The Best Watches Under 100 Dollars

by luxwatch

Finding a watch that’s only 100 dollars but at the same time with an excellent quality / price ratio is a very difficult thing. That’s why we have decided to research and analyze the best 100-dollar and under-100-dollar watches currently on the market.

Among the most important brands to which we have paid particular attention are Seiko, Citizen, Casio, Orient, Bulova, and Sector. These are all brands very famous for their excellent value for money, which fall within the range of inexpensive watches, without forgetting other very underrated interesting brands.

The other features to which we have paid particular attention include sex (that is, the best models for men and women), in addition to the different styles of timepieces, such as elegant, sporty, diver (underwater), classic, automatic and many others, all with the common denominator of having a price around 100 dollars.

All the models we are going to analyze are considered in all respects the best 100-dollar watches on the market, not only for their excellent quality / price ratio but also for the countless positive reviews and opinions they have received from buyers.


List of the 37 Best 100-Dollar Watches

After thorough research and investigation, we have decided to offer you 37 models of all kinds in order to recommend not only the best model on the market but also the best choice according to your needs.

All the recommended models are the best in their category, so choose based not on the order in this list, but on the basis of your feelings. Many of the models you are going to learn about fall into the category of a 100-dollar model, even if in some cases their value is much higher. This is due to current promotions that will allow you to buy them in this low price range for a limited time.

So let’s start immediately with our special list. Here is the first model:


Sports Watch Under 100 Dollars


Sports Watch Under 100 Dollars

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If you are looking for a sports watch for daily use, you can opt for a really interesting option under 100 dollars. Let’s talk about the Timex Expedition, a really interesting watch for its excellent quality / price ratio.

The case and strap are made of steel, while the bezel and the black dial make it similar to much more expensive watches. This particular model also stands out for having a feature not present on all watches: the Indiglo function allows you to have a full backlight of the dial, for excellent readability even at night.

The case diameter is 43mm, an ideal size for male wrists. It also has a water resistance of up to 165 feet.


Men’s Watch Under 100 Dollars

Men's Watch Under 100 Dollars

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A truly captivating style watch that is perfect for a man’s wrist, thanks to its particular dial, with distinctive elements such as the two small sub-dials arranged vertically. The case in a special steel alloy has notches on the bezel that give it a more masculine character.

There are three different colors. The first one is shown above with a cream color for the dial and brown for the leather strap. However, there is also the version with blue or black color.

Another distinctive detail is the well-polished and very flashy sword-shaped hands. Overall, these are elements that, compared to the price of about 70 dollars, make it an excellent watch for those who want to spend little but require a quality watch.


Steel Watch Under 100 Dollars

Steel Watch Under 100 Dollars

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Often when you buy a watch, you attach great importance to the material it was made from. One of the most used materials in the watch sector is certainly steel, widely used both on classier watches and on less expensive watches.

The Citizen BF2011 – 51EE is characterized by a really attractive price, despite the fact that we are talking about a highly appreciated brand like Citizen.

Both the case and the 5-link strap are made of steel, and it has a black dial with a clean design; an ideal watch to be used in multiple settings, from elegant outfits to wearing with informal outfits.


Best Invicta Watch Under 100 Dollars

Best Invicta Watch Under 100 Dollars

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The Invicta 8927OB Pro Diver is the watch we want to tell you about from this brand, because it is quite simple, and its quality / price ratio is among the best ever.

At first glance, it is very reminiscent of the Rolex Submariner aesthetically speaking. It is no coincidence that it is highly appreciated and sought after among those who do not want to spend a lot of money. Like all the Invicta watches we have talked about, it is characterized by a mechanical movement with automatic winding, a water resistance of up to 660 feet and a date display at 3 o’clock with a magnifying glass like on the Rolex models. Furthermore, its knurled bezel allows an easy grip in extreme environments.

The 3-link strap is characterized by two distinctive elements. One part is made of gray steel, while the central part is gold color, which is the color also used for the outer part of the bezel. This combination makes it aesthetically really attractive, despite its cost – it is below 100 dollars, thanks to the promotion currently underway.


Best Orient Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars

Best Orient Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars

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The Orient 3 star RA-AB0019L19B is considered by many experts to be one of the top men’s watches that can be purchased in the price range of 100 dollars. It is an automatic watch like most Orient watches, and is characterized by its very dense dial with flashy elements.

These elements include the 3 stars at 6 o’clock, the well-defined logo at 12 o’clock, the week and month date at 3 o’clock and the well-marked hands. All elements are characterized by a gold color, except for the second hand which is colored red to improve readability at first glance.

The dial is blue, but there are also models with other colors, while the jubilee case and strap are made of silver-colored steel.

The dimensions are 39mm in diameter and 11mm in thickness – measurements difficult to find when it comes to automatic watches.


Swiss Watch 100 Dollars

cheap Swiss Watch 100 Dollars

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If you think it is impossible to find a quality Swiss watch in such a low price range (100 dollars), then you are wrong. In fact, there is a brand – and in particular a model – that falls perfectly within this price range.

At first glance, you will be amazed by the quality and attention to detail in this Rotary GB90173 / 01, which is why it is part of our ranking of the best 100 dollar watches. It has a unisex design, which makes it suitable for both men and women, but also younger boys and girls.

Its white dial is certainly the most distinctive element, thanks to the presence of elements such as the silver-colored indexes with Roman numerals for the hours 12, 6 and 9. It has a double date of weekday and month day at 3 o’clock.

Another gem is the brightness of the case and strap in a jubilee style. If you are looking for an elegant watch but with a strong historical component, as only Swiss-made watches can transmit, then you are in front of the next watch for you to buy.


Digital Watch Under 100 Dollars

Digital Watch Under 100 Dollars

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Casio is a brand that needs no introduction. In the price range of the cheapest watches, this brand has always dominated the international stage of low-cost quality timepieces.

In particular, this really inexpensive digital watch, with a cost much lower than 100 dollars – we are talking about a cost lower than 30 dollars – is one of the most accessible and affordable watches on the market, but at the same time, it is still a watch with many qualities.

The metallic silver case and strap are made of plastic and steel respectively. In this particular case, the plastic should not be considered in a negative light, as the aesthetic impact is not negatively affected at all.

Its lightness, the battery life of many years and the countless functions such as lighting, calendar, alarm and stopwatch are all features that make it the ideal watch for those who want to spend very little.


Automatic Watch 100 Dollars

Automatic Watch 100 Dollars

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Finding a watch under 100 dollars that has the characteristic of an automatic movement is a really difficult thing. There are models like the Seiko 5 (slightly more expensive than 100 dollars) and the Invicta pro diver automatic, which both perfectly reflect the alchemy between quality and low price.

The Invicta 8926OB Pro Diver model has now become the symbol of entry-level automatic watches, thanks to features such as:

  1. Automatic movement
  2. Water resistance up to 20 bar / 660 feet
  3. Fluorescent hour markers and hands for night visibility
  4. Unidirectional rotating bezel
  5. Monthly calendar at 3 o’clock

All these features, combined with more than 800 positive reviews received, make it the perfect watch for those who want to spend little but want to find themselves with a watch of fine workmanship. Take note that it is currently in a promotion at a cost of around 90 dollars.


Elegant Watch at 100 Dollars

Elegant Watch at 100 Dollars


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If you are looking for a watch to combine with an elegant outfit but do not want to spend more than 100 dollars, you will certainly have to consider the Orient Bambino collection. This is a must for those looking for elegant watches, high quality and low costs.

This model needs no introduction. It has an automatic movement appreciated by many, which over time, has made it a true standard for those looking for quality watches, but let’s look at what are its most important functions:

  1. Date display at 3 o’clock
  2. Automatic 22-jewel movement F6724
  3. Leather strap
  4. 41mm diameter

With a cost of around 110 dollars, it is possible to take home a model that will last over time and not devalue like many other watches.


Best Military Watch 100 Dollars

Best Military Watch 100 Dollars

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If you are a lover of military watches but do not want to spend over 100 dollars, a good piece of advice would be to opt for a Vostok. This is a very famous brand and highly appreciated for this type of style. The movement is automatic, which makes it  even higher quality, in terms of the purchase cost.

The strap is green and made of nylon fabric which makes it really resistant and easily adaptable to any wrist. 

At 10 o’clock there is a small seconds function, i.e. a mini dial dedicated only for seconds. The very large bezel is characterized by large numbers for excellent visibility even in hostile environments such as a marine environment, where it gives the best of itself, thanks to being waterproof up to 10 bar.


Classic 100 Dollar Watch

Classic 100 Dollar Watch


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By now you will have understood that Orient is one of the brands that produces the best watches in terms of quality / cost ratio. In addition to distinguishing itself for elegance, the Bambino series also stands out for its classic and minimal style.

The FAC0000EW0 men’s timepiece is a model that you can currently find – if you are lucky – at a price above 100 dollars but not above 150 dollars, a price range that includes the best models of the Japanese house.

Compared to the more elegant models, this model has a much more sober dial, with thinner indexes and hands that are uniform with the color of the dial. This makes it more suitable for daily use.

The case has a really low thickness (12mm) if you consider the presence of a mechanical movement inside. This is one of the reasons why its price is really among the best. You will scarcely find this feature in other models with the same price.


Divers’ Watch 100 Dollars

Divers Watch 100 Dollars

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Is there a watch of excellent quality which is intended for fans of divers’ watches, and sells at a cost of less than 100 dollars?

If this is the question you are asking yourself, the answer is: YES.

For around 90 dollars (the list price is around 250 dollars) you can find one of the most popular divers’ models in promotion. When compared to other watches, the Invicta Pro Diver is the timepiece we are talking about, in particular the 8926 model.

It is waterproof up to 20 bar / 600 feet, a depth intended only for diving experts. You won’t have to waste thousands of dollars to find a watch that resists the strong pressures you can find on the seabed.

The other element that made it famous beside the price is definitely the design. In fact, this watch has a sporty style, so you won’t have to wear two different watches for your diving and leisure activities.

Among its most interesting features are:

  1. Automatic movement
  2. Date at 3 o’clock
  3. Transparent case back
  4. Suitable for both men and women


Watch With a Small Dial for 100 Dollars

Watch With a Small Dial for 100 Dollars

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If you are looking for a watch of excellent quality but not too invasive on the wrist, you can opt for a watch with a small dial. This is the case with the Seiko 5 sports snkk27 K1 with a 34mm case diameter, a very small size which therefore it makes it ideal for both male and female wrists.

The dial has a particular coloring, electric blue, with a particular design that goes from 12 to 4 o’clock. In addition to the classic indexes, you will also notice the numerical indication of the seconds, ideal for tracing the passage of time more precisely.

The list price is above 150 dollars but thanks to the current offer, it is available at around 100 dollars for purchase –a real bargain as evidenced by the excellent reviews it has received from buyers.


Watch With a Date Display for 100 Dollars

Watch With a Date calendar for 100 Dollars

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Many watch enthusiasts appreciate the additional details in addition to the classic function of hours, minutes and seconds. One of the most appreciated is that of the date, with a calendar display of weekday and month day.

One of the best brands that has a calendar without spending an exorbitant figure is the Seiko range. The thing about the SNK793 model is that it is a very charming and elegant watch, with a blue dial, silver-colored hands and a date at 3 o’clock, all put into operation by a mechanical 21-jewel movement with automatic winding.

All this comes at a price slightly higher than 100 dollars, but if compared in terms of value for money to other watches, it turns out that the price is literally a bargain.


Vintage Watch Around 100 Dollars

Vintage Watch Around 100 Dollars


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This vintage watch, despite having a slightly higher cost than 100 dollars, is a real bargain thanks to the current promotion with a 53% discount – its list price is in fact around 250 dollars.

For a purchase of around 130 dollars, you can put a very appreciated watch in your collection, as shown by the countless positive reviews received.

Its white-gray dial is characterized by indexes made with large Roman numerals, a rose gold color, and detail that gives it a distinctive charm, and is difficult to find on such cheap watches.

The case is made of steel, is round in shape, and is combined with an excellent quality brown leather strap. The glass is mineral and rounded like almost all Orient Bambino models.


Economic Quartz Watch

Economic Quartz Watch


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When it comes to cheap watches, the element that mostly distinguishes this category is the quartz movement that allows you to cut costs without affecting the quality of the functions supplied with the watch.

Swatch is the largest watch brand in the world in terms of turnover, thanks to its countless holdings and acquisitions of other brands – so we are talking about a quality brand with a good quality / price ratio.

A very youthful and particular watch is the SUOB714 model, completely black except for the indexes on the very bright red dial. The strap is made of silicone which makes it very light – one of the lightest on the market, thanks to its 30 grams of weight.

The cost of about 70 dollars makes it in all respects one of the best watches under 100 dollars. Ideal for those looking for a watch outside the box.


Women’s Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars

Women s Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars

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A women’s watch must have a predominant feature compared to men’s watches – it must be fashionable. That’s why we chose this particular CLUSE watch with a jeans-style strap, at a very interesting price – its list price is close to 100 dollars but thanks to the current promotion, it can be purchased at a price of about 60 dollars.

The white dial is very sober. This makes it easy to wear for any eventuality, both for daily use and for an evening out with more elegant clothes.

The strap has a buckle closure, ideal for any wrist size, both for young girls and adult women.

It is also ideal as a gift for your girlfriend or partner for important occasions, such as a birthday.


Titanium Watch From 100 Dollars

Titanium Watch From 100 Dollars


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You will rarely find a watch made of titanium at an affordable price. This is not the case with this particular model, which has  a low cost and really interesting functional features.

We speak again of a model of the Invicta brand, with a titanium case and strap and a really large black bezel. At first glance, it is reminiscent of a very noble watch like the Rolex Submariner or the Rolex Sea Dweller. The price, however, is really much lower than these models mentioned.

Despite this, the quality and functions in relation to the price are on a par with much more expensive models. For example, the transparent caseback, where you can glimpse the mechanical movement in operation, is a gem that you will find on a few watches in this price range.


Watch With Leather Strap Under 100 Dollars

Watch With Leather Strap Under 100 Dollars

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Are you looking for a watch that is not too flashy but not too informal? A watch with a leather strap, to be clear, the Timex Expedition TWC004500 is the watch you should take a look at. Its cost of around 50 dollars also makes it an excellent purchase when considering its quality.

The strap is in a brown color and is made of leather with visible stitching. This is combined with a round case made of brass, an uncommon material on watches. This increases its originality compared to its competitors.

The lines are really well done, and the strap and case come together harmoniously and cleanly. This makes it a really good watch to be worn with any outfit.


Rubber Watch Under 100 Dollars

Rubber Watch Under 100 Dollars

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Watches with a rubber strap are excellent watches for their comfort and for their lightness. Among the best with a cost not exceeding 100 dollars, we can recommend the Casio G-SHOCK DW5600E-1V, from the famous series created by the Japanese brand.

It is endowed with countless features such as alarm, stopwatch, backlighting and an indication of the thousandths of a second. In addition to this, it is also characterized by waterproofness up to 660 feet and a “shock resistance” system – that is to say it has a considerable strength, and is an ideal watch to be used in extreme environments, both in water and on land.

The reviews and opinions of the experts are more than positive – all the more reason to take it into consideration among your eligible purchases.


A Seiko Watch for 100 Dollars

A Seiko Watch for 100 Dollars

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A Seiko 5, in particular the model SNK385K1, is one you cannot miss in our special ranking of watches with a cost of about 100 dollars.

Although the cost is slightly higher than 100 dollars, we feel a duty to recommend it, as the quality of its components exceeds the current sale price. An example is the automatic movement, recognized by all as one of the best for its price range. Even the jubilee bracelet gives it an elegance barely comparable with other models of this price.

The white dial is characterized by two small windows at 3 o’clock to indicate the day of the week and of the month, and a further detail that distinguishes it is the 4 o’clock crown, perfectly integrated into the stainless steel case.

The 37mm case diameter makes it suitable for both men and women, thanks also to its neutral design, making this a true connoisseur’s watch that cannot be missing from your collection.


100 Dollar Casio Watch

100 Dollar Casio Watch


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Casio has always been a distinguishable brand for its sober design, but today we want to talk about the Casio G-shock GW-M5610BB-1ER model, a notable and unconventional watch, a model for those who do not want to go unnoticed, with countless features such as :

  • Display in a black style
  • Battery charging via solar cell on the dial
  • Automatic time setup via global radio signal
  • Time alarm and alarm clock
  • Stopwatch

All the features are included for a really attractive sale price of about 100 dollars, thanks to the current promotion (the real cost would be 150 dollars) – all the more reason to buy it immediately.


Affordable Citizen From 100 Dollars

Affordable Citizen From 100 Dollars

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Citizen is another brand that needs no introduction. The Japanese brand has always stood out for its quality combined with a price accessible to any member of the public.

Today, we want to recommend the BI1030-53E model, a watch that at first glance exudes elegance but at the same time sobriety. This is a chameleonic watch that can be combined with a very elegant outfit but also with casual and daily wear.

The case is polished steel gray, and the same goes for the three mesh straps perfectly designed to match the lines of the case. The black dial is distinguished by silver hour markers and hands (luminescent at night) and a date at 6 o’clock.

At this price, it is still in the company of other economic models, despite at first glance it giving the impression of costing much more.


Cheaper Bulova Watch

Cheaper Bulova Watch

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Bulova is another brand recognized for its excellent quality / price ratio in the range of cheap watches. Despite having many watches in fairly low price ranges, it is difficult to find a model for less than 100 dollars. The best we have chosen is the Bulova Aerojet 96B293, a watch that despite having a cost of around 200 dollars, can be found in promotion for around 110 dollars.

The color used for the strap and dial is a very lively color, blue, which gives it a very youthful character and is ideal for contemporary fashions. The case is perfectly circular with a dial characterized by silver-plated triangular-shaped hour markers and hands that are aesthetically well designed. Note in particular the trademark symbol used at 12 o’clock to replace the usual indicator, and the indicator at 3 o’clock of the date written really small.

The buckle closure of the leather strap also makes it easily adaptable to any wrist size.


Cheaper Quality Japanese Watch

A Cheaper Quality Japanese Watch

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Japanese watches are famous for their precision, thanks to quartz movements of really fine workmanship, despite the costs being really low. This is the case for the CASIO MTP-1302PD-1A1VEF watch with a value of 50 dollars but available for purchase at around 35 dollars, thanks to the current discount available for a limited period.

It can be found in different colors. We have chosen the most classic and adaptable, with a black colored dial and enclosed by a mineral glass. The dial, unlike many Casio watches, is of the analog type with hour, minute and second hands with fluorescent elements for easy visibility, even at night or in low light environments.

The thickness of the case is less than one centimeter – to be precise, 9mm – excellent for those who do not want a too invasive watch. Also note its water resistance of up to 165 feet, an element that makes it ideal for being worn the whole day and on every occasion.


Russian Watch for 100 Dollars

A Russian Watch for 100 Dollars


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Contrary to what you may think, Russian watches have an excellent reputation among experts in the sector, especially for their excellent quality / price ratio. So a model of Russian origin could not be missing from our list of recommended models.

Vostok Amphibian is the watch that we have decided to offer, due to countless factors, such as its low cost in relation to its features, the originality of its design, and its automatic movement with manual winding, all of excellent quality.

It was developed for passionate divers, so it is part of the diving watch series, thanks to its 660 feet endurance.


Seiko 5 Cheaper Watch

Seiko 5 Cheaper Watch

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The Seiko 5 is probably the most successful and established model in the line of quality entry-level watches. In particular, the SNK807 model is equipped with a blue fabric strap (but is available in different variants such as black and green) that really makes it light and easy to wear.

The case is small, about 37mm – the perfect size for those looking for a comfortable and non-invasive watch. Like all Seiko 5 models, it is equipped with an excellent quality mechanical movement with a calendar complication – the weekday displayed in letters and the month displayed in numbers.

The caseback is transparent, allowing you to view the gears in operation – a really distinctive element that, compared to its price of just over 100 dollars, makes it one of the best men’s watches.


Best Orient Bambino – Less Expensive

A Better Orient Bambino – Less Expensive

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We have already talked about it before: if you are looking for a cheap watch without risking buying a low-quality watch, then one of the models you need to consider is this Orient Bambino.

Excellent functionality, excellent materials, original design and recognized brand – all this at a price of around 105 dollars.

Its rounded glass dial makes it unique and immediately recognizable, and a long-lasting and excellent investment.


Thin Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars

A Thin Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars

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Thin watches and even ultra-flat timepieces belong to a highly appreciated niche sector. Many brands compete to make the thinnest watch – this requires a lot of money for development and design, which is ultimately reflected in the final price of the timepiece.

Finding a watch that costs little and has a reduced thickness but at the same time is not ugly is a difficult thing. These three characteristics can, however, be seen in a specific model, the Casio MTP-E133L-1EEF model, which has a thickness of only 7mm at a really low price just above 50 dollars.


Big Case Watch at 100 Dollars

A Big Case Watch at 100 Dollars

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Diesel is a brand that in recent years has made a lot of ground in the watch sector. Its models are characterized by a distinctive design and with an above average case size, the watch we will talk about today in fact has a diameter of 46mm.

Its most obvious detail is found at 3 o’clock, where we find a shield with the Diesel name positioned on the dial, which makes it very flashy and difficult to miss. Even the dial is not characterized by a standard style – far from it – with numerical indication of the seconds in addition to the classic indication of hours.

The price is a few dollars higher than the 100-dollar mark but thanks to the excellent reviews received, it ensures it is a watch to be considered among the best in the category of cheap watches.


Chronograph Watch at 100 Dollars

Chronograph Watch at 100 Dollars

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The Chronograph is a watch for those who want to monitor not only the time but also certain fractions of time. A chronograph that can be purchased for professional use but also for daily use is the Sector R3273676004, which is a very flashy watch but also functional.

The blue dial, in addition to the presence of the hands, is characterized by three sub-dials arranged on the face which signal the intermediates when activating of the buttons located above and below the crown at 3 o’clock.

The predominant color is silver, both for the case and the strap, which gives it a distinctive brightness. It appears to be a watch costing much more than 100 dollars as shown in the list price, but is available at a lower price thanks to the current promotion, costing about 105 dollars.


Blue Watch Under 100 Dollars

Blue Watch Under 100 Dollars

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Fossil is a very recognized brand globally, when it comes to watches for both men and women. Today, we want to review a really interesting blue-colored watch compared to its price.

The most obvious element of this wristwatch is the union of the case with the strap through inserts, with distinctive and recognizable shapes. Even the dial is characterized by large and gold-colored Roman numerals.

The dial is satin blue and shiny with circular designs that give it a character usually only present on luxury watches, but which in reality in this model, is possible to appreciate at a very small cost, about 60-70 dollars.


Black Dress Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars

Black Dress Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars

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We have talked so far about great historical watch brands which have distinguished themselves for their exclusive place in the watch sector. However, there is another brand that is worth considering, with a really interesting price in relation to the brand.

The brand we are talking about is Armani Exchange, the brand belonging to the famous designer Giorgio Armani. Although this is a very renowned brand, there are some models at a price below 100 dollars. In particular, we are talking about a watch completely made in a black color, a color very close to the history of the designer.

The strap is made of silicone, a material that is very malleable and comfortable to the touch, which gives resistance and lightness to the whole timepiece. Its width is average: about 20mm.

The dial also has three small V-shaped sub-dials, with white hands and hour markers.


White G-shock for Less Than 100 Dollars

White G-shock for Less Than 100 Dollars

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G-shock is one of the most popular collections in the youth sector, ideal for those who want to keep up with fashion. In particular, the white models are the most flashy ones. They also have an affordable price and are therefore easily purchased without making a major outlay.

They have excellent impact resistance thanks to the materials with which they are made (resin) and water resistance up to a 20 bar pressure. Among the functions, also note the presence of Bluetooth to connect to the app supplied, in addition to the classics, such as chronograph, alarm, and backlighting light.

Its dial has both an analog time indication with hands and a digital one in the display at 6 o’clock – a feature not common in watches and which emphasizes its originality.


Affordable Green Watch

Affordable Green Watch

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This distinctive Timex Expedition is characterized by its green color both regarding the strap and the dial. It has a very compact design and a case size that falls within the average, between small and large watches.

The strap is very resistant, thanks to the material with which it is made – nylon – as well as the case being made of brass. This is a combination difficult to find on other watches.

The price is around 50 dollars, so it is one of the least expensive sub-100-dollar watches in our special ranking.


Rectangular Watch Under 100 Dollars

Rectangular Watch Under 100 Dollars

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We have talked so far about watches with a circular shape, but there are also watches with more particular shapes, such as those made in a rectangular shape. This is the case with the Festina F20464 / 3, a watch that immediately attracts attention for its original style, and for looking completely out of the norm.

The dial has very large numbers, which are at first glance reminiscent of the style of Franck Muller watches – highly appreciated luxury watches. To make the dial cleaner, it was decided to remove the second hand. At the same time, however, the date at 3 o’clock was added.

The price of around 70-80 dollars makes it, in all respects, one of the best affordable timepieces on the market.


Square Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars

Square Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars


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Another unconventional watch made by Festina. In this model, instead of a round shape for the case, a square-shaped case was chosen – a shape that makes it really compact and linear.

The case is made of steel and has a really flashy color that perfectly matches the color of the blue leather strap, with white stitching in evidence.

Weight and thickness are further strengths of this square watch. In fact, the thickness is only 8mm, while the weight is about 80 grams. The high-quality quartz movement guarantees long-term precision and autonomy, all for just 90-100 dollars.


Final Analysis

As you will have seen, there are countless watches in this really interesting price range. Many have nothing lacking compared to much more expensive watches. Simply choose the best model for you and then buy it through the link that you find under each model. You will have the opportunity to buy it at the best price on the market and to receive total reliability, thanks to a free return if you have second thoughts.

If you have questions or have not found the model that reflects your fees, you can contact our experts through the contact page (find the link at the bottom right of this page) or you can send a review or request through the comments section below here.

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