the case.

The price is also one of the strengths in this model. Despite the quality of the components, this model can be purchased for less than 150 dollars, a lower value than many other brands with the same characteristics.

The strap is 3-link with concealed closure and is easily adaptable to any size. This is the perfect model for those who do not want to opt for the classic model with leather strap.


Orient Bambino Black

orient Bambino black


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If you are a lover of dark-toned watches, the Orient Bambino FAC0000AB0 is a model you might consider. Its classic style, round-shaped steel case, black leather strap, and automatic movement are all common features in the Bambino series.

The price is just over 100 dollars, which makes it an excellent watch to buy, ideal to be worn in elegant environments, but also suitable for an informal style.

The movement is characterized by the presence of 22 jewels, a number that testifies to its quality, with a power reserve of 40 hours.


Orient Bambino Small Seconds stainless steel

orient Bambino small seconds blue stainless


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Another model from Orient Bambino with a subdial for small seconds set at 6 o’clock. This model, as compared to the other models, is characterized by the skeletal-type dial that allows a partial view of the mechanical movement in operation – a real show for lovers of gear watches.

The strap is made of steel and perfectly conforms to the shape of the case, also made of steel. The blue color of the dial gives it a sporty and elegant character.

Its list price is around 400 dollars, but thanks to the current offer, it is possible to buy it for a limited period for just over 200 dollars. Note also the presence of sapphire crystal and transparent case-back, characteristics that are typically only found on luxury watches, which makes this a great deal.


Orient Bambino Blue

orient Bambino blue


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If you prefer blue to black, the FAC0000DD0 model is one you absolutely must consider. The dial is characterized by its electric blue color, which dissolves at the outer edge of the case. The dark silver-colored hands stand out well on this particular color, making it very bright to the eye, and ideal for those who want to be noticed.

The color of the strap is black with a diameter of 22mm. It is of average size and is suitable for any wrist, made of leather and with a buckle closure.

Having a date window at 3 o’clock and being waterproof are the other features of this watch. The price is among the cheapest when we talk about automatic watches, despite the fact that the quality that distinguishes it makes it one of the best Orient watches.


Orient Bambino 5

orient Bambino 5

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The Orient Bambino 5 is one of the latest models to be released, and despite this, Orient wanted to provide a model with a vintage and non-contemporary style as this is incredibly popular right now.

Its dial is characterized by large numbers in Arabic format with italic type fonts on a completely white dial. The hands are a stylized shape and satin blue color, while all the rest is linear and sober without the addition of other details concerning the design.

Ideal for those looking for a classic, vintage, and elegant watch at an affordable price.


Orient Bambino FAC00005W0

orient Bambino fac00005w0

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The Orient Bambino FAC00005W0 model is in great demand, and is widely appreciated, as evidenced by the countless positive reviews by experts and enthusiasts. It is waterproof up to 5 bar, has automatic movement, a date display, the Orient logo at 12 o’clock, and an analog-type dial. These are the classic features of the Orient Bambino, making this one of the cheapest and most successful automatic watches.

The quality is also evidenced by the 2-year warranty offered, in addition to that of the seller, in this case Amazon, and is available by following the link above.


Orient Bambino v1

orient Bambino v1

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The Orient Bambino v1 is an original version that anticipates the ongoing success of this collection. Its distinctive color, pink gold, blends perfectly with the black color of the strap and the dial.

The diameter of the case is 41mm, an ideal size also for smaller wrists. In addition to the automatic movement, this model is also characterized by a date display at 3 o’clock of moderate size, and allows manual recharging and setup of the date and hands.


Orient Bambino 38mm

orient Bambino 38mm

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If you are looking for an Orient Bambino with a diameter of 38mm, you must unfortunately give up your search. In fact, this measurement is not produced, but often it gets confused with the Orient Star classic models which have a design similar to the Bambino version and also have a size of 38mm. Therefore, if you are looking for a 38mm Orient, you can opt for the SAF02004W model above.

Final Considerations

If you have read this far, you will have seen the very best models of the Orient Bambino collection. Now, you just have to choose the model that best suits your style and buy it, using the appropriate button provided. You will receive your watch in a very short time and you can also easily request a return if you happen to have second thoughts.

You can also change the Orient Bambino strap for a NATO strap by purchasing one separately and replace it independently, thanks to the ease in removing the strap.

If you need advice from one of our experts, you can request free support through our contact page. You can find the link at the bottom of this page, where you can also leave a comment, a question, or your personal review of any of these gorgeous watches.

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